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No Strings Attached...

model :iconkawproductions:
wall stock xchng
cage, candle, bird made in daz3D
hair and eyes repainted
texture brush, can be found :iconazurylipfesstock:
inspiration : the model

I think there is no doubt that we, every single person on this earth comes somehow with some ' strings attached' . Meaning that even if we say we are not being manipulated by somebody else ,someone is pulling at some strings. .It can be our parents, family, our childrens , media, community , religion etc.

And they use all different strategies to play with us. They use our emotions,they get in your head and fill it with false thoughts so that you are going to act , just the way they want you to act, thinking you have made your own choice.

How much of your own life is directed by your own self? Are you 'dancing ' on your own tune, or on a tune others let you thing its your tune? Are you pinochio or are you your own Gepetto?
And on who's strings are we pulling so that they do what we want?

We as human beings are really big cracks in manipulating other people even when we think we don't. Just think at your children, we raise them, but at the same time we pulling their strings so that they grow up the way we want them to grow up..
As you can see, the strings in the pic has been repaired several times. which means that sometimes we realize someone is pulling our strings, and we try to break free. But the ' puppetmasters' always seem to repair them ..
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Lovely piece! :heart: I don't know which pulling is worse, your parents or your children. But then I think about how I pull at their strings. As you said most of us do it. It's in our nature.
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Hello! :wave:

You have been featured in my journal [link] and in this news article [link]
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thank you for your support, sweety :love:
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I would like to think of myself as quite a free person... unfortunately it's not like this, I'm influenced by my parents, friends and school. But I think these are positive influences, if they come in moderate amounts :D
And I also try to give positive influence to the others, but I'm not sure whether I succeed or not.
It's a nice picture with a good concept, :thumbsup: :)
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Wonderful creation:sun:
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This beautiful work is featured in my journal: [link]
Best wishes! :heart:
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Thank you for your support, sweety :cuddle: I really appreciate it :heart:
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You're very welcome :hug:
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Super job Hon!!
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Thank you , sweety :cuddle:
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wow amazing artwork!
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This is probably one o the best manips of my stock I've ever seen :D

Congrats and Thankyou a lot for using :D
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Thank you :blushes: I'm glad you like it, and thank you for providing your stock and for the inspiration you gave:)
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awsome pic but made so much more better by your ideas behind it =D
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Thank you:) I thought it would be better with some explanation with it:)
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I'm a real boy!
No, dearest, you're a woman.

XD sorry couldn't resist.

I really like the concept behind this piece, especially the twist with the repaired strings. And the candle is really pretty too. Great work
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lol pinochio:D
Thank you, i'm glad you like it:) I was feeling euuh philosophical when i made it :D
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:wow: Absolutely love this hun! :heart:
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