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2p!England x Reader: Secret
2p!England x 2p!Reader

"Got a secret, can you keep it?
Swear this one you'll save.
Better lock it in your pocket,
taking this one to the grave."

"Oliver?" Her voice echoed trough the room, chiming and bouncing off of every wall.
His bright blue eyes met with her (e/c) ones. "Yes, ____?"
"I have something I want to tell you but... You have to promise never to tell anyone." She said, and she seemed almost embarrased as a bright red blush graced her cheeks, her eyes meeting anything but his.
He smiled at her, his eyes telling a tale of sadism and insanity. "I promise."
"Do you swear on your life?" She inquired.
A second's thought. A moment of uncertainty. He looked surprised at first, but then he relaxed, a - slightly too sugar sweet - smile on his lips as he replied.
"I swear on my life."
"I Love You..."
Three little words. Yet they're your biggest, darkest secret. A secret that you, and only you, know...
... Except for h
:iconazumariko:azumariko 30 6
America x Reader: 7AM Classes
Alternative title: I Like You Almost As Much As I Like Caffeine

____ smashed her hand violently agains her phone in a useless attempt to silence it. After fumbeling around a bit she finally managed to quiet down the loud blaring -- giving her ears a break underneath the pillow she'd put over them to soften the noise a bit.
It was way too early for class.
But her professor clearly didn't agree - seeing as she did have class at this time. 7:00 AM, to be clear.
Way too early. 
She sighed as she left the oh-so comfy warmth of her bed and got dressed. She'd be slaughtered alife if she was late for lecture this time as well.
She remembered it with a shudder, this time she wasn't going to give the professor any reason to scold her.
And as she left her dorm for class she almost smiled, a large thermos of coffee in her hand and some sandwiches for breakfast in her bag.
 The room was almost empty when ____ ar
:iconazumariko:azumariko 36 14
2p!Italy x Reader: Taken (CH10)
Chapter X
"Welcome to the family."
What on all of holy mother earth was going on.

That was the one thought that was on her head as she sat in the darkened room, strapped to a - strangely comfortable - armchair.
The whole strapped to an armchair business wouldn't have been so weird to imagine. Neither would the knife currently being waved carelessly in her face have been...
If it wasn't for the fact that she'd been accepted... Right?
Last time she checked accettato meant accepted, at least.
... So why this?
She had been warned, thought. Flavio had mentioned something about the ceremony being quite a weird one. But this was beyond weird.
This seemed more like some kind of satanic blood ritual where she was the virgin sacrifice, or something.
But she imagined that the mafia wasn't that much for virgin sacrifices, really.
But they clearly
:iconazumariko:azumariko 24 11
Italy x Reader: Lost In Translation
Alternative title: My Hovercraft Is Full Of Eels

