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Tarot-Three of Swords

the Tarot cards. the minor arcana : the 3's
grass ,rocks, water mountains : stock xchng
custom psp tubes
brushes moon,birds, my own stock skyclouds
thing on swords is clipart
heart, swords is painted,
Three of swords
symbolisme: heart, swords clouds
This card stands for Absence, sorrow.,disappointment. removal, diversion, separation,delay, betrayal, abandonment, is a card of loss and difficulty, of sacrifice and broken relationships. With this card it is important to remember that each of us is capable of cruelty. the choice has been made, and we are now experiencing the consequences of our action.The Three of Swords indicates that the situation may become mournful due to absence or removal of something that is valued. The coming period will be full of opposition and delays

Next coming up : i have no idea, working on the three others on the same time and i can't tell which one will finish first:)
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