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Theme: AzureShipping Spring Break
Starts: February 16th
Ends: March 28th
Submission: CLOSED!
Voting: :iconkionakina: :iconkazumiakai: :iconizzymatic:

Prizes are currently being discussed and number of prizes will depend on numbers of entries.


¤ Rules</u> ¤

• Obvious one, must have Seto and Anzu
• Only members may participate in contests (Submitting / Voting)
• All entries must be new and made specifically for this contest
• There is no limit with entries, submit as many as you'd like
• Each entry must be done solely by you; no collaborations, stealing, etc.
• Please put reasonable effort into your submission, no stick-figures!
• Please try to keep it PG-13
• The theme is Christmas. It can be Anzu and Seto exchanging gifts, eating cookies, celebrating with Yugi and the gang, anything!.But always related to the Christmas theme!
• Your picture can be lineart, a comic, computer colored, handcolored, anything so long as it's original
• You must submit your entry BEFORE the deadline. (Please!!!)


¤ Information</u> ¤

Stuck on what to draw? Here are some scene suggestions:

- Anzu and Seto out drinking coffee or smoothies in casual clothes
- A trip to the mall
- A trip to the arcade
- A trip to Kaibaland
- Mini comic
- Photo booth pictures
- Picking flowers

All submissions must be sent to the club via note, with a link to all your entries. The deadline is on March 28th, and after that submissions will no longer be accepted. We look forward to seeing your entries!

Good Luck And Have Fun! :heart:


¤ Contest Entries</u> ¤

Azure Garden by :iconsamcybercat:

Kaiba Land by :iconpip-kip:

Picking Flowers with you by :iconyaminodarknesu:

A Flower to you by :iconsw33t-hobbit:


¤ Winner</u> ¤

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prettycaty's avatar
Hey Guys, It has been awhile! ^^

ugh..some things had been going on >_>
and I only have 4 days till it's closed
well I'll try to make it on time thought ^^
KazumiAkai's avatar
delet the 'we have another entry added!!!! ^^" phrase, since is the first thing everyone reads on they message page =)
SetoxSeth's avatar
Here you are, picture a SetoxAnzu.
I just got extra when I saw the contest drangesetzt.
The background I have here, is free, therefore it can not use questions.
I hope you enjoy it, your setoxseth!

AzureShippingClub's avatar
K, ill add it to the entries list
good luck in the contest!
Artemis-Day's avatar
I really wish I didn't suck at drawing, otherwise I would do this. You guys should do a fanfic contest, I'd be all over that. XDD
OceanFairie's avatar
Are fanfics allowed?
KazumiAkai's avatar
Mm, i think for this contest it wouldnt be allowed since voting between a drawing or a fanfic are two different things. But it would be a nice idea to make a fanfic contest, i should ask kiokina first.

But if you want, you could write the fanfic after all, we would gladly feature it in our journal ^^

Which reminds me, this club lacks of a fanfics section made by members. Another thing to ask kiokina ^^U
OceanFairie's avatar
Drat. Yeah, I suppose so. Maybe, once I find the time.
KazumiAkai's avatar
sw33t-hobbit's avatar
Izzymatic's avatar
I'm totally in!
KazumiAkai's avatar
omg yes!! a contest! and a birthday theme noneless :D
happy birthday,btw!!
ummm..i think ill try to draw something..though im not 100% sure if i will have the proper time to work on an entry ^^ (i want to participate so badly! )
AzureShippingClub's avatar
well, just do what you can. If you can't, it's cool.

But I'm glad you want to enter. ^_^
Izzymatic's avatar
errrr! 8ballz is too good...i must make other one :ninja:
AzureShippingClub's avatar
Well, submit all the pics you'd like! Them ore the merrier. ^_^
KazumiAkai's avatar
gotta start drawing now! xD *runs*
Izzymatic's avatar
I'm totally entering! I actually know what I'm going to draw!
AzureShippingClub's avatar

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