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First off, I really like this piece. Overall, it's very aesthetically and technically pleasing. I can see that this took much time and ...


Writing Commission: Short Story [500 - 1000 words]
I will not write fetish stories, too much NSFW, or any fandoms/games that I am unfamiliar with.
Fandoms or games I am familiar with (*: I am more knowledgable or familiar with this):
• Terraria*
• Minecraft*
• Pokémon*
• Warriors*
• FNaF*
• Overwatch
• Starbound 
• Skyrim
• Fairy Tail
• Undertale*
• Hamilton*
I will also write original stories with OCs, or maybe shipping stories.

What I need:
• Simple description of any OCs (Personality, looks, relationships to each other, etc)
• Name of the fandom (if fandom based)
• Mildly developed story idea (don't come to me with "I want a story with fighting where this guy dies")
• World description (What is society like, how do people act, era, etc. For original stories)
• Genre
• Anything extra that you may want

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An Apology | Z :iconazure-necromancer:Azure-Necromancer 0 0
Lightly Salted | I
    “Ah, Mr. Secretary.” I glanced up at the tall, pale woman standing in front of me. She wore a black, casual dress. “You wanted to see me?”
    “Talia, come in.” I gestured to the chair in front of me. She glanced around nervously. “You’re the one in charge of… game development, am I wrong?”
    In a shaky voice, she replied, “No sir, you’re right… Am I getting fired?!” Her voice quickly escalated into panic, and her eyes darted around the room. “I promise whatever I’m doing wrong, I-I’ll fix it…”
    “Relax, Talia. You aren’t getting fired.” She breathed a sigh of relief. “I have orders from higher-ups. We need to develop a rage-game. Not so much rage that it’s impossible and makes people rage quit in the first few minutes, but one they can play for a long while. Harder levels
:iconazure-necromancer:Azure-Necromancer 1 0
Merry Christmas, My Friend | Gift for BlueRose!!
    Moon looked at his phone. The time was 12:24am, on December 24. Christmas Eve. He sat in his room, still in pajamas. He was bored, hungry, and alone. He wanted company. He couldn't really think of anyone who'd be available. Then a light bulb went off in his head, and he typed in a few numbers, pushing call and holding the phone up to his ear. "Hello? What's up? Yeah, it really has been awhile. Say, wanna come hang out at my place tonight? In a couple hours? Oh, I can't wait!! Bye, see ya soon!!!" Moon hung up, grinning.
   After that, he plopped on the couch and turned on the TV, flipping through several channels before he found a show he enjoyed (Impractical Jokers, in case you were wondering). After a couple episodes, he got a call saying his friend was on their way, and would be there within the hour. He picked up random stuff that was lying around, bits of trash, random socks, old Steam Wallet code cards... just random junk he found. Afterwards, he went back
:iconazure-necromancer:Azure-Necromancer 1 0
One Way
    I wonder, what makes me feel love like this?
    I'll start loving a girl who I barely know. I'll love them, become almost obsessed with them, yet... It isn't love when it's only one way. I've heard that so many times, that it doesn't feel right.
    What do you mean, it isn't love? What else could form a feeling so strong? What else could keep someone in my mind and heart so often? What else could make me think about them loving me too?
    Love isn't a one lane road. You can't just be alone out there without some mutual feeling. You can't drive on for hours with a goal in mind that doesn't fit. I can't love 'Z' when she doesn't care about me. I can't love 'K' when they say it's better just to stay friends. Or 'S', when she's obsessed with someone else. I can't do it, because it isn't love when it's only one way. And it is only one way.
    God, how I'd love to have a nice life with someone. How I dream for it
:iconazure-necromancer:Azure-Necromancer 0 0
Thanks for the Memories
    "Is that it?"
    "Yeah, I'm pretty sure." I looked down at the gravel path, the one I knew so well after living so many years here. I looked at the shed where my dad stored his games, anything from Monopoly to Scrabble to Netrunner. I kicked some of the gravel as I leaned on the red Honda, thinking about the memories I had at this house. The good and the bad, happy and sad, from the average days to the special ones.
    The day where we went for a walk near the lake, looking at all the houses and trees. When we got back, we bounced on our trampoline. As we bounced, we heard a loud siren and I got scared. My mom took my half siblings and me inside, telling us that a tornado was coming. I freaked out as we were waiting in the bathtub (No, the water wasn't on, and yes we were wearing clothes!). My brother tried to distract me, continuing to play with the little foam characters in the tub. We kept playing, until....
    "Did you forget?" I looke
:iconazure-necromancer:Azure-Necromancer 0 0
    "You're so cute when you concentrate..." A blushing Em looked up when I spoke.
    "Shut up.." She moved her pawn forward. My eyes flashed across the board, but as it was her first move, and my second, I couldn't think of any logical reason to play aggressively. Maybe at a later point, but the beginning? With my girlfriend? That would be too far. Especially on the day before her birthday.
    "And you said I took too long." Realizing I just spaced out, I quickly threw a pawn forward...
    ...that she took immediately. "Shoulda been paying attention." I took that pawn with the pawn I had moved on my first turn, the one I moved one space forward for an event like this.
    "Your move, beautiful."
    "Oh gosh, don't you know compliments do nothing on the field of battle?" However, her face turned a light shade of pink, which was a good sign. She moved a knight, then I a pawn, then her a pawn, then I a bishop...
:iconazure-necromancer:Azure-Necromancer 1 2
Feelings? Unsure
    Kyao stared at her wall. The pain was unbearable. The tears kept flowing, uninterrupted by her sniffles or the slight sobbing noises she made.
    "All I care about is our friendship."
    "Our friendship."
    That's what he said. He doesn't care about her. Not the slightest bit.
    "All I care about." 
    Nothing more? He doesn't care about her smile, her thumbs up she always gives in the hall, her kind words... none of it means anything to him.
    "All I care about is our friendship."
    Nothing more? Not her love and friendship? She cared about him. But of course, just the friendship. Not Kyao.
:iconazure-necromancer:Azure-Necromancer 3 0
Elemental Battlegrounds... for some reason
    Electricity surged past me as soon as I walked out of the safe zone. The safe zone was an area that had an aura that negated any magical energy. It also had healing capabilities, as the excess energy from the aura was known to heal battle wounds.
