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the two to my Kingdom Hearts trio

To Do

To Do List
:bulletyellow:Kaytea Commission #5
:bulletred:Kaytea Commission #6
:bulletred:Kaytea Commission #7
:bulletred:Kaytea Commission #8
:bulletred:Kaytea Commission #9
[ SLOT #6 ]

UTAU Voicebanks
:bulletwhite:Hato Dousei iNSPIRE
:bulletgreen:Kioshi Mackne nX
:bulletred:Mimi Mackne AX
:bulletred:Mimi Mackne ENGLISH
:bulletred:Mimi Mackne FRANÇAIS
:bulletgreen:Sae Mackne reDUX
:bulletgreen:Sae Mackne VCCV English
:bulletred:Yu Hexie 2.0

UTAU Designs
:bulletred:Kioshi Mackne Power
:bulletred:Nagaosa Mackne North
:bulletred:Nagaosa Mackne West
:bulletred:Nagaosa Mackne South
:bulletred:Nagaosa Mackne East
:bulletred:Neneki Mackne Adult
:bulletyellow:Ruko Mackne
:bulletyellow:Wewe Mackne Blue
:bulletred:Wewe Mackne Indigo
:bulletyellow:Wewe Mackne Purple

:bulletred: = Yet to start
:bulletyellow: = Started
:bulletwhite: = Halfway done
:bulletgreen: = Nearly there!


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Azusa/KazukoP (アズサ/和声P)
Artist | Writer

"Tricia/Kazuko/Azusa has a large gallery consisting of several created art pieces
ranging from original to expressive fanart. She is a very active member on Deviantart!"


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Dynasty Warriors OC Masterlist and RelationshipsBulletroyalWEIBulletroyal

Name: Yi Xian (伊)
Onyomi: I Kan (い かん)
Age: 18
Born June 25, 190 AD, died — AD
Weapon: Chui (9)
Entry: Dynasty Warriors 7
Yi Xian was originally from Wu, the middle of three children. After her parents and brother died, her sister left to follow Liu Bei, leaving Yi Xian alone. When a battle in Chibi was devised – Yi Xian heard about this through rumors – she went there in a desperate hope to find her older sister, only to be swept away in the chaos and captured by Wei soldiers. Possibly out of pity, she was released by the son of Xun You, Xun Rong, and soon after married him.
Originally aligned with Wu.
Friends: —
Rivals: —
Family: Yi Xiaoren (older sister)
Partner: Sartag's Xun Rong, married in 208
Samurai Warriors OC MasterlistDot Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U! AZAI Dot Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U! 
Name: Maria Kyōgoku (京極マリア)
Alternately known as Donna Maria (ドンナ・マリア), Yōfukuin (養福院)
Age: 24
Born 1543, died August 20, 1618
Weapon: Voulge
Entry: Samurai Warriors: Spirit of Sanada?
Maria Kyōgoku was the second daughter of Hisamasa Azai, brother of Nagamasa Azai, and mother of Takatsugu Kyōgoku. Her real name is unknown, but she received her "Maria" name after her conversion to Christianity. Soon after her husband's death she began preaching her new religion to people around her, and Jesuits named her as one of best female catechists of Kyoto-Ōsaka area. In 1609, she moved to a remote place in Tango Province to avoid the persecution of Christians. She died peacefully in a small hut belonging to a
Soulcalibur OC MasterlistName: Evan Breisacher
Alternately known as Evan Rhys
Age: 23 (1591)
Born August 19, 1568, died 1591 (original timeline)
Weapon: Longsword
Weapon name: Conqueror
Fighting style: Breisacher swordsmanship
Entry: Soulcalibur IV
Evan is the older twin brother of Niva. To keep her only two children safe from "debt collectors" coming after their father, their mother left them at an orphanage, intending to return for them when it was safe. However, she never returned, and while Niva was never adopted, Evan was adopted by a veteran warlord at the age of three. He was raised to be a warrior, and such a life erased any trace of his old one.
Friends: -
Rivals: -
Family: Niva Rhys (younger twin sister; estranged), Gabriel Breisacher (foster father)
Partner: -

