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Sketcy Weather Icons Glow ed.

Finally I made it! after some deletion problems, and file mayhem that I caused on my hard drive. These icons are for the use with objectock's weather docklet. Just put the files in "C:\Program Files\Stardock\ObjectDock\Docklets\Weather\icons\", replacing the existing files. Don't forget to MAKE A COPY of the ones you're replacing! And that's it!

***This are white icons with a little bue-ish glow, designed for black and dark backgrounds, you can also check the other collection on my profile***
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How to get it? It's free or paid,,
Hello, I would like to use this icon on watch face design. Is this icons are free too use for the commercial??
awesome! many thanks.
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This is pretty awesome. So close to what I'm looking for but not quite, as I was looking for some wireframe weather icons. Anyway, thanks for sharing this.
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It is the my favourite weather icons in my Beautiful Widgets.Found it here finnally
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These are excellent. Can I incorporate these into my themes?
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.. I'm going to be modifying my GenieWidget with these! Awesome work! :D
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muy muy bien...buen trabajo!!!
Saludos desde Colombia

very very nice.... good job!!!!
greetings from Colombia
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Thanks! Greetings from Croatia!
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hey man its awesome it has become my fav
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Glad to be of service! ;D
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i really good
i am using it now
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cool icons
i used your work on my mac desktop with geektool
here is a screenshot: [link]
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thank you! you're the first that is showing me how my icons are used! :D
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thank you for the icons
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You're welcome! ;)
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cool, like it :)
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Lovely. I like them all, despite I don't need all of them, 'cause I have only four icons on desktop.
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