    After the shocking encounter, I stepped back into the safe zone. Was I truly prepared for this cruel world of magical combat? Mages dashing back and forth, tossing a fireball in here, a tornado in there, heck, I even saw a meteor hit the place. I looked at my hands, scarred from my training. How useful was it? I'd trained for days, been bruised, cut, and almost drowned. Yet all these people had so much strength.
    After much more hesitation I dashed out of the safe zone, as fast as I could. I dodged someone's fireball, another person's boulder toss, and managed to resist the pull of a black hole. I saw my chance. Someone had been weakened so much that they were struggling to walk. Water seeped upwards fr
:iconazure-necromancer:Azure-Necromancer 1 0
The Simulations | I
    Aaron didn't know where he was. He remembered home, he remembered the crystal, he remembered kicking some robot and removing a chip from it's head, but other than that? He had no idea where he was. He got up out of the bed he was in. Bed? As he looked around, he saw that he was in a white room with two bunk beds on either side. On one, he saw his adopted brother and father, and of course, he was on one himself. He was on the top bunk. He looked down to find his other adopted brother, Alex. Everyone else was still asleep.
    As time passed, Aaron grew more bored. About two hours passed before Alex woke up. He looked around, bewildered and confused. "What's going on? All I remember is being in a dark truck..."
    "Yeah, that's all I really remember. That and taking a chip out of a robot." Aaron paused after he said that. "Wait, that could mean...." He dug into his pocket and fished out a black chip. "I still have it."
    Alex took it and exa
:iconazure-necromancer:Azure-Necromancer 1 0
The Azure Necromancer [Part Two]
    Azure spent years training with the Undead King. He learned about the effects of Necromancy on a human body, he learned what limits Necromancy had, he learned what potential there was. The hard part about being a Necromancer, for the most part, was the focus and training. Azure trained for a year before he had the ability to bring back anything more than a snake or rat.
    Through the years of his training, Azure's family searched for him. They looked everywhere in the town, posted flyers on signs, telephone poles, in local libraries. They even had a chain message about Azure. Eventually, they gave up. They had a funeral for him. Basically everybody in town went, as the message had been spread throughout the town. It meant something to everyone. Azure meant something. In only he'd known that before.
    He concluded his training ten years after he started, when he was finally able to bring back skeletal remains of an ancient dragon, Niulad. He then di
:iconazure-necromancer:Azure-Necromancer 1 3
McIronMan - DeviantArt Mashup
    "Uhh, yeah, can I get a Caramel Frappe, and like, some fries? Oh, I'm a billionaire, just put it on my credit card." Tony Stark, in full Iron Man suit, was visiting McDonalds. "Oh, I almost forgot." He pulled out his phone and snapped a quick selfie.
    He sat down with his frappe and took a sip. He scrolled through Twitter, retweeting and liking and sending angry replies to haters. Then he pulled out his earbuds and blasted music. As Jake Paul's "It's Everyday Bro" came on, he realized he was late for work. He just shrugged and continued sipping his frappe. He didn't care when the manager asked him to take his metal suit elsewhere. He just shooed him away. In fact, he didn't care about anything. He didn't even worry when Thor and the Hulk crashed through the roof, brawling. He just watched, disgusted, drinking his frappe. He took a selfie of him in front of Hulk and Thor's fight, and then scrolled through his Snapchat stories.
    Eventually, the man
:iconazure-necromancer:Azure-Necromancer 1 0
The Azure Necromancer [Part One]
    Narroxx was young when he became a father. Only 17, to be exact. His girlfriend didn't know what to name the children, so that was pushed onto Narroxx. He'd decided to name the three girls Ruby, Sapphire, and Amythest, and one of the boys Cobalt, but he didn't know what to name the other son. He was special to Narroxx. His eyes were a very noticeable shining blue, yet he seemed so sad. He distanced himself from his siblings often, even trying to jump out of his uncle's arms to get away from Cobalt. Narroxx decided to name him Azure, as it was a unique name and had a special meaning to Narroxx.
    Azure never took it that way, and neither did anyone else. When he was in school, he was called "the different one." He was already labeled as weird for being a quintuplet, but he was singled out even more often. By middle school, Azure was considered an emotional, depressed kid who no one wanted to befriend. Cobalt was someone who always seemed to have friends to spar
:iconazure-necromancer:Azure-Necromancer 1 3
Shattered: Preview I
    In the beginning, there was nothing. No worlds, no universes, not even time itself was present. When time began to move, creation began, making billions of planets, stars, and galaxies.
    But we've all heard that. However, even more important were the timelines. Every second new timelines were forming. In some, the universe was exactly the same. In others, it had formed completely different.
    Time is meant to go on, without interruption. However, time isn't a straight pure line. It's everywhere, so much so that people, with the right equipment or skills, could jump from one time to another. When they did this, they had the ability to change everything. They changed time by being there. And every time that someone broke through to get to another timeline, a new timeline was created. A different timeline.
    These kind of timelines weren't meant to exist. Anything could be changed. Most timelines run near each other, creating a sort
:iconazure-necromancer:Azure-Necromancer 0 0
The Forest
    "Some people say that the dead souls of children haunt this place..."
    "Come on, Zorr, you know that isn't true." 
    "Well, it could be." The branches of dying trees waved in the cold winter breeze. "Khar, what do you think?"
    I neglected to comment. I didn't want to pick sides. Zorr and Hazel always seemed to find something that they could have disagreements over, but by the end of the day we were all best friends. I can't remember how we met.
    Hazel continued forward as Zorr looked back for me. "Woah, did you see that?" A bright flash of light had streaked through the trees.
    "Told you there were spirits."
    "Nah, it's probably just... a flashlight... right?" Hazel looked back and forth between the two of us.
    "Yeah..." My bright blue eyes must have signaled that I was nervous, because my two best friends shot a quick glance at each other then walked closer to me. I'm pretty su
:iconazure-necromancer:Azure-Necromancer 2 0


