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All Card : Mystic Dream Tarot

By azurylipfe
The Mystic Tarot deck

All Cards

Moved from the bottom of the description :)
Deck can be bought here… : ( under the name 'The Mystic Dreamer')
I got the luck that Llewellyn saw my deck in progress online, and they wanted to publish it. Since a bit more then a year It can be bought in stores and in internetstores .

Tarot the Star
Tarot- The Moon
Tarot-The Tower
Tarot-The lovers
Tarot-The sun
Tarot-The world
Tarot- The hanged man
Tarot- Wheel of Fortune
Tarot- The Chariot
Tarot- The Devil
Tarot- The Justice
Tarot- Judgement
Tarot- The High Priestess
Tarot- The Temperance
Tarot- The Hermit
Tarot- The Magician
Tarot- The Emperor
Tarot- The Empress
Tarot- The Hiërophant
Tarot- The Fool

Tarot- Backside card
The Minor Arcana
The Aces
Tarot- Ace of Wands
Tarot- Ace of Cups
Tarot- Ace of Pentacles
Tarot- Ace of Swords
The two's of the minor arcana
Tarot- two of Swords
Tarot- two of Wands
Tarot- two of Pentacles
Tarot- two of Cups
The threes of the minor arcana
Tarot- three of swords
Tarot- three of wands
Tarot- three of cups
Tarot- three of pentacles
the four's of the minor arcana
Tarot- four of cups
Tarot- four of swords
Tarot- four of wands
Tarot- four of pentacles
the fives of the minor arcana
Tarot- five of cups
Tarot- five of swords
Tarot- five of pentacles
Tarot- five of wands
the six of the minor arcana
Tarot- six of cups
Tarot- six of pentacles
Tarot- six of swords
Tarot- six of wands
the seven of the minor arcana
Tarot- seven of cups
Tarot- seven of pentacles
Tarot- seven of swords
Tarot- seven of wands
the eight of the minor arcana
Tarot- eight of cups
Tarot- eight of pentacles
Tarot- eight of swords
Tarot- eight of wands
the nine of the minor arcana
Tarot- nine of cups
Tarot- nine of pentacles
Tarot- nine of swords
Tarot- nine of wands

the ten of the minor arcana
Tarot- ten of cups
Tarot- ten of wands
Tarot- ten of swords
Tarot- ten of pentacles

The pages
Tarot- Page of Cups
Tarot- Page of Wands
Tarot- Page of Swords
Tarot- Page of pentacles

The knights
Tarot- knight of Cups
Tarot- knight of Wands
Tarot- knight of Swords
Tarot- knight of pentacles

The Queens
Tarot- Queen of Cups
Tarot- Queen of Wands
Tarot- Queen of Swords
Tarot- Queen of pentacles

The kings
Tarot- king of Cups
Tarot- king of Wands
Tarot- king of Swords
Tarot- king of pentacles
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Gypsz-Mojo's avatar
\m/ @@ \m/ I AM Inspired by your work over all, However Your Tarot IS Grandly inspiring, since I am Studying\working on my own Toltec Verizon of the just Major Arcana. Then it is on to make my own personal Deck of my own design.
Than you for your Service & You ARE Appreciated. The JOY IS IN the JOurneY.    
hy, your deck is absolutely fantastic. Is it possible to buy this card version and not the one knew as mystical dreamer?
azurylipfe's avatar
Thank you, i'm glad you like it :) No, unfortunally llewellyn decided to add the brownisch borders instead of keeping the white. :s 
rodericx's avatar
WhiteGoddessIsis's avatar
i love this stuff! you've done a very good work!
it broke my heart to find out that the link of the five of sword brought me to the five of pentachles.
so when i found the five of sword I was happy like a child with a cupcake Laughing 
Sibby34's avatar
I'm really wanting this deck. :)
This is the first deck I have ever bought and I completely fell in love!  I have such a connection with my cards!!  you can buy it from
Starleaf-Creations's avatar
=D I've got this! I absolutely love it :heart:
elegantpa's avatar
I've had this deck from late 2008 or early 2009. The 1st time i set my eyes on it i fell in love. It's beautiful. 
RinRosk's avatar
I wish to know where I can buy this as well.
thekwinkyist's avatar
where can i buy this deck?? One of my many favorites!
EdgeLordess's avatar
You can't post these here. Their not your art.
azurylipfe's avatar
I do can post them here because I made them as you can see when you follow the links to the original pieces .These are the originals of the deck that Llewellyn published.
EdgeLordess's avatar
I'm sorry I thought you were someone posting random screenshots since a lot of people do that here and its illegal. My bad. I actually own the deck at home. Its one of my favorites.
azurylipfe's avatar
Don't worry about it:glomp:  I thought it was something like that, and it feels good that there are people who watch out for other artists:).
 its always a pleasure to hear where my deck has find a home:)
Eminie1057's avatar
I have these! They were so beautiful. They just spoke to me. I could help myself when I bought them. I'm in love with them.
MysticStargazer's avatar
Amazing work.  Beautifully done. Thank you for sharing them with us. :)
Belvedere-Gis's avatar
These are so beautiful!
I noticed that the Llewellyn deck has a different border and I love the cards as they are here :( can you get this deck?? It just seems that the one they published isn't as bright and beautiful as these cards?
Please help...
BirthInIce729's avatar
I jut got this deck yesterday, the art work is stunning =) :love:
BetrayedAnguish's avatar
I received this deck from a friend around the time it came out, after having expressed interest in your work. It was an amazing gift! It's been with me through some tough times, leading me in the direction I need to go.

It is also the only deck I can read intuitively -- your images speak so strongly to me!

Thank you for creating something so fabulous that resonates so strongly within me. <3
deathrite2's avatar
I bought this deck!
azurylipfe's avatar
:glomp: Thank you, its always great to hear from somebody who got the deck:) I hope the deck brings all the answers and insight you need.
ArtemasScire's avatar
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