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Tarot - The Tower



I wanted to create a tarot deck for a long time now, and i just made the first 2 cards of it .

first card : the Tower.
stocks used : stock xchng. 'tower: credits to Tarun Sai Ravuri

didn't exactly put everything in it like you would see normally in this card. because i didn't want to get the jumping people in it, i chose for a different tower ( the jumping people reminded me to much of the 9/11 situation :( ) thats why i took this 'tower' with 2 statues in it to represent the female and the male that normally jumped from the tower

explanation : tarot :

the tower
lightning, flames, tower
(2 people falling> the 2 statues )
the tower represent material ambition, the broken top represent ego materialistic thinking
the lightning is spiritual inside of the purest kind destroying that kind of thinking

The Tower indicates a major overturning in one's life or beliefs. Expect emotional upheaval, and distressing events, but be assured that what is important will be preserved. The lies created by ambition, desire, and the ego will be laid bare leaving a solid foundation of Truth on which to rebuild. Cling to the belief that everything will be all right, because it will
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beautifully done!
I allways get this card...I don't know if I should be afraid or not...
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