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I'll be posting YCH pixels and wobbly icons on the 1st of December 6 a clock - European time 

70 deviants said Pixels and wobblies, they will be Christmas themed :santa:



wobbly Christmas pups
only for the YCH Halloween 
Christmas pixels option A
Halloween pixel pups YCH only
Christmas pixels option B
option B for ych

Slave Camp entries part 5 - Electric-Open

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 15, 2018, 3:09 PM

please read all the information and provide me with the password.

electric Species - open
These will be a total of 10 wolves! Make sure to read all the information below.

22th of December 2018
READ the "Electric info BOX"!!! 
Keep in mind, their background information is similar to that of the survivors that are free by now. To check out how their lives where thrown upside down, check the site =>… (Obviously the info on how they behave within the pack does not count here). This text has been updated with additional information. 

Your fan character in AzureHowl
In Short, originally I was going to design every ghost pup (survivors of the Dark cities) on my own. Realizing it would be more fun to involve you guys I decided to start these journals were people could submit an entry. This way the survivors will feel even more alive due to your personal touch on the character.

specie: Electric
Electric wolf species - AzureHowl by AzureHowlShilach

Electric survivors info box
(Always make sure to read the general slave camp situation below)

Within the slave camp electric wolves are rarely used for physical labor. Instead they are used as a power source. Meaning that they are taken within a location of the slave camp, and drained from their energy. It's known that their energy is what allows specific guards to send shocks through the other slaves. Once tired, they are simply thrown back into their prison, and replaced with less exhausted electric wolves. The collar drains the energy, so for this reason before they are chosen as a drain slave, they are kept isolated away from the rest without a collar. Due to the traumatic events they had seen within the Lunar pack, most of them are to afraid to fight back. Equally this treatment makes them almost non stop exhausted. Some growing intense hate but still understanding there is little they can do. They are the closest to Cosmic, light and Shadow wolves. Due to the Hero clans having an army that exists out of the electric species, some of the other slaves see them in a different way. They are given more food before they are drained, it's known that electric wolves with a handicap, were killed of. 

"Slave camp situation"
The situation in the slave camps have changed drastically from the past. Compared to long ago, were continuous terror, abuse took place. Due to the many loses the Shadow clan was faced with a problem. If they kept it up this way, they wouldn't keep a slave alive to work for them. Because of this they are given food every week twice, and although most are slim they aren't skinny either. Abuse is limited but still takes place. experiments take place on specific individuals. But in general they have toned down compared to long ago. This however doesn't make their situation a pleasant one. They have known the years of true horror and lived to tell the tale. Some of these wolves are completely traumatized, others are filled with rage. While they support and depend on each other, more dominant wolves will try to claim more food rather than sharing. In the end their instinct to survive is really big. Due to the overall bad conditions, this has given aggression place as not all wolves from the dark cities get along. There are individuals that will always try and remain peace among the wolves, reminding them of the true enemy. They truly have a grudge against the Slave camp leader. But they fear the main torturer of the Shadow clans above anything else. This wolf is known to have broken any wolf mentally and physically, it doesn't help that he is often around. Many young wolves have died to this torturer. 
Torturer by AzureHowlShilach
The wolves stuck here luckily were as unknown as most survivors about the location of the hidden sanctuary. But if taken under this torturer's paws, they will likely have told anything special they could in hopes of surviving. 

Your fan character
-Is official
-Can appear on the background, or speak
-Will be credited to you
-is mine to use, I can alter the description or change details in the story to make the character fit in.By entering you give me this right. 
-I can alter the appearance if needed
-I can alter ages/ sexual orientations if needed
(only 1 or none to a group, the ghost pups already count plenty of different orientations by now)

The Amount of wolves 
I am looking for a total of 10 electric wolves including 1 color mutation among them.

