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I'm going outside Outside I just picked up the newspaper Said that the wind blows Can't go back to where I come from Cos I'm not welcom...


Springtrap and Deliah (Page 150) by GraWolfQuinn Springtrap and Deliah (Page 150) :icongrawolfquinn:GraWolfQuinn 1,299 196 Springtrap and Deliah (Page 149) by GraWolfQuinn Springtrap and Deliah (Page 149) :icongrawolfquinn:GraWolfQuinn 1,392 250 Springtrap and Deliah (Page 148) by GraWolfQuinn Springtrap and Deliah (Page 148) :icongrawolfquinn:GraWolfQuinn 1,512 306 Springtrap and Deliah (Page 147) by GraWolfQuinn Springtrap and Deliah (Page 147) :icongrawolfquinn:GraWolfQuinn 1,417 223 Springtrap and Deliah (Page 146) by GraWolfQuinn Springtrap and Deliah (Page 146) :icongrawolfquinn:GraWolfQuinn 1,349 223 Springtrap and Deliah (Page 144) by GraWolfQuinn Springtrap and Deliah (Page 144) :icongrawolfquinn:GraWolfQuinn 1,569 303 Springtrap and Deliah (Page 143) by GraWolfQuinn Springtrap and Deliah (Page 143) :icongrawolfquinn:GraWolfQuinn 1,592 376 Springtrap and Deliah (Page 142) by GraWolfQuinn Springtrap and Deliah (Page 142) :icongrawolfquinn:GraWolfQuinn 1,407 196 Springtrap and Deliah (Page 140) by GraWolfQuinn Springtrap and Deliah (Page 140) :icongrawolfquinn:GraWolfQuinn 1,450 321 Springtrap and Deliah (Page 134) by GraWolfQuinn Springtrap and Deliah (Page 134) :icongrawolfquinn:GraWolfQuinn 1,296 267 Undiscovered Magic by GraWolfQuinn Undiscovered Magic :icongrawolfquinn:GraWolfQuinn 1,511 95 Springtrap and Deliah (Page 135) by GraWolfQuinn Springtrap and Deliah (Page 135) :icongrawolfquinn:GraWolfQuinn 1,495 367 Springtrap and Deliah (Page 136) by GraWolfQuinn Springtrap and Deliah (Page 136) :icongrawolfquinn:GraWolfQuinn 1,534 354 Springtrap and Deliah (Page 137) by GraWolfQuinn Springtrap and Deliah (Page 137) :icongrawolfquinn:GraWolfQuinn 1,731 329 Relatives (Reupload) by GraWolfQuinn Relatives (Reupload) :icongrawolfquinn:GraWolfQuinn 3,777 0 Ask Sam! (again) by GraWolfQuinn Ask Sam! (again) :icongrawolfquinn:GraWolfQuinn 880 536



I'm so sorry for the inactivity. I'm not dead, just very dormant on DA. I am frequently posting on Amino however, and you can find me as PaintedParadox there, just like my YouTube channel. Looking back at my first DA entries and seeing how far I've come is such a trip for me, thank you to everyone who has stuck around ^^

I couldn’t find a ref sheet, sorry if some of the markings are inacurrate Sweating a little...  
Iris Reference
Name- Iris
Gender- female
Creed- Phantom

Faction- ???
Powers- ???
Collected: She typically carries a calm facade until the few times where she realizes she isn’t as emotionally organized as she thinks.

Empathetic: She feels grief for nearly everyone, and seldom does she hesitate to deliver a motivational wisecrack.

Self-sufficient: She can carry emotional connections without becoming reliant on that one person (cat). She typically lays low and isn’t very needy.

Impatient: She is severely deficient in patience of any sort, and will be really encouraging until the line is crossed.

Sly- She can be laid-back, clever, and smooth.

Inconsistent: Her personality tends to gradually shift. One day, she could be a laid-back cat, and 72 hours later she’s snappy and unsympathetic.

History- Iris was born a stray. She spent most of her kittenhood scavenging among the run-down mundane alleys of the city, until the day she was discovered by a loving elderly woman who took care of her from then on. For years upon years, Iris and her caretaker looked after one another, sharing a powerful bond… Until suddenly everything changed.

Inventory- ???
Roleplay Sample- Iris’s limbs spired like clockwork, one steady paw after the other. She was fixated on her unfamiliar surroundings, studying them cryptically. Everything was still fuzzy in the depths of her thoughts. She inhaled sharply and did her best to hide her growing fear, as if the twisting array of  trees would judge her.


Availability: I typically appear in chunks of time. I have school, so I’m not available mid-day, but I am usually online in the morning and heavily active in the afternoon. Plus, I have a lot of free time on my hands during the weekend.
Sorry for inactivity!

I’m extremely active on other art platforms but very behind on posting with DA and have a ton of art I haven’t shared here ;v;

Apologies to all of my watchers!



