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Negative Number Line

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Published: August 10, 2011
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Idea been wanting to do for a while, but it doesn't happen until after all of the Numbers are introduced... Cuz, y'know, Denomi's still the highest Number in the present, pfft. :P

ALSO sticking with Eggman Nega's whole "I'M EGGMAN'S DESCENDANT" thing despite the whole alternate dimension/future confusion.


Eggman Nega manages to find Eggman's old blueprints of The Number Line. Intrigued with the concept, he salvages data on how the group performed individually. Although he is impressed with their efficency, Nega scoffs at Eggman's failure to actually control them. A perfectly good idea, botched by that embarassing buffoon...! Taking matters into his own hands, Nega seizes the faded blueprints to recreate the Number Line - and this time, do it right.

In time, Nega successfully rebuilds them as the Negative Number Line. They have been stripped of their individuallity, bearing the same colors and only going by negative numbers instead of unique names. The group itself focuses on working together as a militaristic unit to further Nega's goals. However... The passage of time has taken its toll on the original blueprints and there was only so much information for Nega to go off of. This resulted in a few missing parts from the Nega Line, hurting their overall effectiveness.

-1. Negative One
Flaw: He is unable to perform Chaos based attacks.
Missing Part: Chaos-Nightmare Converter
Info: The original Jedan was capable of using Chaos energy attacks without the use of Chaos Emerald. This was because he relied on Nightmare Souls, a source of energy that even Eggman didn't completely understand. By collecting Nightmare Souls, Jed was capable of changing them into Chaos energy, which he would store inside of his converter. Negative One is still able to fight without this, but would benefit greatly if he possessed it.

-2. Negative Two
Flaw: He has no control over what weapons he chooses.
Missing Part: Weapon Selection System
Info: Negative Two has an entire arsenal at his disposal much like the original Zwei. However, the original also had a special memory chip. This chip was capable of keeping track of where his internal weapons were stored and also allowed him to choose which weapon to use. Without this chip, Negative Two has no control over what firearms he uses, which can be a dangerous hazard to the rest of the Nega Line.

-3. Negative Three
Flaw: None
Info: Eggman Nega realized that the original Number, Tertius/Prickles, was completely incapable of combat. Before recreating him, Eggman Nega took the liberty of altering his faulty age coding. This resulted in Negative Three being "born" as a young adult as Eggman originally intended. He was equipped with reploid-like armor to be on par with the other Negatives, as well as power gauntlets to increase his strength. Because of these additions, Negative Three seems to be the strongest and most competent of the Negatives, serving as their commander and Eggman Nega's right hand man.

-4. Negative Four
Flaw: He lacks emotion or concern, resulting in the inablity to strategize and possibly harming the other Negatives.
Missing Part: Quattuor's Feelings
Info: The driving force behind the original Number, Quattuor, was his emotions. Without them, Quat would have never been able to overcome the many trials he faced if it weren't for his determination. His will spurred him to become stronger than he was ever capable of being on his own. Quat's "heart" got him through many battles, with one of the most important ones being the one fought for ensuring the safety of Prickles. Along with the inability to think or feel, Negative Four lacks this "heart" that Quat possessed. Despite this, he is still one of the strongest of the Nega Line due to the fact that Eggman Nega followed Quat's original blueprints all the way through; Eggman was not able to do this because he rushed to finish Quat.

-5. Negative Five
Flaw: His hit accuracy is low, so he has difficulty taking down specific targets.
Missing Part: Target Precision System
Info: What made the original Denomi amazing was his ability to strike his targets under almost any circumstance - in the dark, running on moving vehicles, while falling, etcetera. Because Negative Five does not have this, he has a difficult time fighting one on one. To compensate for this, he resorts to covering a larger area with a barrage of attacks in order to hit his targets by chance.

-6. Negative Six
Flaw: Severely limited in battle overall. Unable to perform strong attacks and likely to fall after taking a few hits.
Missing Part: Halcyon Armor
Info: Unfortunately for Negative Six, he was faulty from the start; the blueprints for the original Hex were already tampered with, making him near useless in battle. To make up for this, Eggman had created the Halcyon Armor, which not only covered Hex's weaknesses, but granted him many other abilities. Negative Six cannot reach his full potential without this armor.

-7. Negative Seven
Flaw: She lacks strength to enforce her attacks, so her targets don't go down as easily.
Missing Part: Mysterious Gem
Info: The original Septette had a lot of power and a decent selection of melee weapons. Under special circumstances, she also possessed a special transformation that resembled a Ride Armor. Without the jewel that the original Number used, Negative Seven lacks this transformation. On top of that, she also lacks the power that the original had, so her attacks are not as lethal as they should be.

-8. Negative Eight
Flaw: He lacks nearly all of his special powers.
Missing Parts: A-Trans, Extra Sensory Perception
Info: The original Tolto possessed both shapeshifting and telekinesis, making him one of the strongest of the Number Line. Eggman had originally programmed his abilities to work with each other in order to bring out his maximum potential. Because of this, these abilities will only work if they're both in tact. Eggman Nega did not know how to recreate the A-Trans ability, resulting in a lack of shapeshifting and very limited telekinesis for Negative Eight.

Knowing all of this, Eggman Nega takes his unit and travels back in time... but not to seize the original blueprints. Instead, he dispatches the Negatives to hunt down the original Numbers and rip out the very parts that they're missing - all to prove their superiority to the originals.
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Interesting idea. It sounds completely Eggman Nega (even though I never actually played game featuring him.^^;) It's clever how they have superior teamwork skills, yet inferior overall intelligence, making them balanced opposites of the originals. :thumbsup:
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AzuretheNerdHobbyist Traditional Artist
Cool idea~!

And since Nega Prickles isn't missing anything, he'd just sit there, while everyone else is after their missing parts lol.
I wonder what he'd do with all that time on his hands.
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He actually has to watch over all of the others to make sure they don't screw up. :dead: Funny enough, it's mostly Nega Four he has to keep an eye on. The guy can't think, so he's kind of reckless and that makes him most likely to hurt all the other Negas by accident. orz
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AzuretheNerdHobbyist Traditional Artist
Poor guy.
lol, irony

I will totally protect Quat. His name is part of my favorite language~
I'm back in school, and I swear I'm going to end up drawing Quat during Latin class because of you.

And I will protect Denomi for that smexy smile of his~ *shot repeatedly*
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Hehe, I took Latin too, so that's where I snatched his name from. Same with Prickles and Denomi being Tertius and Quinti (although that's "third" and some form of "five" I forgot) but they don't use those names. :P

...One time in class I remember "quattuor" coming up in a passage and I got all excited about it. o_o; At least you'll remember the number that way.
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AzuretheNerdHobbyist Traditional Artist
However, that explains why I take a strong liking to those three :XD:
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sonidouHobbyist Writer
(awesome, I got first comment :D)

...Like I always say: You're ideas are epic :dance: I love it!
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