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draw thing by Azureboy draw thing :iconazureboy:Azureboy 1 0 Horned demon female by Azureboy Horned demon female :iconazureboy:Azureboy 6 2 Super Triangle Cop Boyfriend by Azureboy Super Triangle Cop Boyfriend :iconazureboy:Azureboy 2 0 Improvement on the female anatomy by Azureboy Improvement on the female anatomy :iconazureboy:Azureboy 5 8 Improved anatomy sketch? by Azureboy Improved anatomy sketch? :iconazureboy:Azureboy 2 0 Weird anatomy sketch by Azureboy Weird anatomy sketch :iconazureboy:Azureboy 1 0 Weird doodle by Azureboy Weird doodle :iconazureboy:Azureboy 2 0 New OC sketch by Azureboy New OC sketch :iconazureboy:Azureboy 3 3 It's also improvement too! by Azureboy It's also improvement too! :iconazureboy:Azureboy 9 6 Starting to get the hang of tablet drawing by Azureboy Starting to get the hang of tablet drawing :iconazureboy:Azureboy 2 5 Improved my OC by Azureboy Improved my OC :iconazureboy:Azureboy 2 0 Going back to paper for now. by Azureboy Going back to paper for now. :iconazureboy:Azureboy 1 0 Me by Azureboy Me :iconazureboy:Azureboy 0 1 Improvement..? by Azureboy Improvement..? :iconazureboy:Azureboy 1 1 New colours and such. by Azureboy New colours and such. :iconazureboy:Azureboy 4 0 i'm too lazy by Azureboy i'm too lazy :iconazureboy:Azureboy 3 0


