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Tarot- Five of cups

the Tarot cards. the minor arcana : the 5's
model 1
grass/fields(3 photo ),hills (1photo), sand , rocks stock xchng
brushes nebula &birds, own stock
Hair repainted in photoshop

I'm feeling a bit like rambling:)
i had
it seems the further i get in the deck.. the harder it get to find the right stock. or the more complicated the images seems to go. this one was quite an easy one. but in the four of wands and swords, there are so many personages in it, that its getting hard to find the stock that actually fit together ( i never thought that finding 5 action fighting stockphoto's in the poses i wanted would be such a challenge, one stock had a lot, but i couldn't exactly put 5 same personages in it, twins can be but five :|. anyway, that card is done with the five figure in it. luckely
i still need to focus on not starting randomly on the cards, one serie in a time, so even if i have to search a bit longer, and the urge to start on another serie ( like the 6 , 7 , 8 etc) its best that i finish them one by one, or i will get confused.
Meanwhile while i'm putting the 5's on, i started on the 6 of the minor arcana, and where do i find a personage sitting on a horse :| and on a boat :|.
some cards i can make in 3-4 hours, and other ones with stock like that, i easely spend 10-15 hours on, just because i 'm not happy with the stock....
i think i'd better rambled in my journal instead of here :rofl:

five of cups
symbolisme: women looking down, cups, 2 up and 3 fallen, bridge
added symbolisme
the hills are the symbols for the ups and downs in life. the water for our emotional statement, here it is calm so as a symbols for being apathic, not caring much about anything else but your own hurt. de bidges all lead to the castle, the security, i didn't add one but tree bridges to show that there are several ways to come to that safety:)
women looking at you: to show that no mather what loss of hurt they going throught, eventually we will rise and start to fight back, hope to comes to us.

The Five of Cups is a card that symbolizes difficulty, loss, and the challenges of dealing with that loss. normally the card should depict a more defeated women with her head down, but i didn't want it show so strong, i wanted a more, fighting back attitude in it and thats why i wanted a women facing you , The Five of Cups refers to that time when the pain of a loss is most acute.But every loss opens new possibilities for growth because every loss initiates change. Loss hurts because it is our emotional resistance to change. This card urges you to stop crying and look in another direction for happiness. Get over hurt, and then pick up remaining cups and carry on.
Next coming up :five of wands, swords and pentacles
finished : The Major Arcana
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Tarot- Backside card
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Tarot- five of wands not submitted yet

Because i can't keep up with all the messages in my messagebox, and i really really want to say at least ' thank you" .... i'm gona thank you all in advance. i'm gona try reply as fast as i can but it can take awhile :blush

Thank you all, for your kind support, the fav's, the watches, the talks, the tips and tricks, and the friendship, you give me, i really, really really appreciate every single word you write me, every single touch of friendship, every single watching eye on me , and every fav of this:) :love: :kiss: :glomp: :smooch:
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