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The Goddess Nyx by azurylipfe The Goddess Nyx by azurylipfe
another one for my goddess serie

the goddess Nyx, who is themother of sleep, dreams, sexual pleasure, and death. the night is typically associated with the obscurity and mystery of darkness, with the moon as its singular eye. It is the symbol of ignorance, the unconscious, and latent potential. she was a feared goddess and mother of many powerful forces, including Sleep and Death. Nyx is veiled in the night, eyes closed in slumber...
symbols of the goddess Nyx : egg, moon, owl.. birth, and her color is black ,her attribute is a reversed torch.

legend : The ancients believed that before the universe was created there existed only a void of chaos that was black and silent. From this chaos rose the first deity, Nyx, also called Mother Night. She is said to have been in the form of a great black winged spirit. Nyx then conceived of the wind and laid a silver egg in the darkness. The upper part of the egg was the sky and the lower section was the earth.

so here is my version of the goddess Nyx :)

brushes : moon can be found in my stock
comet and stars are new brushes i made, and the lightbeam see my tutorial how to do it :D

sketch of her can be found >>> [link] <<<<
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April 19, 2006
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