Cosplay plans for Sakuracon 2014

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Just though id post my cosplay plans in case anyones interested. Doubt anyone is, but oh well. So anyways, for day 0 ill be either casual real life Kirito, Solitude module Hatsune Miku, or Tifa lockhart. Im gonna try for Tifa, but if not, then ill be one of the other 2.

For the first part day 1 ill be Black swordsman Kirito, with my friend Michael as Asuna. Around noon ill be heading out to run the SAO shoot. After that ill be switching to my school uniform Kirito with my friend Hayley… as school uniform Asuna. After hanging out a bit and getting a few photos as Kirito, ill head to my hotel to switch to Tifa again and head to the FF shoot.

For day 2 ill be Ruby Rose from RWBY, with a transforming Crescent Rose scythe. So excited to unveil it! Ill be her for most of the day, until 6 pm or so, where ill head back to switch to Homura Akemi for the night shoot of Madoka Magica.

For day 3 ill be cosplying default version Miku Hatsune until i head home.

Hope to see everyone at the con! come say hi if you see me. :)
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Have fun.
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I too am planning to attend Sakura-Con with my girl. My line up was basically The 11th Doctor and Nicholas D. Wolfwood. Sorry to randomly comment. Saw Sakura-Con on a search for something else entirely and your post popped up as one of the results. I'm from Washington. Take care.
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Probably a search for one of the characters im cosplaying or their series, im pretty thorough in my tagging. ands its no problem, i dont mind people talking to me lol. Do you have wolfwoods cross? Id love to see it.
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Unfortunately, no. I'm not knowledgeable on prop making.