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Another fanart for ~lcibos :heart:
Webcomic 'The Last of the Polar Bears'

Just felt that wanna draw them together :3
Kinda sad, i guess.
I think that Stella will always protect her brother Nanook and never leave him alone in a danger ^^
They are too cute :heart:
I hope you like it :3



characters & comic [c] ~lcibos
art [c] me
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Sounds like Kalliak and her brother from Seekers XD
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what is seekers? is it a movie?)
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Its a series of Bears. In the beggining of the first book, there were 3 polar bears, a mother, and two cubs. The mother died due to ocras leaving the female cub and the male cub alone to fend for themselves.
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"we have no more coka-cola!!" was what i was thinking before i read the description, sorry :(
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So cute and sad at the same time. :)
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This is so cute~ :heart:
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Меня так тронул этот рисунок...) И название комикса уже заставляет плакать. Надо будет взглянуть)
Вообще арты обалденные, столько эмоций)
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благодарю :heart:
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soooooo sad it reminds me of seekers by erin hunter..i miss reading the series..
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So cute, but so sad D:
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they are so sweet..! i must huggle them too :iconkissingplz:

going to check out that web comic!
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Can I hug them? ;____;
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you just must TT
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Ohhhhh.... they are so cute. Like to adopt them.
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ohhhhhhhh... i want huggg !!!
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Makes me feel so terrible person to be on the earth. ;_;

Epic work. ;_; Love it.
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This is sooooo very cute!!
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Ой, какие милые медведики!<:DD Обычно со мной то же самое... Подруга утешает, а я вовсю хнычу!<:D
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