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Wanna go outside


This is fanart for ~lcibos :heart:
Webcomic 'The Last of the Polar Bears'

Very beautiful and simple style. So cute and adorable. I was in love when I was reading it ^^

This is Stella who wants to go outside 8D
And then goes to her brother and takes him))


character & comic [c] ~lcibos
art [c] me
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I love the lighting and colors! So cute :love:

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Awww, so adorable! :love:
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sooo cute is the fluffy Bear <3
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Анатомия впечатляет)
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You can always tell your work from others because how their face always looks. It just says Azzai all over it.
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aww, so cute! i love your style!
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I just love that face! The stubborn look makes me want to have that look too!
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ho my god. that face. that face. I loooove that face.
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Не знаю почему, но вот эта работа мне особенно нравится!
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Thats adorable. I would want to go outside too...
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Ахаха, такое недовольство на мордахе :D
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Aw, love the expression on his face :)
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it's so cute i love it
Yiaoura-Chan's avatar
it's so cute i love it
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aww! that's amazing!
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omg i love polar bears! how did you draw him!
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hehe the expression is really cute x3 great job on the anatomy :)
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Awwww,,,,, how cute !!! I love this piece, :iconplusfav: s it !!!
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aww so cute <3
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О да-а... Ну ты конечно мастер на все руки! : D Рисуешь всё и вся, и при этом шикарно! **
Рисунок чудесный, и ми-и-илый^^
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Если бы это было так, я бы рисовала города и трущобы 8D
С оленями и лошадьми))) и чудесные девственные лесаааааааааа хДД
в общем, далеко пока мне)

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Да ты попробуй, думаю, многие оценят! Наверняка же получится! ^^
Ну вот не надо! Ты очень хорошо рисуешь, и кого ни спроси, все это подтвердят! :}

Не за что! :heart:
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