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Tarot - The Moon



I wanted to create a tarot deck for a long time now, and i just made the first 2 cards of it .

first card : the moon.
stocks used : stock xchng, as you can see i used my favorite mask from then once again
towers made in dazz3d ,
mountain made with vue
except for the water, that is painted, i used it somewhere in one of my paintings and it came out good here, the stairs are also painted and used in a painting/manip ( curse of ice )

Again i did leave some things, because for me they didn't fit there ( the reason why i want to make a deck) don't know if i'm ever gona finish it:) the big arcade shouldn't be a big problem, the little arcade maybe will:)

explanation : the moon :
symbolisme: wolf , moon towers, water, face in moon
left out : the crayfish and the dog
put in : the mountains and the stair, to represent that the path you take can sometimes be hard but you will get there
wolf represent the pure untamed spirit, the water about what is there but can't be seen, the towers represent good & evil to come to a higher state of consciousness.the moon is about deception dreadfullness, but also about dreams , instinct , creativity and energy
Sometimes the only way out of a problem is to go through it, finding a new perspective on the other side which will make you a stronger, happier person. Artists, philosophers, geniuses are some of the people familiar with the Moon's rugged path.
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very cool... the sad part is this cant be used i think sigh......
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