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Azur: Okay, I'll use this card. *he takes the "Cuphead" world card and raises his arm with the card in his hand*

*the card lights up and opens the door*

Azur: *sigh* (Who is that mysterious guy? I don't remember him?) *he enter the door*


Azur: *he open the eyes and look around* Am I in Cagney's garden?

???: *he appears from nowhere* Correct! But you are not in your memories, but of your heart side.

Azur: My heart side? Wait! How can you be here?!

???: There is no time, in this world, you will only find your OCs, nobody else.
Your goal is to make friends with them. I manage the rules.
In this garden you will find one that likes nature. Don't fail. *he disappears in the darkness*

Azur: Why can't I meet other characters too, like Cagney and Cuphead?

Assam Tea: *she arrives with a book in his arms and looks around* (Cagney is not here, how strange, I wanted to read this book of flowers with him) :(

Azur: Hi, I'm looking for Cagney Carnation, did you see it?

Assam Tea: No, but are you the servant of the Devil?! >: (

Azur: No! No! The Devil is my enemy! Cagney is my friend :)

Assam Tea: Oh, I'm sorry, I came to read this book with all kinds of flowers with him, but he is not there :(

Azur: I understand. but can we read this book together?

Assam Tea: Really? Okay.

*Azur and Assam Tea sit on the ground to read the book*

Assam Tea: This is my favorite flower. *she open the book and shows Azur his favorite flower*

Azur: A sunflower, nice flower ^^

Assam Tea: ^^


*3 hours later*

Azur: Nice book. There are all kinds of flowers.

Assam Tea: I like so much the nature and the flowers are beautiful ^^
I'm Assam Tea, and you?

Azur: I'm Azur, nice to meet you Assam Tea ^^

Assam Tea: I hope we meet again? :)

Azur: Of course, I promise you ^^

*Assam Tea lights up with light and disappears from nowhere*

Azur: *he feels a pain in his head and starts to remember* I remember now. Assam Tea works in a library and comes here to meet Cagney, they are friends. ^^
She's my Cuphead OC.

???: *he appeared out of nowhere* Congratulations Azur. You managed to have your memory of your OC. *he snaps his fingers and makes a door appear* this door takes you to the next OC.

Azur: Why?

???: To not waste time, hurry up, enter this door! *he disappears in the darkness*

Azur: (Why me? But I have to get my memory back and talk to this guy) *he open the door and start entering*


*in the Castle Oblivion*

???: I hope everything will be over. *he pulls out of his pocket a black card with a drawing of "a heart tied with barbed wire*

*This card black has a sinister and dark side*

???: Sorry Azur, but your memory of Darker must disappear, but I have to find a solution to destroy this memory.
Darker, I will be the one to hinder your plans.



Azur, Assam Tea   Hi! [REQUEST] by H3rbalTea  and Razux: belong to me

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Good dream everyone! My name is Azur.
I'm shy, but I have a heart of gold hidden inside me.
I like videogames.
I'm a dreamer and keyblade wielder.
I just want to meet new friends :)

I'm a Watcher (I'm not an artist, I don't draw)

I'm single.
But Lenda (my OC) and I are a real loving couple (on DeviantArt)
Now she is my wife ^^
Azur x Lenda by MissToxicSlime
Stamp by :iconmisstoxicslime:

I'm always here. (NO CLOSING TIME) Bendy clock ~ Page doll by Laukku2000

But the important thing is that you are happy. :D


My worst Nightmares:
Spiders (real spiders, not the Pokemon)
Mad Jack (Donkey Kong 64)

My Enemies:
Villains, Heartless (KH), Nobody (KH)

KH Worlds that I like:
Twilight Town World Stamp by AttamaRyuuken Olympus Coliseum World Stamp by AttamaRyuuken The Grid World Stamp by AttamaRyuuken
Traverse Town World Stamp by AttamaRyuuken Halloween Town World Stamp by AttamaRyuuken La Cite des Cloches World Stamp by AttamaRyuuken
Monstro World Stamp by AttamaRyuuken Pranksters Paradise World Stamp by AttamaRyuuken Beasts Castle World Stamp by AttamaRyuuken
Enchanted Dominion World Stamp by AttamaRyuuken Mysterious Tower World Stamp by AttamaRyuuken Symphony of Sorcery World Stamp by AttamaRyuuken
Destiny Islands World Stamp by AttamaRyuuken The Country of Musketeers World Stamp by AttamaRyuuken Disneytown World Stamp by AttamaRyuuken
Timeless River World Stamp by AttamaRyuuken Prideland World Stamp by AttamaRyuuken The Land of Dragons World Stamp by AttamaRyuuken
Space Paranoids World Stamp by AttamaRyuuken Toy Story Stamp by AtashiChan Monsters Inc Stamp by futureprodigy24

