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Uranus:  Sailor of the Sky by Cloud-Cover-Cosplay Uranus: Sailor of the Sky :iconcloud-cover-cosplay:Cloud-Cover-Cosplay 85 4 My Hero Academia: Kokoro Ikari by MCN51FJ My Hero Academia: Kokoro Ikari :iconmcn51fj:MCN51FJ 144 6 My Hero Academia: Kyoufu Minamoto by MCN51FJ My Hero Academia: Kyoufu Minamoto :iconmcn51fj:MCN51FJ 156 48
Struggle Finale Strike of the Dragon and Phoenix
Struggle Finale!! Strike of Dragon and Phoenix!!!
The air was filled with dense and shockwaves were blowing leaves away from trees, the demon and dragon gods; Zenki and Asura are in a intensive battle against the dark tiger god Kan who was once one of the Shinjin but grew tired of his role of keeping balance in the heavens and earth, the sound of clashing fists and blades can be heard all over the Shikigami-Chou.
"Wow, look at them go!"
"Indeed Kuribaiyashi, this is truly a fierce battle!" Abbot Jukai sideing with his disciple seeing the heated conflict!
"I think Zenki and Asura are overpowering him!" Kasumi seeing the two gods seemeningly gaining ground against Kan.
"You could be right Kasumi!"
Kagura seeing something else that the others are not, Goki notices the uneasieness of the goddess as he now sees the fight at a different angle.
"No. Zenki and Asura are...... at a disadvantage."
"What do ya mean Kagura? They got him by the ropes!" Megumi puzzled by Kagura's words, th
:iconkhaossonicv12:Khaossonicv12 2 0
Personal Issue
Let me try to make this as clear as possible. I have been thinking about me being on DeviantArt and wondering a few thoughts. What is my purpose for being here? Have I actually wasted a few years on a site that did little to help me improve? Why does anyone even look at my drawings especially since I'm an amateur? Do the individuals who happen to fave my pics even care to learn about the descriptions I took too much time to write/type? What is the point of having watchers if they do not care about my submissions? Why bother asking for requests and/or commissions or even speaking to others when I'm just a nobody? Well, the answers can be figured out.
I'll be honest, the reason why I have an account was due to my friend asking me to in order to talk with them, but they haven't responded due to their busy schedule.
Now I do not know if I have wasted my time here, but there are a number of artists whose artwork/style I find interesting. There are a number of other artists whose artwork app
:iconmcn51fj:MCN51FJ 52 763
kishindoujiZENKI(Fan Art) by TakasiTono kishindoujiZENKI(Fan Art) :icontakasitono:TakasiTono 5 5 Calm before the storm by wayleri Calm before the storm :iconwayleri:wayleri 222 45 Welcome, daddy! by wayleri
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(( Previously -- ))

Trapped in a dilemma, Zenki was trying to figure out what to do NEXT when, taking advantage of such distractions, Shijura almost successfully beheaded the Red Lord with his scythe, :no: but miracle happened as the situation turned round, the evil man was stopped by the unified willpower of Shikigami-Chou's townspeople. The Red Lord snatched Shijura's scythe from his grab and that was when he said, fueled by anger:

Even though you're also human, you've used such underhanded methods...

So, what would everyone think is the difference between this Chinese-based translation version and mine, which is based off of the authentic Japanese Manga? :reading:

てめえは 人間のくせに
最後の最後まで 汚ねえ手で
オレ様の体を キズつけやがった!
もはや 許さねえ!!!
Even though you're a human, you've used the VILEST method to injury my body!

Arrow Right Blue Arrow Right Blue Arrow Right Blue Evidently, the Chinese derivation didn't follow Zenki's character closely enough: it's notorious the Red Lord was talking only about himself and his fervent desire to seek revenge against Shijura for injuring him in the original Japanese context. :#1:


++ AzureKnight2008's Assessment ++

Well, I've obviously been keeping my silence for a long while, but now is the time for me to make my opinions known. :)

The above-mentioned is just one among many mistakes I'd gladly point out centering on the quite popular KDZ Chinese-based translation presented by Baradise-Rose Scanlations --…

While we all know that the Chinese scripts of KDZ Manga can't possibly comply with the authentic Japanese one, it's the translator's, or group of translators', job to make the impossible possible. Unfortunately, it seems that the English Translation by Baradise-Rose Group indeed sets me up for major disappointment.

Not only were many details (e.g. chapter titles, character names, magical techniques, etc.) mistranslated, the characters' speeches n feelings were not reflected accurately also, in the end giving us readers a very warped view of each character's true essence & the core of their relationship.