A few doodles by Kiciaukens A few doodles :iconkiciaukens:Kiciaukens 206 12 'eRorR'- Error Sans Speedpaint by rio-is-ok 'eRorR'- Error Sans Speedpaint :iconrio-is-ok:rio-is-ok 19 3 RedMercy Commission by RinTheYordle RedMercy Commission :iconrintheyordle:RinTheYordle 41 5 Kennen Panda Skin - Com by RinTheYordle Kennen Panda Skin - Com :iconrintheyordle:RinTheYordle 102 43 Kennen by EmeraldParrot Kennen :iconemeraldparrot:EmeraldParrot 26 4 Fox by woxys Fox :iconwoxys:woxys 22,807 3,775 detailed custom by Periwinkletotem detailed custom :iconperiwinkletotem:Periwinkletotem 14 0 Pinky Pinko by CheesyHus Pinky Pinko :iconcheesyhus:CheesyHus 25 2 Adoption 18 [OPEN] by CheesyHus Adoption 18 [OPEN] :iconcheesyhus:CheesyHus 19 6 adopt by dekiiru adopt :icondekiiru:dekiiru 10 7 Vulpes (Human) by Periwinkletotem Vulpes (Human) :iconperiwinkletotem:Periwinkletotem 15 1 Snuggle by KimkahMakara Snuggle :iconkimkahmakara:KimkahMakara 6 0 Aphid by Grim82114 Aphid :icongrim82114:Grim82114 1 0



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I'm an artist who has been drawing for a long while yet still has only basic art skill (due to lack of natural talent)

I'm also a writer, and my writing is better than my art. I want to be an author.