Name: Caillte
Age: 20
Born 1586~1587
Weapon: Sword
Weapon name: Cypher
Fighting style: Taught by a blind hermit in East Asia
Entry: Soulcalibur V
Soulcalibur V Summary:
Caillte believes she is

Comic Book OC MasterlistDC Comics
Carrie Lev

Alias: Kitten; Catgirl, Caracal, Carrie Adler
Universe: Earth-16, Batman: Year One, Under the Red Hood, New Earth
Relationships: Selina Kyle, Dick Grayson, Bast
When she was a child, amongst others who were experimented on, Carrie's DNA was spliced with that of a cat. After escaping, she was taken in by a Michigan widow. After her foster mother passed away, however, Carrie left the state and ended up in Gotham City, where she was eventually found and mentored by Selina Kyle.Elizabeth Bennett

Alias: Starstreak
Universe: Under the Red Hood, New Earth, Arkhamverse
Relationships: Jason Todd
Elizabeth Bennett specializes in disguises and infiltration. If absolutely needed, she would even harm herself in order to provide a distraction. She takes on these espionages in order to pay off her father's debts, believing that once the goal was
Dragon Age OC Masterlist-steals :iconpumpkincookie:'s idea >u>-

Name: Rila Tabris
Race: Elf
Class: Rogue
Gender: Female
Age: 17 (Start of Origins)
Birthday: 9:14 Dragon
Place of birth: Denerim Alienage
Romance: Alistair

Name: Rian Hawke
Race: Human
Class: Rogue (Mage in Inquisition)
Gender: Female
Age: 31 (Inquisition)
Birthday: 9:09 Dragon
Place of birth: Lothering
Romance: Fenris

Name: Niari Lavellan
Aliases: Neris
Race: Elf
Class: Rogue
Gender: Female
Age: 24 (Inquisition)
Birthday: 21 Cloudreach, 9:17 Dragon
Place of birth: Unknown
Romance: Solas

Name: Herynn Kadin
Race: Dwarf/Human
Class: Rogue
Gender: Female
Age: 28 (Inquisition)
Birthday: 9:13 Dragon
Place of birth: Redcliffe
Steven Universe OC Masterlistoh boy here we go
Sapphire Pixel Gem GEMS Sapphire Pixel Gem 
Blue Lace Agate

Homeworld Gem
Blue Diamond affiliateHomeworld alignment

Former Off Colors affiliate
No current alignmentFriends: Pink Dolomite (romantic partner)

Homeworld Gem
Blue Diamond affiliateHomeworld alignment

Homeworld Gem
Former Homeworld/Blue Diamond affiliateNo current alignment

Earth Gem (formerly Homeworld Gem)
Former Homeworld/Pink Diamond affiliateCrystal Gems alignmentFriends: Galena (romantic partner), Teruelite ("sister")

Homeworld Gem
Homeworld/White Diamond affiliateFormer Pink Diamond affiliate


KIRIBAN @ 84,210 

2 deviants said k



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


I’m not the type to clean up my submissions (besides old pics made with bases or plain screenshots) because I enjoy comparing my new work with my old.
That being said, I mainly do artwork here. Furthermore, I haven’t really done cosplay in years, and when I would, I’d just share on Facebook and/or Instagram, so should I remove all my cosplay and con pictures from here?
saturday night, my cat passed away, and i've been reacting badly ever since. now my eyes are so dehydrated, especially the right one, from crying so much i guess, and it's been interfering with both my job and my artwork. i could try keeping my right eye closed when working on the computer, but it's definitely proving to be strenuous lol.
hey so i might be in a bit of a bind in two weeks so please consider commissioning me
Art Commission Information: OPEN by AzusaKazukoAlternatively, you could donate to my ko-fi:
I'm super thankful for the help naming my new character via my polls, but while looking through my sketchbook, I rediscovered I was already working on a Sonic oc named Moira, and I still want to work on that character as well, so I'll be going with Lone (which is kind of a relief for me because now I get to go with the "Lone the Wolf"/"lone wolf" joke after all lol).
Oh yeah, I made this ref for my dot back in February, but I never uploaded her because I wanted to bundle it with the ref of her adult look, but I've yet to get around to it lol.
Riyo Child Reference by AzusaKazuko

r.i.p. my two main girl groups


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