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7-7: Septette

By Azuroru
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===The Number Line===
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Here we go, Septette Aloe! July 7th, lucky double seven. We have the only female Number of the group here. Septette's name means "A composition for seven voices or seven instruments," which in turn is derived from "septem," Latin for "seven." (This is where September gets its name - before an extra two months were added to the calendar we use today, there were originally 10 months and the last four months took their names from the Latin numbers - septem, octo, novem and decem, aka seven, eight, nine and ten. </Latin nerd>)

Like Hex, nothing is set in stone for Septette's role in the story of the Number Line. What I do know for sure is that her "parents" are Amy Rose and Iris, which gifts her with... well, basically Amy's fighting style - in that she pulls a large melee weapon from nowhere and beats people up with it. It's typically an energy scythe (her favorite) but it's capable of changing its shape into other similar weapons, such as an axe or dozuki. (Still working on that, though...) Overall, Septette focuses mostly on close range combat and lacks the speed that the other Numbers tend to have... It was also a bit difficult to find a better variety of attacks for Septette since Iris herself hasn't exactly been shown fighting under normal circumstances... Though, Septette will possess something as a reference to Iris's "special" form...

Also, see that weird looking lace on her skirt? They're actually saw teeth. Her skirt is a buzzsaw. Fuck yeah.

She also has an... interesting personality. She acts very much like what a little girl "should" act like, adoring the color pink and petting fluffy kitties and playing princess and whatnot, which I guess is borrowed from Amy's own cheerful attitude. Septette also adores flowers, having "Aloe" as a part of her name in reference to the names of her own "parents." They're a very intergral part of her interests and general being... But despite this, she ends up becoming spoiled and grows a bit bratty as a result. One of the worst consequences of this is that she doesn't exactly handle her own anger very well, which can get kind of... bad. I suppose you can chalk it up to the fact that Septette's kind of a parody of yandere type characters. It's also a sort of nod to what happened to Iris at the end of X4 since a lot of people just seem to not remember that for some reason. Yeeaaaah.

I'd love to go into her psychological problems a bit more, but I think I've expressed it better in previous pictures and I'd rather wait for her story to show what she's like rather than tell it. She'll be very fun to use, that's for sure...

...The thing in her hat is also an aloe flower, which represents sorrow or grief. Because each species of flower each has its own meaning (known as flower language, which Septette is well versed with) I've been playing with the idea that that flower changes in a sort of cartoony fashion according to her mood... Should be fun.
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It's a very nice picture. And I like her design too. She's cute, but I bet when she gets mad and the weapon's out, she's a formidable foe with it
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Septette's cute. :)

(About yandere Iris: Maybe people don't remember it because she'll willingly expose her weak point if Zero's damaged enough [IIRC], and the "what am I fighting for?" scene? Still, she tried to kill him...)