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3-3: Prickles

By Azuroru
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===The Number Line===
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All righty, March 3rd! 3/3! Bonus of being uploaded at 3:33 pm... We've got the third one of the Numbers, Prickles! Though, his real/original name is Tertius, which is Latin for "third." (Not three, third!) He was usually refered to as Teri for short. He's unique among his siblings since rather than being modeled after one animal and a Reploid, both of his parents are animals... Sonic and Knuckles actually, so he's totally organic. No robot parts here. Unfortunately, since he's also just a baby/toddler, he doesn't have any fighting skills yet. :c He's still learning how to walk. Tends to fall on his face if he goes too fast, so he's got nothing to show if you're looking for whatever he got from Sonic... Can't say the same with Knuckles, though. Prickles could lift up 100 pounds if he had reason to. He could also potentially make you stagger or knock you over if you were holding him. And he's still only a year old! :noes: He'll probably have a balanced mix of strength and speed by the time he comes of age.

I guess I've got more explaining to do! Alright, so Eggman was cheesed off at Jedan and Zwei for how they acted... Maybe the doc still wasn't fully acquainted with how Reploid technology works? Or maybe the combinations he picked for the previous two weren't so ideal... Whatever the case, he needed a break from it, it was giving him a headache. So instead of making another robot and risk having it glitch or spaz or something, he got the bright idea to instead condition an organic creature! So he modeled this creation after Sonic and Knuckles. Why not? He was already familiar with them, I mean he built at least 2 robot versions of Knuckles and who knows how many robot versions of Sonic...

So the idea was that the doc combined their DNA to create Tertius. He also modified the genetics so that he'd rapidly age until a certain point where he would stop aging, but, uh... Well, Eggman messed that up and it resulted in little Teri aging slower than normal. Oops. On the bright side, he had a lot of time to have Teri form his emotional connection to him, but the doc didn't have that patience! So he began working on Quattuor... which will totally be expanded upon next month.

So while the doctor worked on the fourth Number, Teri somehow... messed around where little kids shouldn't be messing around, which lead to a chain reaction of events that accidently caused him to escape. He came out fine, I'm pretty sure I had it so that he ended up at Mystic Ruins... but he was pretty scared that his surroundings changed so suddenly and started bawling. This conveniently attracted the attention of a certain blue hedgehog who had been jogging at the time. Taa~! Sonic attempted to find this little kid's parents but had no success, so he took him to Tails to see if he could figure out anything. The little fox had the bright idea to test out his DNA to find a match with his parents, but lo and behold, both of them were surprised to learn that the kid's parents were Sonic and Knuckles! Sonic is so damn used to weird things happening to him by this point though, so he was more amused than anything. Knuckles on the other hand flipped out and refused to believe it, although he grudgingly accepted the idea after spending some time with Teri.

Of course, they didn't know Tertius' real name or origin, so... Sonic, with his MAD NAMING SKILLZ (*cough* Emerl and Chip) named him "Prickles" due to his hedgehog quills being small and prickly and the fact that name sounded similar to "Knuckles," except childish and cuter. xD
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Cute fo sho!!
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Nice back story! I think this is the first solo image of Pickles I've seen, (but I didn't check your entire gallery, so that might be why.) It's also neat to hear how official characters interact with him. I must say your art style is awesome as always, and so is Pickles. Sonic being the one to name him explains EVERYTHING! :thumbsup:
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Hahaha, I like the thought of Knuckles just completely flipping out. It sounds like a bad joke. "HEY KNUX, I FOUND A BABY AND YOU'RE THE FATHER! I'M THE MOTHER!"

... Come to think of it, that kinda sounds like a joke Sonic would make.
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Hell, that's probably how he broke the news to Knuckles. xD

It's funny though, Knux is more of the mom since he's always at home... But that's why he accepted Prickles, because it meant having someone to keep him company. I imagine he grew up mostly alone, so having a little bit of his flesh and blood with him just... seemed like a nice change to maybe lighten up his life a bit.

Dawwwgh Knuckles ;_;

...I guess thinking about it, even though they're technically his "parents," Sonic and Knuckles treat Prickles more like a little brother. Aside from when they first found out, they don't really use the term "son" or "father" at all, since I think they're just too young for that. :shrug:
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That and you know, I imagine they'd both be really awkward saying "well we're your dad. Both of us. But we're not in a relationship and we have no idea how it happened". It's just easier to say they're siblings.

... Knuckles IS always alone, true. I bet he'd love having another echidna-ish thing around.