Outrageously (but not too surprisingly to me), the Chinese derivative also loves providing 'alternative facts' which, in this case, is changing the gender of an absolutely amazing character n one of the two greatest Warrior Gods in the entire KDZ Universe - the legendary GOKI. For evidence, feel free to skim over Vol 4 - Chapter 6.2 --… :smoking:

Okay. Dear Baradise-Rose Group,

I know it wasn't entirely your fault, I just know. One of my higher-ups is an expert in Chinese so I can consult him anytime.

I understand that your fav is Zenki-sama and that you greatly support the idea of ZenxChi together. Nevertheless, by portraying the reincarnated Goki -the Azure Demon Warrior- in such manner, I'm afraid you've inadvertently closed out any possibility of a potential romance that involves your fav Red Lord. You know what I mean when some legend has it that **Zenki & Goki is a married couple**. Oh, unless you love them that way... :iconifyouknowhatimeanplz:

Alright, so......

On an overall,
I know how hard your entire team members have worked together to make KDZ Manga better known to the world outside Japan. I wholly n completely appreciate every fan/fangroup's effort to promote the series I've loved since childhood. THANK YOU!! :iconbowplz:

I definitely think you're on the right track, Baradise-Rose Group. I see where you're coming from, but I'm concerned you may have already been wasting time n effort on this watered-down Chinese derivation. It was my past mistake, too.

The translation of KDZ Manga has always been a particularly tough job due to its historical background & many mythical/religious concepts. As a friendly suggestion, I'd encourage everyone to continue your fanwork on the foundation of KDZ Japanese Manga like what I & my other friends have been doing, if possible. It won't be too hard to find a complete set at a reasonable price on the net. That way, hopefully, you'd be able to present your KDZ Manga Translation much more faithful to the original. :)

F2U: Flickering Star Divider (Left) As a side note, one of the best aspects I love about KDZ Anime, despite it not being flawless, is that the official English subtitles actually did a good job in expressing different characters' individuality (manner of speaking, typical characteristics & behavior, etc.) So, FOUR STARS rating by AK2008!! Star! Star! Star! Star! No Star

Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider

THANK YOU for your kind attention & support, all my KDZ fan-friends. :iconcocoloveplz:

Being brutally honest is tough sometimes, I know, but in my view as a mature n responsible adult, it is much more valuable than softening the truth with little white lies.

Just to be clear, during my analysis, I will be covering many key themes & takeaways involving both major n minor plot points from KDZ Anime/Manga series. My goal is to effectively present my ideas, not to just poke holes in other people's and/or put down the other person or attack their ideas and beliefs. I am committed to seeking resolution to any challenges there are, and then bring Peace to the scene. :)

Yours Truly, :rose:


Screenshots of Demon Lord Zenki from Kishin Douji Zenki [Manga]

Shooting Star Emoji Copyright : Kikuhide Tani ((Story)) & Yoshihiro Kuroiwa ((Art))

Shooting Star Emoji Chinese-based Translation by Baradise-Rose Scanlations.

Shooting Star Emoji
Japanese-based Translation by AzureKnight2008, in line with the ORIGINAL Japanese texts of Kishin Douji Zenki Manga. I preserve the authentication of contents and thereby will not be held accountable for any non-standard versions derived from other sources. Manga dialogues will be available upon request. Cool man
[OFFICIAL] Yoshihiro Kuroiwa passed away
Today, we regret to inform all KDZ friend-fans that Mr. Yoshihiro Kuroiwa, best known for his role as the illustrator of our all-time favorite Kishin Douji Zenki MANGA, passed away on 08-May-2018, at the age of 55, due to a heart attack known as Myocardial Infarction.

A few friends of mine from Japan already spread the news since May 16th, but not until one of my friends -:iconthezoe611:- confirmed it the following day did it finally sink in for me. :sad: 

As much calm and composed as I am, I remain in a state of shock having learnt of his death, to be honest. The experience can be saddening or painful, and we might be reluctant to accept the inevitability of Kuroiwa-sensei's passing but we must, because it's the truth-- he's gone.

With a heavy heart, I pray for the eternal repose of one who was an artist of distinguished talent, who helped bring to life super-heroes like Zenki, Chiaki, and Goki - the man / Demon God / Azure Knight whose off-the-charts charisma & charm have always been the main sources of my inspiration for years.

