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Tarot- Wheel of Fortune



The 8th card of the Tarot serie i'm doing i'm not making them in the order they come, i make them in the order i 'm in the mood for
model :iconlisajen-stock: :iconmizzd-stock: :iconsilber-stock:
water, rocks = xchng
ship :iconshoofly-stock:
sfinx :iconjlstock:
wheel of fortune made with astrology font, custom psp tools
brushes, grass and sky : my own :iconazurylipfesstock:
butterfly and doorway : custom psp tube
wheel of fortune

symbolisme : wheel of fortune, zodiaque signs
put out, text "inri" and ' taro' the 4 mystical bible creatures
put in : 3 lady's ( fates) sfinx water, butterfly ship

The focus here is on unexpected developments that change your plans or alter your course, conflicts of interest, or an idea ready to materialize. Circumstances will not be under your control. Get ready for a new way of life, because one is on its way. In fact, this apparent chaos is the start of something much better, so don't be rigid with your plans. Letting things flow will bring good fortune. Events are going to unfold in such a way that it will be impossible to miss the hand of Fate in your affairs. A fresh start will work out in your favor.

quote ' spin the wheel of fortune and learn to navigate " ( thats why i put the ship in it:) )

Next coming up : Tarot- The chariot or Judgement, i haven't started yet:)
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Because i can't keep up with all the messages in my messagebox, and i really really want to say at least ' thank you" .... i'm gona thank you all in advance. i'm gona try reply as fast as i can but it can take awhile :blush

Thank you all, for your kind support, the fav's, the watches, the talks, the tips and tricks, and the friendship, you give me, i really, really really appreciate every single word you write me, every single touch of friendship, every single watching eye on me , and every fav of this:) :love: :kiss: :glomp: :smooch:
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can I use your Wheel of fortune for my story? :) I am working on my story and I need graphics to grow my imaginations when I saw yours, I'm overwhelmed and I just wanna use it as part of my graphics in my story ^_^ is it possible? can you allow it?
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