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May I Kiss You?

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Automatic YESS!!

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How big she is?

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god I wish that were me

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Shalalalala, don't be shy, go on and kiss the guy, go on and kiss him now~ ^///^
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She is so beautiful and lovely couple 
I am waiting for this to be colored ;)
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this is excellent
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hot giantess women...

small man...

wants a kiss....

welp, in conclusion, my peepee hard.....

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your profile pic makes your comment funnier

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i'm scaroused
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What a pretty girl!
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Whether by bein' too scared to say no or because of how we would be going, I'd wager the answer bein' "yes".
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This made me a happier man.
It's a shame there isn't more of these lovebirds, because I certainly would never get enough of sweet scenes like this!
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Please make a continuation of this art! It's one in a thousand and one of my all time favorite drawings on deviant!
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This is just too cute and precious and i feel better for seeing it.
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Yes. Yes. A thousand times yes. I love giant women. 
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Perfect immersion, couldn't be any better than this.
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Looks like a woman kissing a small child...
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