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The Goddess Hecate

My version of the greek goddess, Hecate . here names, "she who works her will." she is also as the Triple Goddess. and the chief goddess presiding over magic and spells. she is also the goddess of the crossroads because she was triple-formed, with three bodies standing back to back, probably so that she could look in all directions at once from the crossroads.
also she is the guardian of the household and protector of everything newly born and she was the protector of shepherds and sailors.
Hecate represents Maiden, Mother and Crone also mind, body and spirit and birth, life and death, and as the goddess of the moon, she represents the three stages of the moon cycle of New, Full and Dark.
Hecate teaches us an important lesson, which is that the feminine should be valued for itself, not because it brings sexuality or -power, but because deep within it there is an eternal wisdom. she teaches us to be just and to be tolerant of those who are different or less fortunate, yet she is hardly a "softy" because Hecate dispenses justice "blindly" and equally.
her kingdome : the earth, sea, and sky

One of her symbols is the torch, for the Dark Mother also holds the light which illuminates the Unconscious and reveals its treasures. With Her torches she guides those who are seeking the mysteries. The light from these torches will lead those wishing to understand the mysteries.
*-in the tarotdeck she is the highpriestess and the threes.
*- gems associated with her are star sapphire, pearl, moonstone, and crystal , - p
*-plants associated with her are the cypress,taxus, opium, poppy, hazel, civet, menstrual blood, garlic, aloes, all sweet virginal odors
*-her tools are the cauldron knives, the key,
*- animals that are associated with her are the dogs and horses, black cats and the owl is her messenger. and her chariot is pulled by dragons.
*-Hecate’s colors are silver and black.

alright that was a little bit of information on this goddess:)

i tried to give her a little attitude " don't mess with me " but i think that pose failed a bit :D..and also didn't want to put her the classic way:) how i see her, if i would meet her:)
brushes used are from my own stock (moon, magic dots, hair and grass) face : my own face stood 'model'
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