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

oof I was tagged in this

[ ] You'd Rather Be Pale Than Tan 
[X] You Like To Eat Or Drink Red Things 
[ ] You're Lustful/Sexual 
[ ] When You're Kissing Someone, You Tend To Bite Them 
[ ] You're Dark, Mysterious, And Seductive (I'm the opposite lmao)
[X] You've Tasted Your Own Blood Before And Liked It 
[X] Being Out In The Sun Too Long Makes You Feel Weak 
[/] You're graceful, lithe, and can appear threatening or dangerous to others (I'm as threatening as a pillowcase)
[ ] You have incredible charm and can get people to do nearly anything 
[/] You're more active at night
 Total: 4

[ ] You're Incredibly Lustful/Sexual 
[ ] Sex Is Almost Always On Your Mind
[ ] You Could Make Someone Completely In Love With You By Merely Kissing Them
[ ] You're Not A Virgin 
[ ] You Burn Through Lovers Quickly 
[ ] You Can Make Love With Someone And Drop Them In The Same Breath 
[ ] If You Don't "Feed" Your Lust, You Go Insane
[ ] You Have Strong / Long Nails
[ ] You Could Get Nearly Anyone You Want
 Total: 0

[X] You have a bad temper 
[X] You're incredibly physically strong and fast 
[X] You Love The Moon 
[X] You're Very Loyal 
[X] If You Love Someone, You'll Do Whatever You Possibly Can To Protect Them
[ ] You Would Go On A Devastated Rampage Should Your Loved Ones Be Harmed 
[X] You Like Dogs 
[ ] You're fairly Sturdy in stature
[X] You're Either A Good Leader Or A Solitary Person 
[X] You Have A Hard Time Controlling Yourself Half Of The Time
 Total: 8

[X] You Like Cats
[X] You're lithe and agile
[ ] You could fall off of anything and always land on your feet
[ ] You Like Gymnastics
[ ] You Love To Eat Seafood
[X] You're Affectionate And Cozy
[X] If Someone Is Able To Sneak Up On You And Startle You, You Jump Up Or Swat At Them 
[ ] You Like Yarn
[X] You Like Chasing Things 
[/] You're An Excellent Hunter/Fighter
 Total: 5.5

[X] You're An Outcast
[/] You Feel As If You're Not Truly Alive
[/] You'll Moan When You're Hurt Rather Than Scream Or Cry
[X] You Tend To Zone Out
[/] You Don't Feel Very Smart
[ ] You Like Worms
[X] You Like Taking Things Slowly
[/] You Like Odd Foods
[X] You Prefer To Suffer In Silence
[/] You Don't Get Much Sleep
 Total: 6.5

[/] You're Invisible
[ ] You Have An Oddly Eerie Presence
[ ] You Can Send Chills Down A Person's Spine Just By Looking At Them
[/] You Have Messy Hair That Is Partially/Completely In Your Face 
[/] You're Incredibly Gentle
[/] You're Very Shy Around Someone You Find Attractive 
[X] You Tend To Simply Disappear When No One's Looking
[X] You Enjoy Scaring People 
[ ] You Like The Indoors
[X] You Are Deeply Connected To The Ones You Love No Matter What Happens
 Total: 4.5

[/] You Will Eat Just About Anything
[/] You Like To Attack People Verbally Or Physically
[ ] You Are Thrilled If You Can Make Someone Bleed
[ ] You Wouldn't Care If You Hurt Someone As Long As You Can Get What You Want From Them
[ ] You Like Stalking People
[X] You Find It Fun To Crawl Into Tight, Small, Cramped, Dirty Spaces
[X] You Get Hungry Easily
[ ] You Like Torture
[ ] You live to hurt people
[ ] You Like The Idea Of Being Insane
 Total: 3

[ ] You're Into Wicca/Paganism
[ ] You Like Magical Objects
[/] You Believe In Magic
[ ] You Perform Odd Rituals On A Daily Basis
[ ] People Find You Intolerably Cruel
[ ] You enjoy manipulating people
[/] You Feel Deeply In Touch With Nature And Hate Industrialization
[X] You Love Black Cats/Ravens 
[ ] You Practice Voodoo
[ ] You Tend To Laugh Hysterically While Picking Up On Someone You Find Attractive
 Total: 2

[X] You Have Different Personalities
[ ] Your Style Could Change From Goth To Preppy In The Same Second
[ ] You Have More Than One Lover
[/] You're Unpredictable 
[ ] You Would Change Yourself Entirely To Fit In
[X] You Are Fond Of Many Different Things
[ ] You Can Easily Get Out Of Trouble By Changing Your Demeanor 
[ ] You often say one thing and mean another
[X] You Like To Leave Your Clothes On The Floor After Taking Them Off
 Total: 3.5

[X] You Have A Very Bad Temper
[/] You're Usually Angry
[ ] You Have To Make Other People Miserable With Every Breath That You Take
[ ] You Worship Satan
[ ] You like pentagrams
[ ] You love to mess with people's heads
[ ] You Could Do Just About Anything Bad To Someone And Feel Proud
[ ] You Laugh When Other People Are Hurt
[ ] Physically Harming Someone Turns You On
[/] You Respond To An Insult By Viciously Attacking The Other Person
Total: 2

[/] You're A Very Good Person 
[/] You Take Care With Everything You Do 
[/] You Can Be Extremely Serious
[ ] You're Gentle And Kind To Even Your Worst Enemies
[/] You Cannot Hold A Grudge Against Anyone 
[X] You Would Gladly Endure Anything For The Sake Of The Ones You Love 
[X] You're A Virgin/Lip Virgin 
[X] People See You As Being Very Pure 
[/] You Are Obedient And Follow Rules Without Question
[ ] You Love God
 Total: 5

[ ] You Enchant People
[X] You Like Organic Things
[ ] You're Almost Always Smiling
[/] You Love The World Around You
[X] You Get Attached To Animals Easily
[ ] You're A Walking-Talking Chick-Flick / Prince-Charming
[ ] You Fall In Love Easily
[ ] You Don't HATE Anyone
[ ] You Have A Very Bright / Bubbly / Friendly Personality
[X] You like long hair 
 Total: 3.5

- Find your highest result(s) and put the title as "I'm an/a _____ "

Aaaand I tag everyone! 
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