Thank you, Mr. Kuroiwa. You will truly be missed and will always be remembered as one of the greatest Mangaka who, alongside Mr. Tani, created "Kishin Douji Zenki". We commit ourselves to saving your legacy and presenting your ideas to your truest intentions.

May your heart & soul find Eternal Peace. Rest well, Kuroiwa-sensei. :rose::rose::rose:


Fanart of Akira Gotou / Gokimaru / Goki from Kishin Douji Zenki by 義経さん

Reposted by :iconazureknight2008:, with the artist's kind permission. :cool: - Revamp 
KDZ - Insight to ''Zenki's emotional outbreak''
Back in 2016, about a year ago, I was offered a chance to read this interesting analysis from my fellow KDZ fan-friend, in which she expressed her thoughts & feelings about the Chibi Red Lord's supposedly reactions to a key character's final moment in Kishin Douji Zenki FX - Vajra Fight, an OFFICIAL KDZ Game in 1995. :reading:

The details of her analysis are as follows:

Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider 

" Now I actually feel bad. Waaaah! 

After what a good friend showed me and all those things I saw and read while playing the Kishin Douji Zenki games and looking through the manga, Zenki came out pretty much as a reckless idiot and a man-child, who doesn't care about humans and can't understand human feelings.

Today we might all have been proven wrong. Chibi Zenki facepalm 
It may or may not be a one time event, but this is actually an ingame cutscene from Kishin Douji Zenki FX - Vajura Fight, an official Zenki game way back from 1995.

Despite viewing this from a neutral viewpoint, I still feel very torn apart about this. Disbelief 
So here's what happens:

This cutscene shows a human girl dying from the her injuries.
While Zenki managed to defeat the Karuma Beast that captured the girl, he couldn't protect her.

The girl is dying and all Zenki can do is standing at her side while she lives her final moments.
He talks to her and tries to comfort her.
His clumsy attempt at understanding human feelings and trying to make her last moments as bearable as possible leads to her smiling and encouraging Zenki not to give up.
She dies with a peaceful smile on her face.

Zenki clenches his fists as he mourns the girl's death and cries out screams of vegance towards the ceiling, as vows to avenge her by defeating the evils.

This cutscene is especially notable as it shows an unknown side of Zenki.
Usually we know Zenki for being oblivious to human feelings, but watching that girl die and being utterly unable to do anything about it just broke Zenki's cold facade.
The situation revealed that despite all the times Zenki didn't care about others, there's just a point where even he will show a very different side of himself.

I was really shocked when I saw this while doing research on the game. Nuu 
I still feel very strange, but I felt that it was important to show this to the public. Woohooooo! "

Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider 


While I certainly do NOT wish to disappoint my friend, I believe her argument committed a few grave errors of interpretation–– at least according to her own translation and/or speculation.

As a result, I felt complied to get to the bottom of this in-game bizarre event, of course, with the help of one of my native Japanese friends - Kawaguchi N.

And so...... Here is what actually happened between Chibi-Zenki & Nozomi instead, dear KDZ fans/friends: :#1:

== LINK to Original KDZ Game Video on YouTUBE ==…

Chibi-Zenki: とり憑かれたお前が悪い あきらめな
It's your fault that you were possessed. Give up.

Nozomi: ごめんなさい わたしいつも迷惑ばかり
I'm sorry... for always being a nuisance...

Chibi-Zenki: 俺様は実を食えればそれでいいんだ こんなの迷惑じゃないさ
It's fine if I can eat the Possession Seed. Ain't a nuisance.

Nozomi: あたし生まれ変われたら もっと修行する
If I were reborn, I'd definitely train harder...

Chibi-Zenki: あいつらどこまでも俺様をコケにしやがる 完全に頭にきたぜ
They've insulted me to the limit! I COMPLETELY LOST IT!!


Fine. :)

As we can see in the actual Japanese transcript of the dialogue between Zenki & Chiaki's friend -Nozomi- starting at 28:32 and ending at 29:13Chibi-Zenki only stated the obvious without really showing any remorse and/or sadness over the girl's imminent demise. In fact, he didn't really care if she were going to die or not. His explosive outbreak in the end was merely the result of being insulted by the monster that had possessed Nozomi previously.

No comfort. No mourning. No fist-clenching or vengeance for the girl's sake.

The only revenge Zenki wanted was against the evil enemies, and it was certainly NOT because of Nozomi's death.

The Red Lord wanted the Possession Seeds, and proved himself the STRONGEST Kishin on Earth. He couldn't care less about mankind or human emotions, which is exactly what we've learnt from one of his lines in another KDZ Game 'Kishin Douji Zenki - Battle Raiden', in which the Red Lord stated:

"What happens to the human race does NOT concern me!!!" 

