KCCh Q and A 2013
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Published: January 3, 2013
There were several questions that were pretty frequently asked, so this is a little FAQ.

1. When will this game be finished?
There's no scheduled date, and I can't tell you because I just don't know myself.  This is basically because making this game isn't our full-time job, as much as I wish it was.

2. Why is it taking so long?
The team's dwindled down to me alone for KCCh, partly from my lack of leadership & communication skills, and mostly from people having other life things, like college.  All the new stuff in the video that was just uploaded was a one-man job (Map models on the stages and animations on a few characters were done by Mico27 and GBAKirbster2007 in the past).   Those that are left from the team are working on an original project for selling, and I want to keep them on that, though to be honest the progress on that isn't exactly stellar either.

3. What do you use to make this?
Programming: C# with the MOGRE library using Visual Studio Express.
 Currently also considering Mono (basically a cross-platform C#) with the Axiom3D library so it can be ran on Linux or Mac as well.

 Milkshape 3D.  Really friendly user interface, though it is a bit lacking in functionality.
 The map models Mico27 made way back were made using Blender, which is like the opposite of Milkshape.  But man, they're really pretty models.

4. Can I help out?
I appreciate the offer, but for the most part I have to say no.  Main reason being how sporadic the work being done on this project is.  I tend to experiment with it more often than not and end up taking longer to finish things, and I really, really don't feel comfortable having people who've volunteered be left sitting in a corner gathering dust.  The one exception is music, which I've learned I'm not too great at.

5. Can I have a look at your source code/use media you've made for my own game?
No.  Say what you will, but I'm not comfortable at all with people using our material when it's made for this project.  Also I'm afraid the code would overwhelm anyone that's just getting started since it's so big and not the most well-designed (Like I said, I experiment with it a lot).  Seriously, start out with GameMaker and/or DarkBasic to at least learn the ropes.  Both of them have free versions (DarkBasic's is here) and both of them are very easy to handle and can make very good things with enough effort.  I'll be willing to help you with the latter if needed (I've no experience with the former).
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