It was a normal day in (city). The sun was shining, a light summer breeze shook the trees oh-so slightly. The birds were tweeting and...
... And there were tourists at every corner.
___ wasn't all that fond of them. They were slow at saying what they wanted, sometimes they didn't even come with a phrasebook - they just turned up and expected you to understand their native language.
The French had a tendency to do that (AN: sorry if you're french, but french tourists where I'm from usually get really offended when you say you don't speak french nor have a wish to do so xD).
Seeing as you worked at a confectionery stand, where people had to tell you in words what they wanted, tourists who came there unprepared were the worst kinds of costumers.
Sometimes they didn't even have your money. They just showed up with whatever cash they had in their own country.
Yeah, tourists really bummed you at times.
But som
:iconazumariko:azumariko 93 30
2p!Italy x Reader: Taken (CH9.5)
A/N: So this is the second part to chapter nine... Why is it in two parts? It's so that you will have something to ask about. Next chapter will be in a single part (it will also be longer), so don't worry.
Chapter IX.V
"It's Time"
A very nervous, and very sore from a whole weeks training (not to mention the fact that she had been socked in the face just hours earlier), young girl stood and waited outside of the conference room of the huge mansion in silence, tapping her foot on the floor in anxiety.
Would she be accepted?
The capos were in there – deciding her faith. They decided if she were to be accepted into the mafia, officially made a made man. Well… Woman.
They decided if she’d live another day. If she’d see daylight ever again…
If she’d be killed.
It was their decition.
Luciano was in there as well; trying to convince t
:iconazumariko:azumariko 13 2
2p!America x Reader: Dat Ass
Alternative title: Respect
Allen wondered what he'd done to deserve this. Who had he enraged to be punished this way? Clearly someone who knew his weakness, and weren't afraid to use it against him. Whoever it turned out to be, he was going to kick their sorry ass when he found out who it was.
Because this was just unfair. Foul play. Not okay.
Now, many may call Allen a man without respect for other people and their emotions - which were, to be honest, true - but in her case, it was not. He didn't want to drive her away, he... Cared about her. As disguisting that was for him to admit. And he was definetaly not planning on doing that anytime soon... He might have to reconcider.
He scoffed to himself. "Feelings", who needed them anyways?
Trying to concentrate on his work again, as he had done before he'd been rudely interrupted by this totrure, he fixated his gaze on his computerscreen...
... For aprox 35 microseconds. He sig
:iconazumariko:azumariko 101 23
2p!Italy x Reader: How To Save a Life
The prison was cold. The lights were dim. ____ could here the sound of her steps on the stone floor as she followed close to the guard - afraid.
Afraid of the people in the cells, the ones calling names after her -- all of them criminals.
Just like him.
He was in one of those cells, rotting away just like the rest of them
A murderer, just like the rest of them
___ felt sick just thinking about it.
How he; the man she loved - the man she married - could have done the things he had done... She could hardly even imagine it.
But that's the keyword. She could imagine him doing it.
He did it.
She knew he did.
And that's what hurt her. He knew that she knew. He knew that everybody knew. And he knew that if he were to survive... He needed to confess. 
But he refused.
He even refused her.
And that's what hurt the most.
He loved her, did he not? He knew the consequences of his cr
:iconazumariko:azumariko 80 24
Netherlands x Reader: How To Quit Smoking (RQ)
Husband!Netherlands x Wife!Reader: How To Quit Smoking
____ glared at her husband. He was doing it again: Smoking. She knew why - he'd always done it. She knew that he was stressed because of his work at the moment, and the smoking calmed him down.
But she hated it.
It made their home smell like tobacco, him taste like tobacco and it was actually really dangerous.
What if they ever had a kid? Would he continue then?
____ sighed, she needed to do something about this. Or she'd go crazy.
A plan began to form in her mind and she snickered a little to herself. 'Be prepared, Tim van der Berg, 'cause here I come!'
Some time later ____ peeked into the livingroom to see what her husband was doing - he was smoking. Now, this was probably the one and only time that she would ever be happy to see him do that.
"Tim?" She called as she strutted into the room and her husband lifted his gaze from the newspaper up to her. He grunted in reply - seeing as he couldn't really tal
:iconazumariko:azumariko 53 10
2p!Italy x Reader: Taken (CH9)
A/N: Sorry for this taking so long. And sorry that this part is so short, but I wanted to end it on a cliffhanger because I am evil.
Chapter IX
"Don't let your guard down."
The week was over. The capos were coming.
This was it. The day. The day when your fate was decided by a handful of strangers. The day when these six people were deciding whether or not you were to be accepted to the mafia… Or if you were to be declined, and killed.
Let’s hope it was to be the first one, yeah?
Anxiously pacing back and fourth in your room, waiting for someone to come and get you, you thought about what was going to happen next.
You’d be asked about some rules, then they’d make you shoot some stuff, then they’d probably ask you to fight someone. Anything more? You hoped not.
As you continued to pace around in deep thought you didn’t manage to hear t
:iconazumariko:azumariko 29 15
2p!Italy cat icon by azumariko 2p!Italy cat icon :iconazumariko:azumariko 23 7
France x Reader: Goodbye
Writer's block.
All writers get it, it's just something that you can't really escape.
Thought when ___ sat there, forcefully typing letters on her laptop in a desperate attempt to create something - anything! - she really felt as if she was the only one who ever got it and as if she was all alone in the world.
Did shakespear get it? Probably not. Jane Austen? Nope. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle? No way.
Then why did she have to get it?
She sighed deeply as her fingers stopped moving across her keyboard as she studied what she had just wrote.
