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4-4: Quattuor

By Azuroru
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===The Number Line===
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Ahhh, Quattuor! My favorite Number and main character/protagonist, his day of April 4th is a mere four days before my own birthday. :P His name is pretty straightforward, being the Latin number for "four" while his "parents" are Sonic and Zero. Quat has rather impressive speed (being faster than Zero but slower than Sonic) as well as posessing skills in swordsmanship, making a pretty neat combination. He was also initially kind of cold and had a tiny bit of smugness, echoing his parents, but he's since changed and is just... a lot softer than both of them, I think. Ahahah.

Also pink armor. :meow: ...Well, not totally pink but enough to tell that it's not red. At least, I hope it seems that way...

So where to begin? Oh right, Prickles- I mean, Tertius. Teri and his aging problem... Right. Well, Eggman didn't have time to wait around so he decided to create a new Number to take Teri's place. He got this particular combination from observing Sonic, who had recently befriended a strange red robot with long golden hair... So I guess he figured WHY THE HELL NOT. The doc's first try resulted in Shizumi; "shi," being "four" and "-zumi" from "harinezumi," being "hedgehog." The doc wasn't pleased with the result though and started over with a more updated design, which would become Quattuor. Because of this, Shizumi can be considered a prototype of Quattuor, a sort of "Number 3.5."

The doc concluded that not only would the Sonic and Zero combination be effective in combat, but it would also result in someone more... controllable, willingly obedient and eager to please. At least, that's what Eggman hoped. After having to deal with the first two Numbers and their behaviorial problems, this highlight was one of the most appealing traits of Quattuor...

When Quat was halfway constructed, Prickles- I mean, Teri had managed to get close enough to activate him while the doctor was resting. Although Quat was unable to do much, he managed to form his attachment to Teri, recognizing him as the one who "woke him up." The fact that Teri was also the first person to interact with him may have influenced Quat's rather emotional side...

ANYWAY, as Eggman continued to work on Quat, the doc eagerly decided to test his abilities to gauge just how effcient Quat would be upon completion. He didn't exactly get a perfect score during his test run, but the results were still impressive for a robot that was incomplete. Needless to say, the doctor was pleased! Unfortunately, that same day a freak accident involving Teri had occured. He wasn't hurt or anything but he must've messed with some sort of teleporter type thing since the kid ended up waaay far off from the base. The doc was initially alarmed after finding this out, but soon found out that Teri was safe... safe in Sonic's posession. I suppose he might've waited it out and gave some thought about what he would do about it, but Eggman eventually realized that this was Quat's chance to prove himself. He hastily finished up what he could before giving the Number his first real mission: Retrive Tertius. Upon succeeding, the doctor would finish building Quattuor. ...But unfortunately, this completion would never happen.

Although he came close in his first attempt, Quat failed to take Tertius back from Sonic, losing to both him and Zero in battle. Later, Quat returned, feigning that he had changed sides and deceived his "parents" into trusting him with Tertius (now known as Prickles, thanks to Sonic.) Despite accomplishing his mission, Quat's victory was shortlived when Sonic showed up at the base that he and the doctor were residing in. He was determined to get the child back and had even brought along Zero to do so. Again, Quattuor lost to both of them... He even tried pushing himself to go on, but ended up shutting down out of fatigue due to the amount of damage he sustained from them. Eggman then surrendered Tertius/Prickles to Sonic (with some "persuasion" from Zero), deeming him too time consuming to invest any more effort into. Irritated, the doctor also requested that the two dump Quattuor on the way out, as he was disappointed with his poor performance and had no need for such trash. The two ended up bringing him back.

When he later regained consciousness, Quattuor was upset to learn that his creator had given up on him and tossed him aside, hurting his confidence and emotional being. With nowhere else to go, he reluctantly accepted Zero's offer to stay with him and Sonic. Quat was bitter and distrustful for some time, emotionally clinging to Prickles as his only true family... He eventually learned to accept what happened, but still mopes about it on occasion, especially when discouraged. Quat does his best to keep it behind him and instead focuses on his happier life with his little brother.

So yeah. There ya go, Quat. I guess the short version is that he's self-conscious and kind of emotional... and he's not a finished robot. Like... His helmet was supposed to have a closed top, but he got a cheap metal visor to compensate for it. He's also one of the weakest Numbers; not to say that he's actually weak, but more of the fact that his siblings are a helluva lot stronger. As for other quirks, he has this... weird inability to recognize people or come to certain conclusions. Maybe it's a side effect of not being finished. :shrug: He's also a bit afraid of spikes and absolutely terrified of needles. :noes:

But overall, he's a good kid. (:
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>w< Yay! Quattuor's my favorite too. I love your concept and backstory for him
The spike part's pretty funny actually. Because in the world of MegaMan: instant contact with spikes = instant death. Right?
Azuroru's avatar
Yup. Heck, Quat himself says that being around spikes makes him feel like he's going to explode, which is exactly what happens to a Mega Man character upon impact. ^^; Fortunately, Sonic can fare better against them with the help of rings, so... if anything, Quat just takes massive damage from spikes. :noes:
TheSonicReploid's avatar
Can't say I blame him. ^^; I'm not really a fan of needles myself

Speaking of MegaMan X, though, I've actually seen a few playthroughs of the games on YouTube. I'd really love to play them actually. They sound like they're a lot of fun
Azuroru's avatar
They are fun, but rather difficult - at least for me. I'm pretty bad at the games, ahaha.

The MMX series is also a continuation of the classic Mega Man series, so it wouldn't hurt to give a quick glance at a Mega Man Wiki before trying it out. ^^;
TheSonicReploid's avatar
:aww: Thank you. I'll make sure I check that out later on

Funny thing, though: I was watching this playthrough of MegaMan: Maverick Hunter X and when it was going through the intro, I was surprised to see Zero and the other characters, because I recognized them from your pictures. ^^; Actually, I almost called Zero, "Seven"