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Tarot - The Fool

The 0 card of the Tarot serie i'm doing ,
i'm not making them in the order they come, i make them in the order i 'm in the mood for
model :icondisscordia:
water, : stock xchng
custom psp tubes
cards, some of the cards i made these past month:)
sign dazz
brushes and second sky my own stock
painted the hat,and belt
bells are custom psptubes
mountain made with vue
clouds and sky from my own
the fool
symbolisme: sun, water, rock colorfull cloths, dog
added symbols : the cards

I chose to depict him dancing with the cards that tell him about his journey, dancing on the edge of a clif. which can mean 2 meanings 1 : he is fully aware about the danger at this feet but still wants to dance into the dept, embracing everything that comes his way, or he is so focused on the future , that he doesn't see what is before him. is he a fool because he dances on the edge of a cliff knowing that he can fall of ? maybe because how can somebody grow if he doesn't make any this way the Fool is one of the wisest archeptypes of the Tarot. and the representation of a young men at the beginning of his live
In this card are the 4 elements represented, sun, rock, air and water. the dog represent the animus , and he represent life of the natural world
The bag on the staff indicates that he has all he need to do or be anything he wants, he has only to stop and unpack

To draw the Fool means you should let go of all you think you want or need to be happy, and focus on happiness itself. let your heart sometimes speak above your mind, and have faith that though things may not turn out the way you expect, you will get that which you also warns for daydreaming and fantasising and watch your step.

Next coming up : the minor arcana
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Because i can't keep up with all the messages in my messagebox, and i really really want to say at least ' thank you" .... i'm gona thank you all in advance. i'm gona try reply as fast as i can but it can take awhile :blush

Thank you all, for your kind support, the fav's, the watches, the talks, the tips and tricks, and the friendship, you give me, i really, really really appreciate every single word you write me, every single touch of friendship, every single watching eye on me , and every fav of this:) :love: :kiss: :glomp: :smooch:
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