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Sketchy Full Icons Glow ed.

By AzureSol
Complete set of my icons, converted from PNG to .ico format, all in one place.
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Thank you, your design is amazing.
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how do I install these?
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Thank you for sharing!
Thanks for the amazing set of icons, Im using them in a website I'm building. Check it out...
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You're my new favorite person.
Thank you so much for taking the time to make these.
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Love these! Although can you point me in the right direction? I can't seem to make this work with iconpackager and I would really love to replace my desktop icons with these. Thanks in advance!
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Really love this
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I love these!
I have to ask though -- you didn't happen to put the cursor in there somewhere did you?
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What an awesome idea, to turn sketches into glowing glyphs...
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Fantastical! Thanks.
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Man! Your icons are absolutely perfect! :omfg:
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can you please publish the png ?
your icons are brilliant !!
ever thought about doing some for android (its worth $$)

This is absolutely great but do you mind making the full set of icons for Windows? As in elements such as for folders, hard drive, recycle bin, etc. I would appreciate it if you can do it! Thanks.
hey dude i really love your icons.....i wonder if i could make a request??? could you make a game icons pack like FIFA 12,Assasins Creed and other upcoming games???? it would be much appreciated
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i agree here. i would love a game pack and maybe teamspeak, league of legends. i tried to sketch it by myself, but well, you win. xD
Could you tell me what is the blue grid background you are using on the first page for the Sketchy Glow icons?
waht.. dock.. is best.. for .. this awesome set of icons
? :)
awesome work.....
can i use theme for a mobile theme
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VERY nice...... Thank you!
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