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Downfall (February 10, 2019)
"This will be an insane year for heathen pop culture, your majesty. January had the release of Glass, M. Knight Shyamalan's sequel to Unbreakable and the film that featured the guy with multiple insane personalities. February will have the release of an adaptation of a classic Anime title spearheaded by James Cameron himself, while the final How to Train Your Dragon Movie is coming at our heels."

"DC will bring Wonder Woman and Shazam to the big screen soon and Marvel will bring us Captain Marvel in March and Avengers in April. Disney is making another lame live-action ripoff of Dumbo, Toy Story 4, Star Wars Episode IX, and quite possibly the last X-Men movie that we'll see in a good while. Not to mention Let It Go Part 2."

The leader replied to everyone with somewhat of a hopeful reassurance, "Hopefully the rave reviews will net The Second Part will give the Blacktron some gold in the 50-55 million range. And WE ARE still Number 1 in the box office this weekend."

"Your grace. The latest box office figures..."

"We barely scraped the top of the bottom-feeding Ninjago cynical cash cow failure. This weekend may only give us 35 million weekend profit."

The leader stood up from his seat, looking horrified and angry. The other soldiers began to shake and sweat as the leader takes off his helmet and puts in on the desk.

The leader growled to everyone, "Anybody that is NOT an officer rank Captain and above, leave the room."

The enlisted soldiers and excluded officers salute the leader and march out of the room, while the senior officials remain in place.

As the doors to the leader's office slams shut, the leader slams on the desk with all his fury shouting "Number One in the Box Office and we still fail?!"

"Dear leader!"

"How in the **** can we movie still flop?! We marketed the ***damn movie to death in the car, credit card, and airline commercials. Radio stations were playing the stupid earworm song before it got released to YouTube."

"The movie was released when children usually go to bed to prepare for school in the early morning. Even business people and movie critics warned that the sequel would not make as much money as you hope they..."

"Then get those idiot virgins who call themselves Adult Fans of Lego and tell them to see it two, three, four **** times!"

"Sir, we do not appreciate you calling the most respected clients of our products virgins."
The Legion Cometh (February 9, 2019)
The people of Bricksburg screamed when they saw the Invaders fly across the sky along with the larger Renegade fighters. Soon, Emmett and the others saw the Alienators and Battrax vehicles starting to shoot up the newly restored town.

President Business muttered to the others with great annoyance, "Blacktron."

Benny screamed out in terror and began to ran away, only to be blocked by the others with Metalbeard shouting "Where are you going you yellow belly coward?"

"To get away from the Blacktron guys. You should really come along with me back on the space..."

Soon they saw a super huge custom spaceship with the Blacktron logo on it's side launch several missiles in a salvo that destroys Benny's spaceship.

Benny soon falls on the ground crying as Unikitty and Lucy comfort him as he hollered "My spaceship!"

"Oh come on we got to get to my sailing ship before..." Metalbeard said before noticing something in the distance.

Lucy shouted as she saw something in the distance "Emmett! Everyone!"

Then everyone saw the mass of what seemed to be thousands of Blacktron soldiers in formation, guns all drawn out and pointing to them, marching quickly in unison.

Batman told the others "Everybody calm down! We'll think of something."

Soon, everyone swore that the first wave of solders were so close to them they could see their reflection.

Batman shouts in horror, "Dammit! Someone stole my grappling hook!"

Unikitty says in terror "You can't say that in a Lego movie."

The lead officer of the Blacktron army soon came close to Emmett and the others, pointing a pistol right at him, saying to all of them, "You will all surrender as prisoners of the Glorious Blacktron Imperium."

As the other soldiers surround the main cast, Emmet croaked "Oh my..."

Cue title card: TO BE CONTINUED

Roll Credits

Made with Crayola Crayons on Feburary 9, 2019 one day after the Lego Movie 2 opened.
Space Robot Command Center (November 8, 2018)
RED: "Take a look at those mountain ranges. They're almost the size of those on Mars."

YELLOW: "And embedded in them are bricks to build and power new frontiers."

RED: "Just hope no Spyrius agents, Insectiods, UFOs, or you know who come along and try to stake a claim."

YELLOW: "Come on! I was giddy as Benny being allowed to build spaceships until you had to slip in the B word."

BLUE: "What an actual cuss word?"

YELLOW: "No, Blacktron."

BLUE: "I told you not to mention those... You want to jinx the survey mission?"


BLUE: "Then shut up and continue scanning for mineral deposits, M-Tron will want to do their own assessments on this world and they need all the help they can..."

Suddenly a white ship that looks like an eyeball flies right past the Robot Command Center in breakneck speed, shaking the cabin and everyone inside.

RED: "Don't tell me the white-colored Blacktron demons made a new vessel."

YELLOW: "We told you not to..."

BLUE: "That didn't look Blacktron at all. Nor any other villain organization we know of."

YELLOW: "Could it be a new prototype by the Octan Corporation?"

BLUE: "No way. Their home dimension's in shambles from the Duplo invaders. This ship is way different than Lord Business would ever create and I doubt that the Anti-Octan rebels would build something that unique and curvy."

RED: "Yeah, some of the colors look like they don't exist in this timeline."

BLUE: "Correct. That ship looks like it was built by a young girl from upstairs."

Created with Crayola crayons on November 8, 2018.


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