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For the people asking to use my deck for any purpose:
Llewellyn does not grant permission to copy the cards.

Edit : You can put the Mystic dreamer tarot on your Iphone :

Edit : more information on my deck www.llewellyn.com/bookstore/bo…
places where you can order the deck :











Some things I learned with getting a deck published:)
1. I think as an artist you should add some things/thoughts/rules that can't be done with the deck:)
like borders, make that they don't make to big borders so they don't take away the attention of whats inside them.
2. Tell them what colors you don't want in them, because they don't fit with the rest
3 If its possible, try to agree about what borders it should have.
4. Don't use hotmail as contact adress because hotmail sucks and tend to not send messages to you ( they get lost ) gmail is much better for that.
5.Express your feelings even if they don't follow them, then at least you know that you have done your best to get it the way you want it:)

Edit : The deck is going to be published in the fall of 2008,  in September:) and the book is going to be written by Barbara Moore  i thought you would like to know:D

And i'm in de middle of getting all the permissions  from the stockphotographers, and also how they want to be credited in the deck..
thats one thing i really really want in the book, is to credit all the  stockphotographers who are a part of my deck:) . and I can do it :D i can credit everybody :D so everybody can know who my inspiration and my muses were and are :D

Edit : today 26 october2007, Llewellyn send me an email that the comitée liked the deck and that they will publish ' The Mystic Dream Tarot' I'm now on a little deadline to finish the deck :D the 1st january i need to have finished all the cards :D

somewhere in oktober : I've been contacted by an publisher  who find my tarot deck somewhere on the internet, if i want to submit the tarot deck i made with them:) its not sure yet, the editor needs to show them to the board and then they will decide if they want to publish or not, i'm not setting my hopes high on it:) I never expected to be contacted by a publisher for that deck, also because i made it for myself personal to make a deck that i can relate more to:) I also never expected that many people would like to have the deck, thats the only reason i considered to try to publish it:)
i also want to get the stocks credited in the little booklet,

If the deck get published.. can you imagine that in 100 years or more and the deck is still used, that the models i used in the deck somehow become immortelle :jawdrop: :) sounds surreal isn't it :)

Details of the Major Arcade
moment tarot details by azurylipfe Part 2 Details tarot by azurylipfe

back of the cards Tarot- backside cards by azurylipfe

0.     The Fool
Tarot - The Fool by azurylipfe
1.    .The Magician .
Tarot- The Magician by azurylipfe
2.   . The High Priestess
The High priestess by azurylipfe
3.    . The Empress.
Tarot-The Empress by azurylipfe
4.   .The Emperor.
Tarot -The Emperor by azurylipfe
5.    .The Hierophant .
Tarot-The Hierophant by azurylipfe
6. The Lovers
Tarot The Lover by azurylipfe
7.    .The Chariot.
Tarot- The Chariot by azurylipfe
8.    . Strength .
Tarot-Strength by azurylipfe
9.   . The Hermit .
Tarot- The Hermit by azurylipfe
10. . Wheel of Fortune.
Tarot- Wheel of Fortune by azurylipfe
11.   .Justice .
Tarot-Justice by azurylipfe
12.  .The Hanged Man .
Tarot-The Hanged Man by azurylipfe
13.  .Death .
Tarot - Death by azurylipfe
14.   Temperance
Tarot- Temperance by azurylipfe
15.   The Devil
Tarot- The devil by azurylipfe
16. The Tower
Tarot - The Tower by azurylipfe
17. The Star    
Tarot- The Star by azurylipfe
18. The Moon  
Tarot - The Moon by azurylipfe
19. The Sun    
Tarot- the sun by azurylipfe
20.  Judgement
Tarot- Judgement by azurylipfe
21. The World  
Tarot-The world by azurylipfe

Minor Arcana

ace 4/4
Tarot- Ace of Wands by azurylipfe Tarot- Ace of Cups by azurylipfe Tarot- Ace of Pentacle by azurylipfe Tarot- Ace of Swords by azurylipfe
Two of the minor arcana 4/4
Tarot- Two of Swords by azurylipfe Tarot- Two of Wands by azurylipfe Tarot-Two of Pentacles by azurylipfe Tarot- Two of Cups by azurylipfe
Three of the minor arcana 4/4
Tarot-Three of Swords by azurylipfe Tarot- Three of Wands by azurylipfe Tarot- Three of Cups by azurylipfe Tarot- Three of Pentacles by azurylipfe
four of the minor arcana 4/4
Tarot -Four of Cups by azurylipfe Tarot- Four of swords by azurylipfe Tarot-Four of Wands by azurylipfe Tarot - Four of Pentacles by azurylipfe

five of the minor arcana 4/4
Tarot- Five of cups by azurylipfe Tarot-Five of Pentacles by azurylipfe Tarot- five of swords by azurylipfe Tarot- Five of Wands by azurylipfe

six of the minor arcana 4/4
Tarot- Six of Cups by azurylipfe tarot- six of Pentacles by azurylipfe Tarot - Six of Swords by azurylipfe Tarot- Six of Wands by azurylipfe

seven of the minor arcana 4/4
Tarot- Seven of Cups by azurylipfe Tarot- Seven of Pentacles by azurylipfe   Tarot- Seven of Wands by azurylipfe Tarot- Seven of Swords by azurylipfe

eight of the minor arcana 4/4
Tarot-Eight of cups by azurylipfe Tarot-Eight of Pentacles by azurylipfe Tarot-Eight of Sword by azurylipfe Tarot- Eight of Wands by azurylipfe

