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Tarot- Two of Swords



the Tarot cards. the minor arcana
model :iconelandria:
bench :iconehtele-stock: later :iconjlstock:
water ( 4 photo's) : stock xchng
custom psp tubes
crow and grass: :iconshoofly-stock:
sword is painted for one of my first paintings but made a bit better:)
brushes moon,birds , my own stock
two of swords
symbolisme: women 2 swords , sea , 2 ships , stormy sea, blindfolded
The woman is blindfolded, showing that she is confused about her situation. She cannot see the problem or the solution clearly.This is a card of choice, of the difficulty of indecision. The woman in this card is intentionally blinding herself in avoidance of a very difficult choice which must be made.there is the general indication that you are faced with a decision and that perhaps you are in a state of denial about the importance of your choice.The swords are perfectly balanced, showing a balanced and stable mind. The water signifies emotions, and the rocks show tension.A truce needs to be called, and the problem needs to be resolved using logic

Next coming up : the minor arcana : two of swords, ( elandria stock) two of wands ( falln stock)
finished : The Major Arcana
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nice art !
i love the combination of two swords with two crows on two pillars. with flowers put in the leg. very cool!

btw, i just got my reading from
i got this card.. do u mind if i use your art for my yahoo avatar ?

great art btw !
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