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Hello, i'm back.. or at leasst for a little while.

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 13, 2016, 3:54 AM

Helllo, i'm back, or at least to just write a quick journal :D seems like the old one is here for a very long time.. Almost 12 years on Deviantart.. 12 years, i can't believe it.

A lot happend in all those years, but on the creative path, not so much.. Time is such a creativity killer:s Just can't find much time anymore to sit on my pc and play hours in paintshop pro. If i'm lucky I get a few hours on it and thats it.

So yesterday and today i added a few pieces i made last year, but didn't find time to put it here
still a few pieces to add. and thats all.
Where is the time that i created one piece each day. I miss that time, really hard.
The 7 years in the art academy are also past and done, got really good results, and some kind of diploma.  and now i can't find time to paint with oils anymore. Its frustrating. Need to find a club or a new academy or something where i meet new artists and can paint again.

My stockaccount for that reason is also kinde dead, well not dead, just not time to add tons of tons of new stuff on it, and i do have some great photo's , brushes, to add, just no stupid time to sit down and put it all up. drives me crazy

but sometimes i find a bit of time, let some sleep, and create a photomanipulation :D Its like i'm in heaven when i can spend a few hours non stop on something, just for my own fun . I just need a good day to browse through DA again to see the new model stock, it such a long time since i spend just searching for new stock that hits the inspiration button in my head.

I've done a few bookcovers for Diane Rinella, an indie writer. thank god for the bookcovers, or i would probably spend even less time on my pc .
The books are really awesome and she is such a jewel to work with. almost on a telepathic level.

Something to Dream On -Book cover by azurylipfe Scary Modsters bookcover by azurylipfe Queen Midas In Reverse by azurylipfe Voices Carry by azurylipfe

And did a bookcover for a close Friend of mine, who fullfilled his dream and finally finished his book, just for fun ;) Vuur van Binnen door M-Cycle

Its fun to do bookcovers , even when i have to adapt, or get our of my comfortzone to do something else then i normally do
also the interaction, try to get in the mind of the writer to 'see' what they have in mind for their 'baby' is very challenging but so much fun.
still take photo's with in my mind ' can I use those in a manipulation' :D and sometimes i just forget to take photo's of my kids because of that. silly isn't it :D

Sorry if i don't reply fast on my notes, it take me awhile sometimes to get on DA. I wont promise i will be faster in reading and replying them faster. because when i do, it seems like the universe say's ' lets make her crazy, and give her less time ' . or something like that. :D

On family level, everything is fine here, Alekxander is now a 13 year old puber, found out this year he has dyspraxia and dylexia. a bit late becaue he is a bit to smart and they didn't notice the troubels he had with reading and spelling, The dyspraxia was hidden because of his clubfeet.
 so yay another challenge.
Sébastian is 7 right now. A little smart guy, and creative
both are going to artschool:)
Husband and I are 23 years together, can you believe it :D married 15 years. time do fly.
getting older to :D feeling not so young anymore, my PMS is something driving me crazy. Had to wear glasses, really glasses. combined ones :| for reading and for sharpening, i have ' sheep eyes' instead of round pupils , i have oval ones.. which makes that i always see kind of blurry.. I thought it was normal, can't believe how sharp colours are now. just have to remember not to read in bed :D broke several eyeglasses that way :D

On world issues. 2 things that bothers me...
 well everybody knows the IS by now. everybody knows they are terrible, they don't give any value to other peoples lives. The terroristic attacts by them are getting close. but we are still save. thank you for the kind notes to ask if we are safe. We are. I hope other people are also safe, and that the IS will be stopped.
I always thought Nostradamus was wrong with this world war III, but once in awhile i start to think he wasn't so crazy at all :| but one the side of hope, he also predicted a 1000 year piece following the III war, so, hopefully it will follow fast, and then i hope he was right:)

klimat changes...
There are the ones who believe it, and the ones who don't.. a case of ' if its far from my bed, i don't care'
Its getting hotter, weather gets stranger ( if we start to get tornado's in Belgium, you can't ignore the fact that there is something wrong, before 10 years we didn't have tornado's , they are not so big as in America, but they do make damage.
It makes me believe that Our mother planet needs help, a few day's ago we are in dept  with mother earth, we use more resources then she can provide, thats bad, really bad..
. I think if we want to be on mother earth for a long time, we will have to stop de greed, the egoisme for wanting more then we need.
I think we should stop advertising, stop believing what media wants us to believe, stop media that let people believe they need all that stuff, they need the newest fashion, gadgets , interiours etc
Be happy with what you have, family , friends, animals , time is so short, to let it go on the material part of live.
We only have 1 mother earth, they may be searching for a sister mother planet, but even when we find that, we still have a long way to go, before we can even go there, and really do we have to have a second option in case we destroy this earth??  there is something really wrong with that idea, don't you think?

Well enough about that :D
to serious isn't it :D but I just wanted to get it off my chest:)

Finally just this....
I want to thank all my watchers,  All my DA friends , all the people who support me, all the people with their kind comments, words and more, I really really appreciate it all.

that it for this time.
cross your fingers that i can find more time to be creative:D

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