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Maverick Set 1: Flame Mingo

By Azuroru
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===Mavericks: Set 1 - Commanded by Denomi===
| Copy Cat | Flame Mingo | Night Gale | Rainbow Beaver | Dust Bunny | Trojan Horse | Wolver Rain | Terror Dactyl |

This guy is Flame Mingo! He was dispatched to the Marble Zone to extract marble and limestone for Dr. Robotnik. He's a rather laidback fellow who can be a bit of a dreamy romanticist. He's also heavily Spanish influenced, spending his free time dancing the flamenco (or any dance, really). ...And taking naps, he likes naps. He combines his love of dancing with his ability to burst into "flames of passion" as he calls it, making him a dangerous foe to dance with!

This was the second Maverick that Quattuor took on in his quest to save his little brother Prickles. Quat was still angsty when he got to Flame Mingo, but he did do better than last time! ...Just not well enough to beat him. I guess you could say that his loss was more of a combination of Quat's inexperience/emotional wreckage and Flamey's intense fire power... Anyway, in the end, Flame Mingo, like Copy Cat, ceased their battle, simply telling Quat that he isn't ready to dance with him just yet and should practice more.
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Cool. He kind of reminds me of Overdrive Ostrich, but I think that's just cause they're both tall, wingless birds.
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This actually makes for a pretty interesting robot.:)
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Sonic needs a Mega Buster to battle this awesomeness.