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SOO OC - Zen and Mai

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Name: Zen
Sex : Male
Age: 25
Height: 5'5

Zen is a child from a family of merchants, so he just continue his life being a merchant because it's the only thing he knows best. However, his family's house got robbed, and his family was murdered. Zen escaped with his younger sister Mai, with the cost of one of his legs. That's when he learned how to defend himself. He lives with her now and runs a shop at the center of town, which strangely sells anything and everything except for food.

Zen is a moneygrubber, and seldom gets angry. The only thing that can bother him is anything related to financial problem. He never wants to do anything if there is no money involved. It's also rumored that he deals with black market stuff, but no one can prove them. Once a deal is made, he will do anything in his power to fulfill it and find whatever item you need. Killing is no problem for him. Also, he only accepts cash advance payments. He does this so Mai doesn't need to be an elite breeder so she won't marry someone horrible on the bigger-ups.

He's also quirky, posing in yoga poses and such as a way to "control his emotions" and whatnot. Because of that, Zen has a quite elastic joints that make him slither quite easily even in human form. He's not strong, but since he is smaller than most people, he's fast in combat.

Also Serpy has officially stated that Merek will be paying Zen cash... for him keeping quiet about SOME things! And he also gets along with Keymen, apaprently :'D

Name: Mai
Sex : Female
Age: 17
Height: 5'3

Mai is Zen's little sister, she wanted for her and Zen to have a better life, which is why she aims to be an Elite Breeder. She doesn't get along well with Kaleal and her friends, because she thinks Kaleal is wasting her status. This got her in trouble with Kaleal a lot, and now they are kind of enemies. She wants to be married off to a rich peasant so her brother can live a fuller life.

Mai cares a lot about her appearance, and her behavior. She is very loyal to the council, and is wiling to do everything to be an Elite. She seldom smiles, but usually will when her brother strikes a yoga pose. Mai also loves to sew things... and mostly will do that a lot since his brother's poses can usually tear some of his clothes. She's also known to be very sarcastic, and loves money, although not to the extreme of her brother.

Iii think Mai will get along with Etzel! I think she visits his shop a lot. He's the closest she has to a father, except for her brother. She'll probably ask Gwynn on how to be an elite breeder, in which she will go "GUUURL R U CRAY CRAY"

Whether Mai will be an elite breeder or who she will be paired off with will TOTALLY BE UP TO SERPY! I imagining trying to be an elite puts Mai under lot of stress, so she would be a lot nicer if she actually fails lol.
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I'm so excited about the changes we've made and to have Zen in the comic more! I already have plans :3...soon as next chapter even! (This one's almost over :D :D)
OOHHH and I read what you wrote about Mai-- I'm super excited and the ol' brain juices are flowing already!!
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Ooooh nice!  I love Zen's cute lil smile! <3
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Zanks! Smiling is his default emotion :3