Likewise, the girl -Nozomi- didn't smile or encourage Zenki not to give up or died with a peaceful smile, etc. She simply accepted her ill fate n passed away.


I know this may prove upsetting to most KDZ fans, notably fans of Zenki-sama. However, we must eventually realize and accept that the Red Demon Warrior only serves mankind as a side effect in his way to achieve the title of Invincibility.

The great Ozunu saw through Zenki's intense personal ambition from the very first time they met in ancient days, and because the Red Demon was an UNcomplicated supernatural being who loves consuming the Seeds of Evil/Possession Seeds, the future Bodhisattva of Japan helped fulfill his wish by granting him VAJRA Power - the Mighty Force that vanquishes all evil --

As a matter of fact, Zenki will gain more power n become stronger. On one condition, tho: Continuing to serve humanity n acting as their guardian. It all depends on how much he's willing to use these granted powers to serve n protect mankind. :#1:

Unfortunately for him, this also binds Zenki to the human race against his will, which has strongly been reflected in the Red Lord's conflicted relationship with Chiaki Enno - his New Master & the 55th generation descendant of Ozunu Enno >1.300 years later. He wanted to KILL her from the beginning -- Luckily, he was restrained by the Bracelet of Protection - Ozunu-sama's safeguarding method to protect his direct descendant. :facepalm:

The reawakened Zenki was so full of himself n so proud that he first came up with the idea that, if he could just get rid of the heiress of Enno Ozunu, he would be free, FREE in every way, to do whatever he wanted to and battle whomever he desired with his superpowers, even if it may result in his endangering his own life & other living beings, or the world being destroyed by sheer chance! Remember the time when the Red Lord blasted away part of Ura-yama (裹山) in Manga vol 01? Or when he almost got himself killed again with his abuse of "Crimson Lotus Wrath" in vol 12, as he tried to overpower Kyou - henchman of the Evil Dragon King -Kokuu-? :smoking:

Zenki was proved WRONG as the story unfolded and the Red Demon was forced to face the harshest truth: Without the Ennos also means WITHOUT Vajra Power, and without the power that makes him indomitable, Zenki's godly status would be significantly reduced to that of an ordinary demon, and his desire to become the world's MOST POWERFUL KISHIN would remain a pipe dream, no more no less -- Big Fool Emoji-30 (Mah feelz hurtz) [V4] 


++ AzureKnight2008's Notes ++

Dear :iconzthegs:, or Semerone - the Founder of KDZ Wikia,

I'm sorry to have made you & our friends on KDZ Wikia worried about my long absence. In truth, I've been very busy with work & life these days due to the peak season of my company. I'm OK. I just needed time to do some critical thinking alone and to focus on some personal projects of my own. Bounce 

I understand that your past article -- was meant as a challenge towards my idea/impression about Zenki-sama and honestly... I LOVE challenging ideas like yours! :D It's been a long while and after much delay, here is MY FINAL ANSWER to your inquiry, as promised. Floating Floating Floating 

I personally wrote this article so as to let you know that I'm NOT a 'quitter', and that I'm following through on my promise for this ULTIMATE Goal: Clearing up the prolonged misunderstanding between us, for the reason that you & your Wikia team always seem to be under the impression that I am an "anti-Zenki fan", as implied via your previous journal dated July 9th, 2017 --

Truthfully, I am not. :)

I respect your love for the Demon Warrior of Crimson Thunder Light, of Fighting & War. And I'm NOT stifling anyone's creativity. That was the main reason I've kept my silence for a year, so that you could feel free to develop your own idea of Zenki-sama. I won't mind my friends portraying him in a respectful light because I'm doing that, too. I do respect Zenki as a warrior & one of the key saviors of mankind.

Nevertheless, while I don't mind sharing my knowledge to help you & our friends with the expansion of KDZ Wikia, there're certain 'darker' aspects of the Red Lord's character that I feel very compelled to bring to light. I'm very consistent. Ohm... Ohm... 

Keep in mind that I'm not saying Zenki is devoid of emotions, or a 'cold-hearted rock'. He ought to have emotions in order to feel happy, sad, angry, jealous, etc. Instead, what he seriously lacks is Empathy. Unlike his Blue comrade, the Red Lord has a fundamentally simple character and doesn't have the patience & compassion required to develop a deeper level of understanding about human emotions & suffering.

