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pun intended. ya got it. 

Anyway guys! My dear friend ItsTechTock finally has the chance to get their so dreamed off chest surgery. Those who are close to techie know how there have been many complications and things that have kept him from getting his gender-affirming procedure. 

I'm pretty sure some of you trans folks must know how hard it is to not feel at home or like yourself in your own body, and not only does Techie struggles with that, but also back pain and shoulder issues due to the extreme weight of their chest. 

I quote here the description Techie wrote himself on his "go-fund-me" campain to raise the money. He needs to get the money before October 28th or else his insurance will start over and his deductible would have to be filled all over again.

"Hi, my name is Alex and I’m reaching out for your support with raising $3,500 for my gender-affirming top surgery procedure costs! I will be getting Double Incision Top Surgery with Dr. Aditya Sood. I never had hopes of getting top surgery any time soon, especially with the pandemic taking away any work I had and as a freelancing digital artist. But right now it seems more possible than it ever has been! My family's in-network deductible has been filled, which means my insurance will cover this surgery 80/20, so all I need to do is raise the small section that I will need to pay. Until October 28th, I have to raise the money and get the procedure, or else my insurance will start over and my deductible would have to be filled all over again. This money raised will cover the procedure itself, materials used (such as anesthesia), and supplies that I will need to purchase for the smoothest recovery possible!

Getting top surgery has been a goal since I came out as trans in 2019. This procedure would make me feel comfortable in my body and take off a ridiculous amount of weight from my chest, which causes constant back and shoulder problems. At times, my gender dysphoria can be absolutely debilitating and all I want is to live my best life as a proud trans man. Any sort of contribution would be extremely helpful to reach my goal and it would mean the world to me!

There are two things that I dream about every day: being able to go shirtless to places like the beach and being able to run around without giving myself a black eye! Let's yeet these teets by the end of 2021!"

Techie is just such a sweet and precious kind being in the world and I'm sure having this procedure done would mean his entire world! I'm spreading word in hopes that we can raise the rest of the money before his due date! Any sort of contribution will be of extreme help! I ask you all kindly to share this if you can <3 


Credits to TorusTheScribe for the artwork of techie used in the making of this poster

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Thank you so much for doing this, I really appreciate it! You're the besttt <3

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I really hope it happens, techie! You seem like a really rad dude, and I think everyone deserves to be themselves, wether others think so or not! I don’t have the funds to help atm, but I am willing to share this if it means you get to be you! ^^

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Thank you so much, you're so sweet! Sharing helps a ton, so I really appreciate it! <3