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Two Worlds that I Despise
I am the one who skips between two worlds
Back and forth
No matter which one I am in
Hatred will stay
:iconazuritecat:azuritecat 0 0
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Armageddon's Release
Silence stepped down and made way for the sound of nature. The trees rustled in the wind as if they were dancing to the crickets' song. Besides those sounds, the scuffling of Armageddon and the girl's shoes as they walk could be heard.
"Why did you choose to release me? Didn't I brought trouble?"
The tall man sounded bitter. The girl replied with a silly tone of voice.
"By golly! I didn't know you like smelly places."
It was rather predictable of Armageddon to give an annoyed response. But strangely, annoyance seems to be a bit far off.
"I'm serious. Why did you release me?"
She skipped ahead like a cheerful kid. Her back was facing him so he was not sure if her expression shows otherwise. Given that all she said was nothing, Armageddon was right. The girl was probably wearing her typical cheerful exterior.
"Say something, for f*** sake."
"Oh? N-Nothing!" A chuckle escaped from her lips.
Annoyance came knocking at Armageddon's 'inner door'. His large hands grab
:iconazuritecat:azuritecat 1 7
Armageddon's Cell
"Go away..."
Armageddon's voice echoed. Accompanied by the dripping of the water. Silence broke as his voice traveled across the dungeon. There, behind his bars, stood a young lady donned in a  comfortable looking dress with the top of her head bandaged.
"I could have sworn that it's your habit to tell people off."
"If I give a f***, would I continue saying things like that?"
"My, my.... Foul mouthed as always."
The lady went closer to the bars, confident that she's out of the brute's reach. Armageddon was nothing but a shackled beast. His face appeared weary yet angry.
"I'm not the type of person who goes to a certain place without a reason."
"Stop beating around the bush. What do you want?"
Suddenly, her eyes turned murderous and perhaps a bit insane. She leaned forward, with both hands gently holding the bars.
"I want you to massacre everyone."
The lady's voice carried a hint of delight. Armageddon was sure that she is abnormal.
"And why would I do that, you insane freak?"
:iconazuritecat:azuritecat 1 5
Tick Tock the Clock Goes
Tick, tock
The sound pricked my ears
Tick, tock
Each second bids their farewell
Tick, tock
What day is today?
Tick, tock
My life slowly goes to waste
Tick, tock
What is the meaning of life?
Tick, tock
My youth seems non-existent
Tick, tock
I wish there's more to life
Tick, tock
This ticks me off
Tick, tock
My passion is dying slowly
Tick, tock
Here I am
Tick, tock
Watching the clouds roll by
Tick, tock
Wishing for a lively living
Tick, tock
Not a life conquered by silence
Tick, tock
Whatever happened to all the good things?
Tick, tock
They slowly die like my passion
Tick, tock
Goes the clock
:iconazuritecat:azuritecat 2 5
The Theory of Human Complexity
Humans are complex creatures
Many would know of this
How many of us can fully understand a person?
To fully know a human being
Is easy as creating
Another functional world we can live in
We might not know this
But there are aliens among us
They walk among us
They even communicate with us
I am talking about you and me
I am an alien to myself
Can you fully understand yourself?
One who does not fully understands oneself
Cannot expect oneself to fully understand another human being
You see the point?
It is the same with love
If you cannot love yourself
You cannot love another properly
As a saying goes
Knowledge is like dust
You cannot collect all of it
It will grow
As long as this world continues to exists
You can never learned too many things
:iconazuritecat:azuritecat 1 11
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