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Through Fire and Brimstone!
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[DRZEN] Section Five, Chapter One


[DRZEN] Section Five, Chapter One

Blood. All I could see was blood. It stained my hands, my clothes, my face, my shoes, everything. It pooled on the ground like it was made of the very material. Sinking...I was sinking in it. When my head submerged underneath the crimson, some people were already at the bottom. The lifeless faces of Rinn Fujioka and Sakura Kuroyami stared back at me, completely soaked in blood. Their eyes were the only things not covered, but they were wide and empty, staring straight through me. They didn’t say anything to me. I sunk further down, only to see more faces. Ingrid Khione. Tsukasa Masaaki. Kasumi Miyazaki. Kazu Akamine. Misaki Amahara. Yuukiteru Ishizu. Eiji Kawasaki. All their blank eyes stared straight at me as I passed them. Why are you alive? Why are you alive? What gives you the right to be alive? What makes you so special that you’re still alive? Die already. Die already. Die already. Die already. Die already. Give in to your despair, give in to your insanity, and dIe
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My Bio

I lost all the coding that I had for my bio and I am not in the mood to try to reconstruct it so I guess this is all you are going to know about me:

- I'm mainly a writer/traditional artist, but I'm trying my hand at digital art.

- I'm a hobbyist and self-taught, so I'm still making mistakes, but I'm learning as well.

- I'm nonbinary (they/them)

- I love mysteries and fantasy, which is what I mainly write

- I mainly draw my own OCs or stuff for others, though sometimes I'll draw fanart

- Cute stuff is my weakness

Favourite Visual Artist
The Fire Emblem Heroes Artists
Favourite Movies
Disney Movies, The Hunger Games, Maze Runner
Favourite TV Shows
Danganronpa, Yugioh, Fullmetal Alchemist, Kitchen Nightmares, Kimetsu No Yaiba
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Taylor Davis, Amalee, Casey Lee Williams, Taylor Swift
Favourite Books
Carve the Mark, Ash Princess, Fullmetal Alchemist, The Hunger Games
Favourite Writers
Veronica Roth, Suzanne Collins, Laura Sebastian
Favourite Games
Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Smash Bros
Favourite Gaming Platform
I swear I’m still around, I swear. Sometimes I just forget to post on here, to be honest. I forget that I have an account. Ever since Eclipse, I’ve been less motivated to be on here. Also I’m just more tired in general, I hate juggling social medias....
I've really just disappeared off of here, huh? DA Eclipse really just scared everyone off.

Fun Little Story Time!

Fun Little Story Time!

This happened to me today and I thought it was funny, so here it is: Today, I went to the mall with two of my Arabic best friends. Before I left, however, my sister asked me to get her a dozen mini donuts from the Mini Donut Factory stand that is there before I left. She gave me money and everything. The time came to buy the donuts. The only person working the stand was an older lady who spoke with an accent and really nice. Lady: Ah, you look like my daughter, I almost called you by her name! From there, we struck up conversation while she made the little donuts my sister wanted. We talked about her daughter, how she used to work at a restaurant but quit so that she can pursue her medical degree. It was normal banter, something I thought was just small talk while she made the donuts in front of me. Then she asked: Lady: Do you work? Naturally, I said that I didn't. In the US, finding work got really hard due to the coronavirus and the economic downfall, and despite the

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Do you do requests?

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I currently don't do requests but I am about to open commissions soon if you are interested

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Hey. Thx for watching
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✌🏼✌🏼 np
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AzrosAlterHobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much ^0^
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