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6-6: Hex

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Published: June 6, 2012
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===The Number Line===
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AHHH HIS LINEART IS TOO THICK!1!! I'll fix it some other time... maybe...

But byaaah~ Unfortunately, the guys after 5 (Denomi) still remain underdeveloped as characters and what roles they possess in the overall story of the Numbers. So... I can't quite tell you what Hex has done since he hasn't actually done anything yet, ahaha. I will give you what I have, but it still remains subject to change.

So, June 6th, 6 PM... Hex. His name is from "hexa," the old Greek prefix for "six," although it's also the word for a curse or spell. Despite being named for an even number, I'd say he's... a bit odd (hoho). His "parents" are Knuckles and Mega Man X, which is a sort of... weird combination, making it difficult to pin down where Hex stands in personality and fighting style. Shooting at long range, brawling at close range... I think it's better if I explain the story with him.

Basically, after Eggman's success with Denomi, he decided to continue the Number Line. The original goal of creating these Numbers was to build a robot that perfectly balanced the attributes of the two chosen "parent" models. Denomi may have been the best result, but he technically contains more Zero-like attributes than Sonic ones... as well as a special third "ingredient" in his parental mix, so that might be kind of cheating too, ahaha. I guess it would've made more sense for the doc to just stick with what worked, but you won't get anywhere by resting on your laurels! I mean no one would've expected a guy who imprisoned woodland creatures to one day build an INTERGALACTIC AMUSEMENT PARK. ...Or maybe they did, I have no idea, but that's an amazing feat in itself.

Err, in any case... In this weird alternate universe of massive crossover preportions, both the Sonic series and Mega Man X series are contemporary with each other (along with many other series) and one of the promiment results of it was an odd friendship that Sonic had struck up with Zero. The doctor observed the relationship between those two, which resulted in the creation of Shizumi, Quattuor and Denomi. To contrast this, a separate series of events lead Mega Man X to befriending Knuckles... Which Eggman also observed, leading to the inspirational idea for Hex.

Hex himself is incredibly polite and respects his creator dearly, but most often quietly keeps to himself. He also obtains different special armors that the doc makes for him over time, although not really sure how many he'll be getting... Another interesting thing to note is that Denomi seems to dislike him, despite the fact that Hex has showed no signs of disdain in return... Afterall, he was created to help! Then again, Denomi's used to (and probably prefers) working alone, so perhaps it's just another classic case of sibling rivalry.

Of course, I am not kidding when I said everything is still subject to change. Only time will tell.

...Hex is also notorious for being the Number I always neglected or skipped over and never had a solid design. Seriously, his armor changed everytime I drew him, but I think I got him down this time. Really.
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Hex... wait- who's that guy again? It's good to see you've found a use for the pointless one. You know, I think a lot of those official characters, like Big the Cat, could use some added depth instead of being treated like useless baggage. Give him an old friend, an unexpected talent, and possibly a different style of game play. I feel sorry for Big. :(

Knowing his attitude and origin, I bet Hex is a really gullible sort, isn't he? Although the lack of black lines makes your older work more distinct, I like how the newer line art adds sharpness and makes the design more solid. :thumbsup:
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Apparently Big can actually catch bullets with his own hands. o_o BUT, that was only in Sonic Chronicles, which from what I looked at was pretty bad story wise. It sounded like something from out of the comics, which I stay away from. o_<;

And... hehe. Gullibility really is the only obvious thing that I feel like Knuckles and X have in common, but Hex is far from gullible in his first appearance. After that story's over, though... he probably is a bit gullible, but just not to the extent of either of his "parents." xD;

And yeah, I like how the solid lines make it look clean, but it's just that the lines I used for Hex's art in particular are thicker than the ones I've used for the other Numbers. Whoops. ._.
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"Catch bullets with his own hands." :ohnoes: Yeah, I never expected them to give him that. Well, Sega's trying with him, that's for sure.

So Hex's intelligence lowers as time goes by? And I thought Protoman had it bad. :D
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TheSonicReploidHobbyist Writer
Poor Hex. I feel kinda sad that you seem to forget him XD
Then again, you're not the only one. I seem to forget about a lot of my own Sonic Characters too. I suppose it happens to the best of us. Am I right?

Anyway, I don't think the lineart is too think. The picture itself is great and pose is cute too :aww: