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model :icontw1stedtruth-stock: [link]
pilar :iconmjranum-stock:
bow :iconjlstock:
clouds: [link]
eagle moonbrush :iconazurylipfesstock:
textures not in my stock ( yet)

Artemis is one of the ancient greet goddesses . Daughter of Zeus and Leto and the twin sister of apollo.
She is the goddess of forest and hills , the goddess of the night, goddess of childbirth, lady of the beasts, and the goddess of the hunters. She is the personification of the moon and the eternal virgin.

Artemis association with nature, and the wild , are a symbol of her untamed spirit,, she had great huntingskills, and was a fearless and responsible hunter. But she also was very consistent in her protetion of the gentle animals that were the prey of many.
She was known to be impulsive but also vengefull when needed.
As a moongoddess she had the devine duty of bringing light into darkness ( new moon fase ) ..
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Artemis is a very special Lady to me and so I'm often looking for artwork she inspires. This one is remarkable and beautiful. thank you.
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Beautiful image ! Beauty, originality, and more ! Good job ![link]
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I love it? It shows her untamed spirt, yet she looks vulnerable at the same time.
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I really :love: the overall composition of the work, and I believe you deserve a well-thought comment.

You've blended most all of the elements very well, and I love your color scheme. Unfortunately, the eagle stands out too much. When I enlarge the image to appreciate the details you've put into the piece, the eagle draws my eye-line away from the primary subject--Artemis. The whole composition possesses an ethereal quality with blending of layers and so should the totem animal.

I probably would have chosen an alternative bird for the composition--something that would still fit the color theme but more appropriate for the Greek goddess--a hawk or a falcon, perhaps. Of course, that's my personal preference.

This is still a fantastic piece, and I can tell you've put a lot of work into it. You have a great deal of talent and I look forward to more of your artwork. :love:
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Thank you for you comment:blushes: And i really appreciate it:cuddle:
You are right about the eagle:)Strange isn't it that all these years i didn't notice that the eagle was to eyecatching:D. I should have blended the eagle more into the background.

I think the only reason i took the eagle was because that time i couldn't find good flying hawk or falcon and the eagle was the closest majestic bird i though fit to replace a falcon:blush:.

I'm glad you like the piece:) And i hope to find more time to make new pieces ( and time to submit them here:) for some reason the past years were a bit to hectic :)
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I understand what it's like to find time to work up some new pieces, so I hope you find it and we'll see more work. :meow:
Like I said before, I see a lot of talent and you deserve a well-thought critique.
i reaiiy like the use of the real moon in u'r work im lover of theology so the stoy was a bonus
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This is really beautiful.
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Very nice, I like it. And I like very much your other work too :)
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Nice pose, outfit and pose.
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HOLY WOW. This looks like a Terese Nielsen painting!!! :iconteresenielsen:

Great work!!! :thumbsup:
This is a really beautiful piece. It was ennjoying to look at it.
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Thank you :cuddle: I'm glad you enjoy it when you see it
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Gorgeous. My friend's Goddess is Artemis, so I will have to show this to him. :)
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Thank you, I'm glad you like it :cuddle: And i hope he will like it to :)
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I think this is perfect. I specially like that it looks like a painting. The textures are applied very nicely.
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Thank you :blushes: I'm glad you like this :glomp:
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Wow. Thats all i have to say. Wow.

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