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September 27, 2007
A cleverly put together stamp with a great message, check it out. Stamp - Comics by *AzraelleWormser
Featured by maxwell-heza
Suggested by delSHARK
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Stamp - Comics

Okay okay okay. So y'all love the stamp. I should be thankful for that at least.

It just feels weird that most things in my gallery have taken over 10 hours and lots of blood sweat and tears to produce, and this .... THING took 5 minutes to tack together and toss out, mostly as an afterthought. And it's by far the most popular item I've ever created.

I feel like an author who's written dozens of novellas, yet it is one trivial limerick, scribbled on the back of a soiled cocktail napkin, that everyone loves.

I just wish there was a way to turn off +fav notifications for individual items, because this is all I see anyone +faving anymore.
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They sure are. They're a visual art.
A-Stands-For-Art's avatar
AzraelleWormser's avatar
Sure, that's what stamps are for
CozmoLovinAddict's avatar
I agree with this stamp! It does have a point.
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yaylee's avatar
I love this! Using ^^ Thank you for making this! :D
RoboCheatsy's avatar
Darn right you are!  Using!
JazCelest's avatar
Is a great stamp, I'm gonna use it n.n
powder-sugar's avatar
Comics are INDEED an art form!
They're also known as "Sequential art"! :)
PervertBunnies's avatar
. I have a box with comics I bought online, it's about 2/4 of it. I love comics, especially if they're based on franchise I like
OrkyDorky's avatar
they are like a mix betreen writing and artwork
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