Future Finn by tohdraws Future Finn :icontohdraws:tohdraws 2,135 112 AT : Azureboy by Obysuca AT : Azureboy :iconobysuca:Obysuca 5 2 Dick Figures Stylized by Blunt-Katana Dick Figures Stylized :iconblunt-katana:Blunt-Katana 950 131 HOW DEVIANT ART REALLY IS by happysmiles013 HOW DEVIANT ART REALLY IS :iconhappysmiles013:happysmiles013 50 136
Step 1. Be an unrelenting faggot.
Step 2.  Don't accept criticism.
Step 3. Make a journal about how you've become butthurt.
Step 4.Us corict grammur adn punchuatin,
Step 5. Use stale as shit memes.
Step 6.?????
Step 7.Profit!
Step 8. Post bases, and recolor pictures of sonic the hedgehog.
     Step 9. Make sure everyone knows how Kawaii your art is. Spam your "art" by using the "random deviant" button.
     Step 10.  Spam your "art" by using the "random deviant" button a little more.
     Step 11. If someone gives you an oipnion, Block them, but not before commenting back to them about how "ther art isnit even taht god anyawy" but really get in their faces about it.
     Step 12. Gather a group of friends that are willing to come to your defense if someone gets mean. If this should happen, they will spam their profile with angry, well thought out statements. :roll:
:icondeathburg3r-v2:Deathburg3r-V2 6 12
Why dA sorta sucks by Random-Humor Why dA sorta sucks :iconrandom-humor:Random-Humor 23 80
How to Become Famous on DA
This is a compilation of relatively easy steps to not only become "popular" but more importantly, become a sort of "asset" to DA. Inspire and encourage your fellow artists; SPREAD THE LOVE!
   Many artists start their Devious Journey with the mindset that they will acquire Internet Fame.
   Usually in the form of:
      1. Thousands of adoring fans
      2. Turning a profit from your hobby
  My (let's call it) "Tutorial" will not show you how to con or manipulate people. I will simply show you how, with perseverance and kindness, you can attain valuable friends, an understanding of yourself(and your art), and irreplaceable golden memories!
  Seem too good to be TRUE? Nonsense! All this is within each of our grasps.
  It may take longer for some than others, but one can not achieve success without a little elbow grease.
:iconvanillascream:vanillascream 49 30
How to Comment on dA
1. LOL Subjective If you don't like something, even if the person put time, effort, and thought into it, it isn't art. To further assert this truth, be sure to go to the person's deviation and/or main page to tell them that you think their work isn't art because you don't like it.
2. Hydra Stuck in an argument? Feel like you're losing or the other person is making points that are too logical for you to even attempt to debate against just fucking silly to you? Re-jump into the same argument using a double account. Two heads are better than one, right? So two accounts must make your side all the more valid. If you can make an account where no one can guess that it's yours, all the more bonus points for you and your craftiness at hiding yourself on the internet. If you're -that- clever online, you must surely be a master ninja in real life. Additionally, telling the person the same thing using a different account name ensures that they see your side of things more cle
:iconin-the-machine:In-The-Machine 756 550
Yeah teamwork by DemonicSerpent101 Yeah teamwork :icondemonicserpent101:DemonicSerpent101 26 3 Ninja vs Pirate by CookiemagiK Ninja vs Pirate :iconcookiemagik:CookiemagiK 23,184 3,543
Internet University The Fourth
(Waiting in line at Pin Number, Internet University's premiere student shopping facility, good friends Facebook and Twitter discuss the former's peaked interest in attending an art Forum being held on campus next week. The store is alive with a healthy buzzing of student chatter, and only the distant whispers of chaos indicate another political debate has erupted on the grounds. Again.)
Twitter: "I am telling you your layout is fine as is"
Facebook: "Are you kidding?  We're talking Forum types here Tweet! High class, none of this mindless bickering and inane chatter we put up with. It's not like they let just anyone join these things."
Twitter: "I am sure you've been through enough layouts already. I am doubting anyone will care at this Forum place. I still cant believe you're giving"
(Twitter freezes. Facebook nonchalantly pushes him slightly forward in line, to the bewilderment of students behind him. One of them timidly asks if Twitter has crashed, to which Faceb
:iconthejoyfulturnip:TheJoyfulTurnip 160 118
Welcome to Internet University
As sunlight begins creeping over the dorms of Internet University, massive waves of students begin their daily routines, with IMing and long cafeteria load times abound. We join a scene in the bedroom of notable info-maniac personality Twitter as his roommate Facebook attempts to get him out of bed”
Facebook: "Twitter! Come on get up!"
Twitter: "I'm getting up! Stop poking me!"
Facebook: "Well hurry up! I could write four notes by the time you get ready"
Twitter: "Okay, I'm up. Now I'm putting on my sock"
Facebook: "I don't need the play by play, Tweet"
Twitter: "Dang, I can't find a good shirt. I'm now searching my closet. I’m still looking"
Facebook: "Seriously, man. So unnecessary"
Twitter: "Kinda like that layout change I caught you formatting last week."
Facebook: "Shut it! Myspace is comin' in"
Myspace: "H3y GuYs! I 4m t3h c00lz!"
Twitter: "I am confused. I am hoping FB understands what Myspace said"
Facebook: "Myspace, bro, I asked you not to do that"
:iconthejoyfulturnip:TheJoyfulTurnip 520 112
Welcome... by poiuytre00750 Welcome... :iconpoiuytre00750:poiuytre00750 208 47 Kyary Pamyu Pamyu! by Shilloshilloh Kyary Pamyu Pamyu! :iconshilloshilloh:Shilloshilloh 682 26 we are venom colored by Anny-D we are venom colored :iconanny-d:Anny-D 405 11 spidey by dorets spidey :icondorets:dorets 667 36


:iconroars-in-public: :iconrikciu: :iconanime019se: :iconkushowathe1st: :iconstarleneslander: :iconspartan-dash: :icontheangelicbliss: :iconzanerkand: :iconrunikol2000: :iconmarenpope: :iconthatcrazybeast: :iconayakonight: :iconcatgirl846: :iconsavynicholls1996: :iconduoduo66: :iconthecowlawyer: :icondragondono:




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