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Gmail colors theme by Gabb

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for prevent "certificate error" before install please do this:



Nokia E71, Nokia E66, Nokia 5320 XpressMusic , Nokia 6124 classic, Nokia 6650, Nokia N78, Nokia 6210 Navigator, Nokia 6220 classic, Nokia N96, Nokia N82, Nokia E51, Nokia N95-3 NAM, Nokia N81, Nokia N81 8GB, Nokia N95 8GB, Nokia 6121 classic, Nokia 6120 classic, Nokia 5700 XpressMusic, Nokia N77, Nokia E61i, Nokia E65, Nokia 6110 Navigator, Nokia E90 Communicator, Nokia N93i, Nokia N76, Nokia 6290, Nokia N75, Nokia N91 8GB, Nokia N95, Nokia E62, Nokia E50, Nokia 5500, Nokia N93, Nokia N73, Nokia N80, Nokia N92, Nokia N71, Nokia E70, Nokia E60, Nokia E61, Nokia 3250, Nokia N91.

more: [link]

+ bonus. theme with default icons: [link]
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Great, simplicity, precise, nice and neat
the icons themselves make the theme be great

just wish you made some appropriate wallpaper rather than blank
and more icons for third party application ^^
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Thank you very much. Enjoy using
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this one is my favourite! :D thanks
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HellsPlumberProfessional Digital Artist
Currently using this on my N95 8gb =)
Its always the simplistic themes that look the best =D
Great work :w00t!:
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thank you very much!
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HellsPlumberProfessional Digital Artist
No, thankyou =)
I looked through alot of themes on here and this is my personal favorite =D
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а что за шрифт?
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Супер! А можно такую вещь под 5800 и прочия пальцетыки? )))
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Уже не делаю темы для NOKIA.
Ушел от NOKIA к iPhone.
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Thanks so much.. It is just lovely..
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Thank you very much. Enjoy use!
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Nice theme, but how do you make them? I want to make my own themes, what to do?
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hey mate... On the E90 the top bar is not the same sky blue as the bottom bar. This theme ROX!!!
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Gabb please it it possible to edit the original themes with a new Activesync icon? the default AS icon looks like the mail symbol. with the current icon set it is the same as a calender symbol.
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zeusalmighty Photographer
Are these your themes? If they are, excellent job! I love Gmail, Noble Grey, Just Grey and One, probably the best E71 themes out there. The icons are sooooooooo sweet! Any chance you could share the Carbide files so I can make my own custom theme (for my own usage). Thanks!
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Of course, these are my themes. source files is not provided.
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zeusalmighty Photographer
Just thought I'd ask since they all say "By gabb" What's Gabb? Anyhow, your themes are probably THE most usable themes I've come accross on my E71, completely awesome. Thanks! Are you using your own icons or are they a pack I can get from somewhere? I really love those icons...!
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Gabb - this is my nick, and author name. My real name is Nicholay. My site [link]
In its themes, I used these commercial icons:
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zeusalmighty Photographer
Thanks for the help!!! Nice site :D
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love the theme Gabb. is it possible to make a separate email icon for the ActiveSync plugin?
when i use it on my E71 with Nokia Messaging, the icon is the same as the "No More Calendar Entries for today" icon.

This makes the Active Sync Icon look just like a notes or calendar icon.

Other than that, this is the best theme ever.
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I love your theme, it is very nice, thanks for sharing!!
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