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deku's uraraka's and atsui's eyes look SOULESS

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Can we all appreciate how wholesome this is?

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Tenya’s chin is sharp enough to give me a papercut.


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They look so happy! I can't help but smile!
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Best Faction! Best Team! Best Friendship! Best Squad! Whatever you wanna call them, Dekusquad's just the best! :D Awesome drawing btw

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Omg! luv it! I wish I were part of their squad! Those guys are so cool!
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Thank you so much!!
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Wouldn't Momo technically be a squad member too? And Fumikage?
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square up thoootsm
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oH LOOK! all the prettiest characters in a only drawing
amazing job, tho,, Heart pink heart {big} 
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Thank you so much! <3
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Why isn't it canon?
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Well they're always seen hanging out, so it's basically theses friendos!
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Iida looks so smug.
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Iida thinks he's cool xDD
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Ikr xD

He's thinking too highly of himself
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SO CUTE!!! :D <33 
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The protection squad is here
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They still look amazing!! Your old art is awesome!
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