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AzureHowl was officially released around 2009 for the very first time on YouTube. However, in 2019 the final choice was made to restart the series. The story follows a young wolf by the name of Ruuza, who due to unfortunate situations ended up as an orphan. As she was adopted she grew up isolated away from everything she knew and held dear to herself. In this world wolves have been blessed by ancient dragons, which ultimately earned them elemental powers as time passed and species evolved. Now Ruuza is set upon a journey filled with danger. 

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AzureHowl Reborn

AzureHowl Reborn - Dark night

Welcome to my DeviantArt page. On here I will mostly focus on the creation of "AzureHowl Reborn". I began the first generation of AH in 2009 on YouTube, but at the year of 2019 I decided it was time to Reboot the series. As of now I will focus on the details required for this reboot, such as: character and species references, story-boarding and more... Feel free to check out my page.

Stay up to date about the series by joining the new "Discord" server. The discord server will usually update about the series, and announce important details. Join the cozy community.

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I watched this Syfy movie, Swamp Shark on YouTube, like it. A thought came to me like what if the Swamp Sharks were in Delv Ihoo's Lamua Swamp and become a major threat to the Swamp Wolves.

I made you some fanart, AzureHowlShilach!!!

Hello, I see the first episode and...MY CHILDHOOD IS BACK !!! 😍😍😍

Regarding the species on Delv Ihoo, will you add another species, like Crystal Wolves?

Hello, sorry to bother you but is it okay to use your stock to create wolf manips for use on rp sites?

if you mean stock photo's of wolves that I have then yes it is fine as long as it is not commercial and clearly credited to the source meaning the upload and my name