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AzureHowl Reborn - Earth species

AzureHowl Reborn - Metal Species

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AzureHowl Reborn - Acilla

Silent Woods

AzureHowl Reborn - Mutt

AzureHowl Reborn - Ghost species

AzureHowl Reborn - Sand species

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I am Shilach, I have had my DA for about 10 years now. I love animating, drawing, animals and so on. Feel free to check my gallery out.

Shilach - Something Smells Fishy

My fursona is a feline and crocodile hybrid. She represents myself, and on top of that she loves water and fish. Despite her looks, she is actually not the largest of cats. Give her some tuna, and you'll be her best friend, if not ... well lets not find out :'D ?

AzureHowl Reborn

Anti-Eclipse person here
Blue flame

Welcome to my DeviantArt page. On here I will mostly focus on the creation of "AzureHowl Reborn". I began the first generation of AH in 2009 on YouTube, but at the year of 2019 I decided it was time to Reboot the series. As of now I will focus on the details required for this reboot, such as: character and species references, story-boarding and more... Feel free to check out my page.

Stay up to date about the series by joining the new "Discord" server. The discord server will usually update about the series, and announce important details. Join the cozy community.

Patreon Reward - The teacher

Below, you'll be able to find the links of various sites on which i'm active. Any other locations might be fake users. YouTube, Instagram and Twitter are listed above as icons.

►Vlare Video sharing -

►Toyhouse character folder -

► Discord community -

►Patreon support -

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StarryyskiessNew Deviant

do u still make pixels <3

How are you doing today? I just noticed about the Azurehowl remake . . .been busy with work xD
Btw, the discord link doesn't seem to work ;_;
Alright how about you ? ^^  Is alright :) aah there is a new discord that might be the reason oo
I'm okay, and may I get the link to the new one?

Keep up the great artwork and animations!