DAGames Fan - Stamp by AngelOfTheWisp (Stamp)Fan Anavinnik by Anavinnik I Love Stars- stamp by AlbinoSeaTurtle
Blue Ice Cream - STAMP by SooTheGreat Dream Stamp by Sonira-Stamps Winter Stamp by Kezzi-Rose
[stamp] wolf by environmentalism I wish to be a Keyblade Wielder Stamp by SnowEmbrace Spirit DreamEater Stamp by AttamaRyuuken
I Love BLUE Stamp by VixenSplatpaint Fox stamp by R0adK1lled I LOVE DREAMCATCHER by Night-kiss2001
Fanta Lover Stamp by LolithaLolita DA Stamp - Pizza 01 by tppgraphics Ky-nim-fan-stamp by LaArka

I don't like:
NO SMOKE STAMP by schtolz i hate drugs stamp by Unkown-Ninja1 Cat Mario Stamp by YummyMangoes
Pierced by edizzi 01100111 01100001 01101101 01100101 by King-Lulu-Deer GLITCH by MissToxicSlime
Stamp 265 // Virus by BEAPANDA I Don't Drink Alcohol by KittyJewelpet78 Coffee stamp by sjthunder
Nightmare stamp (F2U) by LoveNightmareSparkle

Pokemon Favorites:
Lucario - Splash Card Stamp by SnowTheWinterKitsune Popplio stamp by pulsebomb BraixenAmie by Fallkitten
Umbreon Stamp by KuroiStarKenshi Goodra Stamp by Crimson-SlayerX OSHAWOTT STAMP by Heart-Stamp
#059 Arcanine by Otto-V Mudkip stamp by pulsebomb #426 Drifblim by Otto-V

I also like Fakemon

FNAF favorite characters:
Foxy Stamp by MinoPastel Mangle Stamp by MinoPastel Funtime Foxy Stamp by MinoPastel
Stamp - Lolbitkin by ArandomVelociraptor

I also like FNAFHS:
Stamp Mangle (FNAFHS) by Ximena9TheNyaCat9 Stamp Foxy ( FNAFHS ) by Ximena9TheNyaCat9

"Ship Love":
Hilda x Cagney - Stamp by xxGaby-23xx [Stamp]Foxy x Mangle by Jey-Stamp KH: Sora x Kairi Stamp by Reykholtz
Oswald and Ortensia stamp by Nicktoon-Grl Klonoa x Lolo stamp by malahaya [STAMP] Wattmine Support by TANDY80

Midnight Horror School favorite characters:
Stamp: MHS - Hikky by AquaChoco1997 Stamp: MHS - Liddy by AquaChoco1997 Stamp: MHS - Spimon by AquaChoco1997
Stamp: MHS - Onpoo by AquaChoco1997 Stamp: MHS - Chaps by AquaChoco1997 Stamp: MHS - Borocca by AquaChoco1997
Stamp: MHS - Noisy by AquaChoco1997 Stamp: MHS - Piranin by AquaChoco1997

Gregory Horror Show favorite characters:
Neko Zombie Stamp by Colhan3000 Cactus Girl Stamp by Colhan3000 Cactus Gunman Stamp by Colhan3000

Cuphead favorite characters:
(Stamp)Fan Cuphead by Anavinnik (Stamp)Fan Mugman by Anavinnik +Cuphead+ Djimmi The Great animated stamp by Metana
CupHead Stamp - Cagney Carnation by Pin-eye Hilda Berg stamp by FuntimeNamiko Grim Matchstick Stamp by NeuroPhonic
Chef Saltbaker stamp - Cuphead by nut1503

Others favorite characters:
Fan of the Greeter - 123SMS (Stamp) by AngelOfTheWisp Boris the Wolf Stamp [Bendy and the Ink machine] by Moises87 Super Smash Bros. 4 (3DS/Wii U) - Pit by LittleYoshi8
Chibi-Robo Stamp by Emme2589 Bomberman Jetters Stamp by kittypopchow601 KH 358/2 Days ~ Axel ~ Stamp 1 by KiraiMirai
Roxas by Ellexon sora stamp by finem Riku stamp by SitarPlayerIX
Niko Stamp by YarenMemaster -Fire Emblem Awakening- Robin male Stamp by Solariorr Link Stamp 1 [Breath of the Wild] by pastellene
NiGHTS Fan Stamp by Karmarsi-Kedamoki Fire Emblem- Sothe Stamp by Atomic-Fate Kirby Stamp by captainfranko
Waddle Dee Stamp by Hushal UT: Asriel Fan Stamp by Reykholtz



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