*On a funny note, he'd rather project his (subconscious) empathy onto Chiaki's dog -Lucky- who saved his chibi life in vol 09 than onto any 'weak n pathetic' human around him, with the exception of Chiaki herself, and we all know why --

**I have no problem admitting that your Zenki has changed for the better in KDZ Wikia timeline, but this is the past-him in KDZ Manga/Anime timeline that I'm getting in-depth. I do hope you understand and take this as a chance to re-analyze, re-assess, and improve your own impressions on the REAL Manga/Anime Zenki-sama, instead of saying I'm damaging the image of your most-fav KDZ charater.

It's important to keep the lines of communication open and do not discount things that sound off the wall to you at first, alright? If you want the truth, I'll give you the truth, at a later time. :hug:

With all that said, I'd also like to pronounce that my intensive research & analysis do NOT consist of the denouncement of any character in KDZ series.

I do not 'shape' them to fit my own perspective. My judgment is always fair n never self-serving, with only one goal in mind: Providing KDZ fans with the MOST faithful image of every core KDZ character, and a deeper insight into the author (Mr. Kikuhide Tani)'s intentions. Trust that I'm always open to challenges, but they must be to the point n purely based on hard analysis of facts & solid proofs, not solely on subjective perspectives & unvalidated evidences. :iconthumbupplz:

At last,

I'd like to express my gratitude n appreciation to Semerone (ZTheGS) & our friends on KDZ Wikia, as well as my KDZ fan-friends on DA who have supported me and my project until now. Emoji32 

KDZ series has brought us all closer together, and I am THANKFUL to have wonderful friends like YOU. You are all I need to forge ahead with added strength & determination!!


Christmas TreeChristmas Tree  Merry Christmas Sign Christmas Tree Christmas Tree Merry Christmas Sign Christmas Tree Christmas Tree Merry Christmas Sign  Christmas Tree Christmas Tree 


Screenshot of Chibi-Zenki from KDZenki GAME [Kishin Douji Zenki FX - Vajra Fight]

Shooting Star Emoji Copyright : Kikuhide Tani ((Story)) & Yoshihiro Kuroiwa ((Art))

Shooting Star Emoji Translation by AzureKnight2008, in line with the AUTHENTIC Japanese transcript provided by Kawaguchi N. :cool: - Revamp  
Japanese Kanji title : 鬼神童子ZENKI

Japanese Roma-ji title: Kishin Douji ZENKI

English title : Demon God-Child ZENKI

(( UPDATED with link to the translated List of Volumes, Sagas & Chapters of KDZ Original Japanese Manga --… :#1: ))

++ Passcode: AzureKnight2008 ++

== MANGA ==

Story: Kikuhide Tani ------ Art: Yoshihiro Kuroiwa

Genre: Shounen, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery, Bloody, Ecchi, Humor.

Number of volumes:


7 [2nd edition]

Running period:

1992-1996 (Monthly Shounen Jump - 1st Edition - Shueisha Publisher)

2005 (2nd Edition - Bamboo Publisher)


Long long ago in the late 7th century of Japanese history, the great Bodhisattva Enno Ozunu controlled several guardian spirits to defend the world from Evil, among whom were the two most famous Demon Lords in the universe: Zenki - the powerful fearsome Fighting God of Crimson Thunder Light, and Goki - the noble Guardian God of Azure Light.

Centuries later, Enno Chiaki - a junior highschooler, female Shinto priestess & the 55th generation descendant of Enno Ozunu - is destined to become the NEW Master of Zenki & Goki when Evil rises in this world once more.

And the Legend lives on.....


Wonderfully illustrated, bound by magic, fierce action, thrilling adventures filled with a touch of romance and light-hearted humor, the series, though old, retains its utmost freshness that would certainly impress readers to no end. :heart::heart::heart:

~~ VOL 01 ~~…

~~ VOL 02 ~~…

~~ VOL 03 ~~…

~~ VOL 04 ~~…

~~ VOL 05 ~~…

~~ VOL 06 ~~…

~~ VOL 07 ~~…

~~ VOL 08 ~~…

~~ VOL 09 ~~…

~~ VOL 10 ~~…

~~ VOL 11 ~~…

~~ VOL 12 ~~…


Notes: This is a uniquely perfect Chinese Edition I found online. Any questions & comments, please feel free to contact me anytime. :)


:icononionxdplz: LOOKING FOR ENGLISH CHAPTERS????? Some NICE TREATS are available for you!!! :icononionxdplz:

Plz CHECK this link OUT!! ---
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Have you heard the sad news about Kuroiwa-Sama? Sad 
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