-color mutation
-6 females
-4 males
(5 symbolized / 5 regular )

-You can only use the "given base" or "personal base/artwork" for your entries. (Given base => Free wolf ref sheet ) (FOLLOW this rule or your entry won't be accepted! )
-Have you purchased bases created by me, then those are valid for entries as well. 
-You may re-use a personal base you made.
-You can only submit 1 entry, set entry however can have 2 versions. This being (non)symbolized or in this case a mutation you may have more versions.
-When writing the background you will need a shrink-ed version of set background information. I suggest keeping the most important details in. The max text can be found here in my stash =>Example Of Text.  I will advice to have both "background" and "prominent traits of his or her personality" within this bio for the official site.
-When submitting an entry, be creative. It came to my attention that it happened from time to time, that people would use elements similar to an already submitted character. I will pay attention to this, so keep this in mind. 
-No begging. Please refrain from stating things like "I hope my character will be selected" or "I worked so hard on this I hope it will be worth it" when submitting. Your not the only user to take part, understand that any person that enters has a chance of winning . 

-Your wolf has no special rank other than "Slave"
-Your wolf cannot be related to a leader of the past.
- View the color chart to ensure the right colors for both Colors (view chart) => AzureHowl Specie - Color chart 2018
- You can always find extra help by joining the discord server for AzureHowl, to be fully member it does require you to read the rules first =>
-For this entry, no summoning spirit
-Story has to fit, I will alter if not
-I need a name, background info etc.. Please give enough info! Not just two lines stating the char feels depressed etc, some key points would be helpful. 
-If you give a small backstory I can alter and add more info the the character.
-The ages possible for this species range from 14-15
-Wolves and  trinkets, read before you give them this =>…
(can be found on the bottom of this page)
-Keep charms one or two tones!
-Avoid to human like items (masks, hoodies etc)
-Scars are allowed
-Read info on Electric wolves…
-I can change parts in your story to make it fit with possible siblings. 
-As for naming family members, the site will not mention these, it will state "Family:Unknown". They would only appear on the site if they would be mentioned. 
-If the wolves are with little amounts, I might change sexual orientations to the majority sames goes for genders.
-It's not first come first serve, I will pick between the entries for this journal
-Just because you entered does not mean your character will be picked. 
-I can alter the background, I can add past events... or choose them for a role that was supposed to happen within the pack.

"Post your character here!"
don't just post it randomly post it to this journal so I can see it, don't be sad would I not pick your character!

"Naming rule"
-Probably SUPER important, special names are required as the majority of wolves in AzureHowl have these, such as : Ruuza, Kaitou, Kareny, Takaya, Nihar, .... So I do not want to see names like :Jack, Bobby, Oliver, charlotte, victoria, Samantha, Jacob, ....
-When making names please don't use the translator and translate one word into a different language. It's cool to use words unknown to our own language, but if so mix these with other words to create a unique name rather than a possible word everyone finds. 
-Also just because they are a "certain' species does not require the name to mean this element. 

-Advice for story writing, think about the countless prisoners of war that survived, so many elements can be used to inspire yourself. 
-Do not name your character's siblings unless they die, this way I might make the wolf in question related to another entry submitted here.
-Your wolf can be an offspring of special ranks such: leader, commander, general, etc....(unless it's mentioned they cannot have the rank above)
-Even when NOT symbolized they can inherit a color mutated eye color. (unless they are a specific specie with a specific color requirement for eyes)
-I recommend adding important key factors to the bg of your character, I might end up picking people who put more effort in their story than others. The info doesn't have to be meters long but info or key factors would allow me to write a bg for them too.
-avoid the reliance on other characters within the story, no point in naming the parents etc, focus on the character.

-I recommend reading "how to make a fan character for AzureHowl"  =>…
- Info ghost pups =>…
- Info Dark cities =>…

-When making a symbolized wolf, chances are if you add tons of dots or stripes which in general is a pain to animate, that I won't pick your character due to it's appearance. You'll notice my own symbolized wolves will rarely have to many markings. Avoid extremely complicated designs!  As much as I love some designs do keep in mind I will judge it with the thought of having to animate it, adding a marking with to much complexity might lower the chances of success. But also keep in mind if you add one tiny dot for the wolf to become symbolized I might not pick it either since other entries might have put more effort in their symbolized wolf.
-I know a lot of people struggle with female characters but I do advice to try em! In general I usually get more male than female entries, and females are often written a lot more gentle calm and sweet than males. This is not necessary (of course some good entries have been made but I noticed often females are more gentle or shy compared to males)! 

"To qualify"
What do you like about Christmas ?


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