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Best Served

Full title: "Best When Served With a Happy Dagger"

This is an obvious joke to anyone who's seen the old Romeo and Juliet movie. =-= We watched it in class and we laughed all the way through it. It. Was. Horrible. Juliet was a ball of drama and fake tears, while Romeo was whiny and like to eat Juliet's face. Urrrg kill it with fire.

Anymoose, at the end of the movie, Romeo poisons himself (undramatically), Juliet wakes up, Friar Lawrence comes in, leaves without Juliet, then Juliet, still smiling, stabs herself (overly dramatic), then LAYS herself on top of Romeo and dies smiling. I mean, just a second ago she was kneeling all over Romeo's face and sniffing him or something....I swear, that's the only thing she COULD have been doing.

Bad acting = me making fun of it.

Oh ----- I know the background colors are bad, but I spent a lot of time trying different combinations of colors and nothing worked....this is the best it gets.

Time: About 10 hours
Materials: Staedtler Pens and OpenCanvas4.5e Plus
Details: [link] , [link] , and [link]
Music: Kill All Your Friends - My Chemical Romance
Heaven Help Us - My Chemical Romance
Stupid MF - Mindless Self Indulgence

Juliet (c) Shakespeare
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I laughed all the way through that movie. the Capulet's pants were the most hysterical part. But Mercutio was epic :3

As for your drawing, that dagger is adorable, and I kind of want to hug it...>>
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lol !!! HAPPY DAGGER, XD !
Paintair's avatar
oh gee...
The face on the dagger totally got me! xD
Draven15's avatar
I knew I wasn't the only one that laughed! But everyone glared at me and I laughed even harder screaming "OH HAPPY DAGGER!!!!" surprised I didn't get kicked out.....
AzureKitsune308's avatar
XD Our entire class was cracking up. Ahh, I almost want to go rent it and watch it again just for a good laugh..... C|
Draven15's avatar
Me too, though, Benvolio was cute ^_^

I just realized. I read your Profile, you're in Georgia too? dude, doesn't it suck! *lives in Georgia too*
AzureKitsune308's avatar

Yesyesyes. Hooolycrap yesssss. D: The weather these past few months has defied all laws of physics. Where I'm at, it snowed when it was around 50 degrees. Why can't Mother Nature just make up her mind?
Draven15's avatar
Tornadoes just blew past us to say hello, and thunder storms only came at night....when I was reaaaaaallly sleepy
Mother Nature, WHY?!
AzureKitsune308's avatar
B8< Holy crapness, you were in that area? *pet pet* There were some freakynasty winds here, so when I saw that stuff going down on the news, I really wasn't that surprised, but blarghaslkashf. Georgia needs a reset button, pronto.
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*nods in agreement* and more anime conventions
AzureKitsune308's avatar
XD Yesyes. Actually, by complete coincidence, a couple of hours ago I found out about a new one that will start June next year. C: [link]
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That's funny if you ask me. You should look for "Manga Shakespeare" I just got two of the mangas today. While buying my books for college classes I came upon manga versions of "Hamlet" and "Romeo and Juliet." Both set in either the present or future. Still with the same dialogue that you find in the books and movies. ITS SO AWSOME...the art rocks and it makes me happy just thinking about it. LOL...Nice picture...^.^
RoseSpirit's avatar

XDDD I love R+J, but you're right, not all teenagers are the best actors. >.> Oiur teacher wouldn't show us the movie in class because he'd had parents complain about the nudie bits (Zeferelli version).

I want a happy dagger like that. XD
AzureKitsune308's avatar
It's not like the unedited ver. is that bad. It's basically Romeo's butt and part of Juliet's boobs. It's more funny than it is sexy. xD
RoseSpirit's avatar
I know, I know, but you know parents... <.<

I've seen it anyway. XP The music is sooooo pretty...
Shimura-Kazumoto's avatar
Hells, I don't even remember when we studied Romeo & Juliet. Guess it's like some sort of surpressed memory, or something. :paranoid:
But lol, amazing pic! :XD:
AzureKitsune308's avatar
XD You'd WANT to suppress it after going through the torture of seeing the movie.
Shimura-Kazumoto's avatar
Maaaan, you're just making me want to see the movie more! ^^;
AzureKitsune308's avatar
Exactly! xD It's one of the best worst things you will EVER see!
ProjectABA's avatar
Rofls, The ironic thing is that we just finished studying about Romeo and Juliet too in class. =P
AzureKitsune308's avatar
=w= See the movie. With friends (It's even funnier that way). It's amazing how much they can screw with such an amazing play. They BUTCHERED the ending. Killed it with fire.
Chillbear247's avatar
Yeah, that was a stupid movie.

...Juliet looks psychotic. And the dagger, just... wow. All my base are belong to you.:heart:
AzureKitsune308's avatar
Yesssss. =w=

Well, she WAS. On all the recipe cards we did in my class, the people who put Juliet had at least on thing of crazy. The title actually has to do with our recipe card. xD
Chillbear247's avatar
I remember doing those. Those were fun. "One teaspoon of buns of steel". Good times.
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