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    Z... This is hard to say, but easier than saying it to you. I care about you so goshdang much... You're my friend. You're important to me. I'd give my life to save you if something happened to you. I had a crush on you, which you knew, but it lasted much longer than you might expect. I'm honestly sorry for that. I don't know what I did, but... I regret it immensely. Whatever I do, whatever bothers you, I wish I could reverse it. If it's my existence, so be it.
    You know, I'm pretty sure my friends were talking about you. I think they said your name, and "the fat white kid", and something about that hurt me. I can't stand you getting insulted. I wish I could help, but, I can't do much. Especially when you hate me. Whatever people say, I assure you aren't fat, Z. I say that from the bottom of my heart.
    I recall meeting you. I always thought you were extremely pretty, but was too scared to talk to you. I was scared I'd like you. I ended up being the one who took the prop where you set your color guard flags. Right before state competition, I said hi to you, and we had a small conversation. You said you had no soul, and that was kinda funny to me. I said I lost mine, and you said you just never had one.
    After competition, I did what I did to several other friends. I said "Good job!!" and you did the same. Whenever I saw you, we had the little exchange. When we went on the band trip to Florida, I spoke to you whenever I could. Of course, my crush on you was super strong. I had so much love for you.. Then again, it isn't love when it's only one way. Anyway, I remember you saying something about your hand smelling nice. I kinda laughed, and asked who even said that, jumping into your conversation. You told me to just smell it, and I did. It smelled nice, from what I remember. On the way back, I gave you a gummy worm. You took it, and for some reason that made me happy. Because it made you happy. And that's how I typically got happy, especially when it was interactions with a crush as sweet as you. I asked if I could sit at your table at lunch on the way back and you said yes. I was trying to escape drama, but at the same time, I wanted to get to know you better. You're such a sweet person, I swear.
    The day I thought you liked me was terrible. I was talking to you, and I called myself a potato. You said no you aren't and I said I was. Then my stupid fricking ears played tricks on me. I thought you called me a cute potato. Stupid. Naive. I was so happy, I walked away grinning from ear to ear. A few days later, I asked for your Snapchat. You gave it to me. The same day, I told you I liked you.
    "You know, you are a really sweet guy, but [...] I don't really date guys in high school."
    I felt terrible, but I moved on. I still told her good job, although I was scared to talk to her as much. I eventually got scared that you hated me... and then I asked an even dumber question. 
    "Does [schoolmate] creep you out?"
    "Yeah, same... I've heard some of the things he's done, watching girls change... I understand where he's coming from, I'm a guy, I've thought thoughts like that, but I'd never actually think of doing them..."
    Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.
    I'd never watch you change. I don't want to. I care about you. I don't want to be a perv, that's not who I am. I'm not a creep who watches girls change. I don't try to see any female body part I can. I'm a caring person. Emotions are important to me. I don't care about perverted things.
    In the end, I'm really sorry. I don't know what of all of that made you hate me, but I'm truly sorry. You're a special person, and I hope that someday you forgive me...
An Apology | Z
This is an apology to someone I care about.

    “Ah, Mr. Secretary.” I glanced up at the tall, pale woman standing in front of me. She wore a black, casual dress. “You wanted to see me?”

    “Talia, come in.” I gestured to the chair in front of me. She glanced around nervously. “You’re the one in charge of… game development, am I wrong?”

    In a shaky voice, she replied, “No sir, you’re right… Am I getting fired?!” Her voice quickly escalated into panic, and her eyes darted around the room. “I promise whatever I’m doing wrong, I-I’ll fix it…”

    “Relax, Talia. You aren’t getting fired.” She breathed a sigh of relief. “I have orders from higher-ups. We need to develop a rage-game. Not so much rage that it’s impossible and makes people rage quit in the first few minutes, but one they can play for a long while. Harder levels, then slightly more manageable ones. But not too manageable. Think like Cuphead. It’s known to make people rage, yet not necessarily rage quit, and because they can see the end on a progress bar, they keep playing, knowing that they’re extremely close. Or even that they’re just getting closer.”

    “Hmm… Okay, I’ll get some designers on it.” Her face still looked like it was recovering from her fear of getting fired. In reality, she was one of the most dedicated members of the game creating community, not as a developer, but as a powerful manager, who knew how games worked and had ideas for how to develop them. She was also going to school for developing on the side, giving our team more power in the coding community.

