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5-5: Denomi

By Azuroru
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===The Number Line===
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May 5th, 5:55 pm... Happy Cinco de Mayo, nyehe. Today we've got this bad boy here, Denomi. Where the hell is the "five" in his name, you ask?! Well, his name is just a shortened version of his full name - "Denominator Quinti." Like Quattuor and Tertius (Prickles' real name), Denomi takes his name from Latin, which should translate into "Denominator of Five." (He gets a special name because he's awesome.) Denomi's "parents" are also Sonic and Zero (along with a *tiny* bit of a mysterious third person and color scheme inspiration from the Zero Nightmare), so... like Quat, he possesses great speed and sword skills. They *pretty much* have the same abilities... Except in addition to his saber, Deno's also got a buster, shoulder pads/better armor, special gripping on his feet to help him stand steady and wall jump on nearly any surface, a sort of HUB and different forms of vision in his shades, pimpin' knee guards made of ruby or diamond or something (lol maybe even both), and... well, he's just about better than Quattuor in everything he does. ...Except maybe being approachable. Quat's got him beat there. =P

So, just how did Denomi come about? I guess you could say Eggman was at his wit's end... The Number Line wasn't going so well. The first one was unmotivated and decided to do whatever the hell he wanted, the second one lost his self-control and went absolutely batshit insane, the third one was a freaking baby and the fourth one just sucked. That last one was a major disappointment, especially considering he tried to build the fourth one twice! Arrgh. What's an evil genius to do? ...Never give up, of course. If there's anything we know about the doctor, it's that he's one of the most persistent guys ever. Even if Quat didn't meet his expectations, he sure as hell showed some potential... and Eggman didn't even finish building him. Maybe, just maybe... Maybe he would try again. The doc knew that the Sonic/Zero combination would work and he had already built two models based upon it, so perhaps the third time would be a charm. Inspired, Eggman took the blueprints of what Quat's final design would have been and carefully improved it with additional modifications. He spent a great deal of time on it, determined that this one wouldn't fail. And you know what came out of it?


And what a wonderful creation he was. No back sassing, no rebellious attitude, just a devoted Reploid who remained calm and took his role seriously. Unlike Quat, he didn't allow his emotions to get the better of him and control his actions - excellent for quick and practical decision making. It didn't mean he was completely without feelings, though. Even under his cool demeanor, Denomi seemed to be genuinely fond of Eggman and was more than willing to serve him loyally. Excited by this, the doctor immediately tested him in combat. The result? Beyond absolutely flawless, even exceeding expectations by tenfold. Holy hell. Needless to say, Denomi quickly became his right-hand man and now can almost always be found standing quietly by his creator's side, ready to take any and all orders...

If for some reason he isn't with the doctor, Denomi is most likely either training himself to keep his skills sharp or carrying out a task somewhere. This can range from gathering supplies to infiltrating some highly guarded place or just going to Dunkin' Donuts to pick up the doc's morning coffee - even if he didn't ask for one, bwaha. Though it's possible that he may get a bit annoyed with some of Eggy's more goofy antics and childish mannerisms, it's usually hard to tell what he's feeling since he has those damn shades and is always composed. Denomi won't object to his creator's odd behavior, though. He's there to support him, after all... he likes what he was built to do.

Hmhmhm~ Back when there was no actual Number Line idea and Quat and Prickles were the only ones around, ~BluesManZero decided Quat should have a badass rival-enemy just because. I designed him but we had problems with his shades and he remained unnamed for 3 months. Eventually we just started throwing numbers and math terms around to brainstorm a name and joked about Denominator being one but ended up settling for Denomi after realizing "hey wait that actually sounds kind of awesome." I added the Quinti part of it to keep in line with the numerical "3, 4, 5" we had going on, and that ended up sparking the addition of 1 and 2, which ended up evolving into the Number Line. Haha.

The only thing I was worried about waaay back in the beginning was giving him shades since I thought it made him too similar to Proto Man/Blues because of the "loner older brother" thing going on. :/ It really was just for the coolness factor, I swear. That and... well, eyes tell you a lot about person. Having them hidden underneath a shiny dark lense just gives off... a strange feeling. A sense of intimidation and mystery over being unable to read their motives... y'know?
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The shades look awesome, no worries there! Something about them always gave me a Dynamo vibe, rather than Protoman.

I sorta merged two of the things he does when not with Eggman, and it became infiltrating Dunkin' Donuts to steal morning coffee for the doc. Haha... (Wonder what he does if Eggman just plain doesn't want coffee one day.)

I like him a lot~ Just like all of them, heh. Nice work and sorry it took me this long to get around to commenting!
Azuroru's avatar
No worries. X)

Ooh, a Dynamo vibe? ...Denomi, Jedan would like to have a word with you. :u

Ahah, I actually talked about the coffee thing with my friend before. Either Denomi puts the coffee away for later, turning it into iced coffee, or he actually steals the coffee beans and makes the coffee himself. I actually tried to do a mini comic before too where he seemed to be training, but in the end it turned out he was making coffee in the most badass, over the top way possible. I guess that's just how he is? xD
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Protoman and Sonic smashed together, Right?
Azuroru's avatar
"Denomi's "parents" are also Sonic and Zero (along with a *tiny* bit of a mysterious third person and color scheme inspiration from the Zero Nightmare)"

Look I know the description is a giant wall of text, but it's right there. :iconwhatdaplz:
BlakeandAlex12's avatar
To be honest Denomi is my favorite oc you made.
Azuroru's avatar
Ahaha, he's one of my favorites, too... A rival-villain with the right amount discipline and badassery.

And he just looks cool. :iconheroposeplz:
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I've got to say: you and your friend BluesManZero sure are creative. I like the concept of the shades, too. You're right about it being like a sense of intimidation, regarding the eyes factor

Great job, Azuroru
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