After reading it she just sighed deeply again. It was no good, this wouldn't do at all!
It had to be something special, something that he'd like... If he still was here.
She looked at the framed photograph of herself and her late husband, Francis. Cancer it was that took him away from her. He died so young...
She quickly shook the thoughts away. Not here, not now; she had to write.
And write she did.
It was as if the plug that had been stuck for ag
:iconazumariko:azumariko 44 9
America x Reader: My Secret Identity CH2
America x Reader: My Secret Identity chapter II: Two Sketchy Flatmates
Chapter I: How It All Started:
Alfred’s goofy grin faded the second he pressed the button that unlocked the entrance where his new flatmate ___ waited as he prayed that he wouldn’t get found out.
He was quite good at acting, so that wouldn’t really be a problem. The problem would be the not coming home at night, constant tiredness and the different wounds he had a tendansy to get all the time.
He sighed again as he heard the elevator’s usual ’ding’ noise that meant that ___ would be ringing the bell any second now.
He took a deep breath and put on his usual goofy grin as he mentally reminded himself of his, already scripted, welcome speech.
The bell was heard and he quickly walked up to the door and then waited three seconds – he didn’t want to seem too enthusiastic – efore he slammed the door open, terrefying poor ___,
:iconazumariko:azumariko 38 18
2p!Italy x Reader: Taken (CH8)
A/N: Cursing.
Chapter IIX
"Just keep trying"
Happened in the last part:
Reader got to meet her teachers and they started learning her the secret arts of being in the mafia. (Please, do note that none of this is real things, I'm just making all mafia things up, almost.) But she somehow found herself being hunted by someone in a forest somewhere where she got herself shot! How will she get out of this? iS SHE Alright?
You were laying on the wooden floor of the small cabin; your clothes drenched in the red fluid, as you carefully lifted a hand to touch your shirt, only to find it covered in red.
”It’s over.” The voice said, now tinted with disapointment instead.
”I know.” You replied with a sigh as the man lowered his gun; the gun that had just fired several bullets that had hit you all over your torso.
He frowned at you, but held out his hand for you to take.
You took it and he helped you up to a standin
:iconazumariko:azumariko 65 11
America x Reader: My Secret Identity CH1
America x Reader: My Secret Identity chapter I: How It All Started
___ circled the article from the newspaper with a bright red marker before neatly folding the newspaper again and put it under her arm. She then put on her shoes and jacket, grabbed the bag sat in a corner of the hallway and turned around to look at the empty aparnment for one last time before she stepped out of the apartment and closed the door after her. Her taxi waited for her and she stepped in.
”7th street. I’ll say when to stop.” She said to the cabby and he nodded in reply.
”Sure thing, m’am.”
___ watched as the many streets and roads of Washington passed by her window on her way to 7th street where her new home would be located. She had found a notice about an open spot for a roommate a few weeks earlier and had called the very same day.
The man who owned the apartment was someone called Alfred Jones and seemed to be overjoyed that a woman wanted to be his r
:iconazumariko:azumariko 37 15
England x Reader: Emerald
That was the colour of his eyes. A deep, green colour that gave you shivers whenever his gaze met yours, even if just for a second.
You often found yourself staring at those eyes, dreaming about what life could be like; if only you were his. And how happy you would have been, to have him all for yourself.
Him, with his golden locks, his caterpillar eyebrows, his cute smile that he would show off every time someone threw some coins in the hat he had on the ground … And those eyes. Those gorgeous eyes.
They were all you could think of lately. As embarrassing as it is you had really fallen for that boy, and his eyes... Especially his eyes.
Looking into them was like being inside a green forest, surrounded by trees and with a faint breeze rustling with the leaves on them… But now you were just being poethic, weren’t you?
You had, once again, found yourself daydreaming about what could be whilst being captivated by his emerald orbs, staring into them
:iconazumariko:azumariko 152 18
2p!Italy x Reader: Taken (CH7)
A/N: Cursing... But you probably already knew that.
Chapter VII
"Rule Nr. 1: Don't get found out."
Happened in the last chapter:
Luciano and Flavio had a chat with Remus- 2p!Rome if you didn't understand- where Luciano managed to get you into some real trouble... You are going to be trained to be a spy and work undercover for the mafia. You also got to know Esposito some more, learning more about who he is. We also go to know a little more of Luciano's feelings. The chapter ended with You and Luciano discussing what was going to happen the following day, when the made men- your teachers- were going to arrive...
"Bouena notte... And good luck."
You looked at the group of men in displeasure. These people were your teachers? Now that was just typical your luck.
Not only had you been selected to do the mafias dirtywork, and be educated how to. But the ones educating you just had to be this gang of lunatics?!
You sighed as yo
:iconazumariko:azumariko 56 35


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Happy Valentine's~

Whether you're single or taken or something in between
Or if you just really wish it was actually Halloween
I wish to you
Your dreams come true
And also chocolate galore...
... Damn, What rhymes with 'galore'?

I can't think of any more.

Happy Valentine's
Please stick to the dA guidelines
And read between the lines
I hope that you will have
a wonderful day
Filled with love
And cand-ey

Sorry for the rhymes
I'm not that kind of writer
Don't commit any crimes
And hold on to your loved ones a little tighter

Lots of Love,


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... What was this? I've no idea... shhhh, don't question it. Happy Valentine's. xD
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Happy birthday! :D
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Thanks! :iconyayitaliaplz:
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