nine of the minor arcana 4/4
Tarot- Nine of Wands by azurylipfe Tarot-Nine of Pentacles by azurylipfe Tarot-Nine of swords by azurylipfe Tarot- Nine of Cups by azurylipfe

ten of the minor arcana 4/4
Tarot- Ten of Cups by azurylipfe Tarot- Ten of Pentacles by azurylipfe Tarot- ten of Swords by azurylipfe   Tarot-Ten of Wands by azurylipfe

pages 4/4
Tarot -pages of Cups by azurylipfe Tarot : Page of Pentacles by azurylipfe Tarot-Page of Swords by azurylipfe Tarot - Page of Wands by azurylipfe

knights 4/4
Tarot- knight of cups by azurylipfe Tarot- Knight of pentacles by azurylipfe Tarot- Knight of Swords by azurylipfe tarot- Knight of Wands by azurylipfe

queens 4/4
Tarot- Queen of Cups by azurylipfe Tarot -Queen of pentacles by azurylipfe Tarot - Queen of Swords by azurylipfe Tarot- Queen of Wands by azurylipfe

kings  4/4
Tarot : King of Cups by azurylipfe Tarot- King of Pentacles by azurylipfe Tarot-King of Swords by azurylipfe Tarot- King of Wands by azurylipfe

counting down :D 1 card to go and the deck is done :D
2 cards remade the sun ( done ) and the three of cups ( done ) ace of swords done
back of the cards remade

© 2008 - 2021 azurylipfe
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Kann man das auch in Deutschland kaufen?
azurylipfe's avatar
I have no idea if you can buy it in Deutschland:s maybe in the bigger bookstores?
I have got this. At first I was a little disspointed about the cards. To me they are pretty thin, too thin . But once I accidently put one cards on a wet table, Firstly it was blistered that made me so sad. But after some hours, it was so normal that i couldn't realize which card was blistered. Since then I love my deck so much. I dont know what if other decks were put onto a wet table cause I have only 1 deck. This reminds me that nothing is perfect. I should love my deck just the way it is
eswallie's avatar
Well I love this deck, and was so excited to be able to buy it. But I have to say, I went and looked at it, and was very disappointed. I think the publisher did a great disservice to the cards. I am sad to say I will not buy it as published. You need to get back with them and have them print a second edition, using your original art in its native form. your work was so vivid, so alive, and on their printing it became dull and rather boring. Even just replacing the brownish border with black so it did not distract from the artwork would have made it 100% better. Oh well, if you ever get the chance to get it remade, please do so.
deviantART muro drawing Comment Drawing
PreciousRarity's avatar
Beautiful deck I have it myself
SJ-Byrne's avatar
I love this deck! Use it constantly and it always flows with what is needed to be revealed! Thank you for your wonderful artwork - it always pulls at my heart!
tinasam's avatar
I just bought this deck for my daughter ~pixieplay without even realizing it was from a dA artist. That really rocks.
time-boy's avatar
Wow it's so beautiful! I'm making my own deck and I wanted to know your opinion about it because I really want it to be published one day... So I would like to know if you could give me some advices?
YumiKitsune's avatar
I just bought this deck recently, it's beautiful :heart:
Thoughtful-Writer's avatar
I heard you started with no idea how to do it, but good job. You mostly got it right...but please edit the Queen of cups...
skiesofchaos's avatar
you created such a beautiful deck and its go so many peoples energies in it too which makes it quite unique I think. :) I totally understand the difficulty with publishers, they so often change things for their own convenience.
Grevindel's avatar
I bought your deck a few weeks ago, actually found your page through the book not from the site. I still you a different deck for most reading but yours seems to call me occasionally. Beautiful deck.
Wanted to let you know that I found your art here on D and went to my book store to buy a Rider deck and saw your deck there and knew I had to get it. It is wonderful, thank you.
Darkone13's avatar
I bought you're deck about an hour ago at barnes and noble!!! i was so excited when i saw them because i have been watching you for quite awhile and have seen them progress.. I'm about to do my first spread with them xD i can't believe i found them.. i thought they wouldn't be out until later this month at the earliest! thanks so much for all your hard work.. this is a tarot deck that i already feel connected to strongly!
azurylipfe's avatar
Great to hear that you have found it :D I hope it brings you lot of joy and guidness :D
Darkone13's avatar
yeah i was VERY glad i found them! and so far they are wonderful... they're really helping me sort something things out...
azurylipfe's avatar
That is great to hear that they help sorting things out:)
Its really good to hear that they not only "look good" but really do something :D
Darkone13's avatar
yes they really have been helping me alot.. and im glad, ive gotten other cards that were just way too sarcastic to be of any use. i just wanted you to know that i appreciate all of your hard work and that in the end they have come together.
Blackittyrose004's avatar
I'm so excited to see this coming together for you..and to think I just actually saw all of these beautiful cards a few months ago in their first stages here on DA..

I'll be looking for order info now :D :dance:

:hug: :w00t:
bssc's avatar
I ordered two. Looking forward to getting them.
azurylipfe's avatar
:blush: Thank you :blush: I'm gona shoot a new video with the cards, so you can see how they look :D. I just need to find some time to do it :) hollidays it supposed to be have more time to do what you want but for some silly reason i got less time :| :D
Demoncherry's avatar
im so excited for you :love:
stardrop's avatar
Yay! I'll so be ordering your tarot deck, I just adore your work and your imagination...
You know yesterday, I was walking at this tourist beach here in NL, maybe you've heard of it, Scheveningen?
Anyhows.. there was this stone art statue thingie in a hill of grass, like a stone fragment of a huge face, and it reminded me of your atlantis series...
Anyway, I sure wanna order your deck when it comes out :D
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