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"Rose girls in glass vases
Perfect bodies, perfect faces
They all belong in magazines

Those girls the boys are chasing
Winning all the games they're playing
They're always in a different league

Stretching toward the sky like I don't care
Wishing you could see me standing there

But I'm a sunflower
A little funny
If I were a rose
Maybe you'd want me

If I could I'd change overnight
I'd turn into something you'd like

But I'm sunflower
A little funny
If I were a rose
Maybe you'd pick me "
- Sunflower - Sierra Burgess is a loser

It's insecurity time :'D

It's been long since I posted anything here :') I'm not exately back since my exams are still going to last untill december but I'mma try to post something here this weekend :')

So, I watched that movie last night and it just brought me back a whole lot of memories and feelings I thought I had buried deep down seven feet under. 

But it feels like they just came back to life like a zombie after my brain ugh

I kinda drew myself in some kind of chubby and curvy body cause, well, if you don't know, I am fat

And for my entire life, even today, I have been extremely self conscious about it and even though I'm trying to learn bit by bit to love myself

It's hard

Like really hard. 

I'm the one who's always telling everyone to love themselves, that they're pretty just the way they are, but I'm the one who feels the worst about being in my own skin. It sucks. Like a lot. 

And sometimes it feels weird, cause people come and tell me I'm beautiful and all I can think of is "Are you fucking kidding me?"

Anyways, enjoy my vent sketch
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The main character manipulated a  guy sexually,assaulted him and betrayed her best friend and shes not even sorry
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The movie had a bad message
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Lovely art for a lovely person, it's hard to accept yourself when you see yourself in ways that other people do not-- but It's admirable that you're trying to love yourself. The first step is always to try, so please take your time in learning to love yourself and keep drawing lovely arts <3
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