    “Then that’s it. Have a good day, and good luck. We need this game.” She nodded at me, almost scared again by my sudden call of necessity. She stepped outside the office, leaving me alone again. I sighed. If only they could know.

    “Salt” in the gaming world is annoyance, anger, or rage. The higher you get on this scale, the “saltier” you get. However, recently a man leaked out his knowledge of the true power of salt to a colleague, who then gave it to several others, including one of my bosses. He couldn’t tell me everything, of course, but salt is an energy. It’s a fuel. A source of power. Salt could revolutionize the world.

    Curiosity has found me, however. I’ve become curious about the origins of this power. How it was discovered. How it transfers so well. Somehow, this energy can travel from a gamer to a developer. A victim to a victor. Part of me wonders if the energy came from Earth. If Earth saw that its energy was being depleted and it’s biosphere corrupted and polluted, maybe it wanted to create a new, clean energy. I’m not sure, but what I do know is that not many people know what this energy does. Some people just get adrenaline rushes. With the right tools, I’m sure we could harness the energy for good. Right?

    After the leaks went out to the small group, we can’t be confident it stayed there. After all, I wasn’t even part of their little club, and I knew. Who knows how many people told a friend, who told another friend, and so on. While I was secretive, even to my employees, many were more open than my sister’s diary, and she left it open on the kitchen table after dinner.

    It’s kind of funny to think that making gamers salty can really give us new innovations, but it’s happening. My old friend used to play games with me, and he would attempt to make his opponents as salty as possible using cheap tactics such as knockback, monster spawning, ganking, or similar things. We would combo Hellhound and Baseball Player kits together in Minecraft. I would summon three wolves and he would knock them off while they were busy. I wonder how much salt we would have had.

    Mojang cannot hear about this. With the amount of people playing Minecraft, they would be a gaming superpower. The same holds true for Riot and Blizzard. Any game with a large player-base and a competitive mode would have to have plenty of salt involved.

    And that was our new job. To make a competitive game, one with a campaign or story mode to match the difficulty of players online. But part of the challenge is making it… shall we say… noob friendly. New players need to be able to get in and learn quick.

    Campaign or Story games are easy to design that way. A quick slope into exponential difficulty should be a simple creation. Multiplayer on the other hand… That’s harder. We could always go the no control route, where players jump into a game and learn the hard way. Then there’s the bot route, in which we develop a Co-Op versus A.I. mode. This is what League of Legends does, and it is an effective introduction into the game for new players. Overwatch puts players of similar skill levels in the game, depending on level and statistics. It is a difficult decision, to say the least. I decide to let my mind rest and go out to a coffee shop.

    “Blake, didn’t expect to see you here.” A voice startles me mid-sip, jolting me and burning my throat and tongue. “Oops, didn’t mean to scare you.” I look in the direction the voice is coming from, and see a familiar face gazing back at me.

    “Brandon, it’s been a while.” His brown eye always looked far too serious in contrast to his calm, green eye. He sipped some tea and smirked.

    “I didn’t know you drank coffee.”

    “Only when I’m tired or stressed.” I attempted to sip again, but my mouth was still recovering from my last attempt at drinking. “And today, I’m both.”

    “Tired, stressed, and about to lose at Chess?” Bran whipped out a chessboard from his backpack.

    “Do you take that with you everywhere, or is this some special occasion?”

    “I’m a reigning champ at this shop.” He gestured to an empty booth, and I relocated myself and my coffee. As he set up the board, my mind drifted. Could salt be applied to board games as well as video games? If so, does that mean card games generate salt as well? Do everyday encounters?

    “Ahem.” He had finished setting up the chessboard while I was spacing out. “What do you say? Down for a duel?”

Lightly Salted | I
Word Count: 1,076 Words

Azure-Challenge: Write a story every time I gain a new watcher. 

Writing this was actually quite enjoyable! It's fun to write about people being salty, and about friends and characters that I'm making up (mostly) on the spot.

New Watcher: :icondmixdraws:

I am WAY behind on AzureChallenges, so hopefully I can catch up soon.

I used a writing prompt for this, but I am turning it into a series.

[WP] When gamers get "salty", that "salt" is seen as a valuable commodity. An arms race starts between game development companies to create the most frustrating game possible that doesn't make players immediately ragequit.


No journal entries yet.


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flowerpups Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy birthday!
sorry I was late!
Azure-Necromancer Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2017
Thanks!! Sorry for not being on in a while lol
flowerpups Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
np! it's fine lol
PrankStarz101 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2017  Student Digital Artist
HAPPY B-DAY!!!! :party:
Azure-Necromancer Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2017
Thank you!!
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