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Tarot-The Hanged Man

The 12th card of the Tarot serie i'm doing i'm not making them in the order they come, i make them in the order i 'm in the mood for.
models :iconlisajen-stock:
trees:iconehtele-stock: aka :iconjlstock:
water from stock xchng
grapes and rope made with custum psp tubes
raven psp :iconshoofly-stock:
brushes , skies my own stock
the hanged man
symbolisme : man upside down, a glow around his head
put in different position, i had the same position found in justmenia(?)stock, like you see in the tarot cards, but i chosed for this one because , for me it gave the meaning of sacrifice more, he is more relaxed, more ready to accept the new change in thinking

A man hangs upside down from a living tree. This is a voluntary suspension that also includes fasting and austerities. There is a radiance about his head. The look on his face is one of contemplation rather than suffering. He has denied his physical body, offering it as a kind of sacrifice to attain spiritual knowledge.
The Hanged Man is about being suspended between the mundane and the spiritual. This card indicates a change in thinking, and a new clarity. Your hopes, desires, and goals, no longer seem as important as they once were while you re-think your values. There is a higher power guiding your affairs.
Next coming up : Tarot- the wheel of fortune
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