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Rapunzel Drawing 4 WIP
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Here it is. The whole drawing process from start to finish. Click download to see it in larger resolution.
I usually don't scan them in such detailed steps, but I did this for YOU.
This way you can see the different shading layers done for different textures. all the small changes add up to the final version.
I numbered them for you, so if you have a particular question, you can refer to the numbers.
Post your question in the comment, I will read them and try to answer them in my next journal.

finished version:


Rapunzel from the Tangled movie
Rapunzel © Disney
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WhiteThornDeer's avatar
WhiteThornDeer|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome! Are you sure it's no a scence of the movie at black and white? :D (Big Grin) Mabel is not amused Icon  
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Beastachu2's avatar
Beastachu2|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
0.o so cool...
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SeaWitchIndustury's avatar
That is SO GOOD
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Cheetaur's avatar
that is really awesome, thanks so much for sharing
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AshTLK's avatar
AshTLKEdited |Hobbyist General Artist
How tho.......?
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MislamicPearl's avatar
MislamicPearl|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Me: Stage 1, okay, stage 2, doable, stage 3 HAHAHA NOPE I GIVE UP XD
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goldendragon22's avatar
Are you telling me..........This is drawn with pencil?
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UncleJokers's avatar
UncleJokers|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
this is so beautiful, how to do the shading?
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Diego0101's avatar
thanks for uploading in such a big resolution, definitively a great work both of art and also as a tutorial
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Fehru's avatar
I'm still don't know how did u do this...

but your works are amazing!
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Paul2960's avatar
Paul2960|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Fantastic your extremely talented!!, how long did this one take you :)
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Osborne18's avatar
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XxTotal-NerdxX's avatar
XxTotal-NerdxX|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
How did you get so good? :D
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NatyBarbosa's avatar
NatyBarbosa|Hobbyist General Artist
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saphsoul's avatar
I see...so that's how it's done. Do you use reference pictures or are you really that freakin' epic? Also, what sort of pencil/materials do you use? if you don't mind sharing, that is.
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Faithful-Imagination's avatar
Faithful-Imagination|Professional Traditional Artist
This is AWESOME!!!
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Mizu-Wartris1's avatar
Mizu-Wartris1|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey, Could I ask a quick question? My drawings, when finished, look like like stage four-ish, have any tips for it looking more realistic? Thanks<3
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BabyTulipIdeasMLPFIM's avatar
I do! You can add darker tones, lighter tones and more contrast.
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andrushka1's avatar
andrushka1|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
same question
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MagicofManga's avatar
wow and thank you for showing the prozess
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Ramix360's avatar
amazing job
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tasha-art01's avatar
amazing, the hair is so realistic! love it! im going to try and follow this now, wish me luck, i'll need it!
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Paramorefrk7's avatar
Paramorefrk7|Hobbyist Writer
Stop making the untalented feel bad!! Hahaha I'm kidding. Amazing :D
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