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Maneki Neko

I created this after staring at the one I have for the longest time. See, I'm enough of a geek that I stare at different objects and think about how to recreate their surfaces in 3D. I realized that the only way to to this was to make both the ceramic surface and the coating of glaze on top of the ceramic separately. Hehe, and throw a random HDRI in the background and voila!

Created in Lightwave 3D because it r0x0rz.
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I can't believe this is not a photo
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geek thinking about how to recreate materials? i do it.

i also look at the lighting on cars as they go past (im a passenger i dont have a drivers liscence yet otherwise id be dead)

i also pick up my food and hold it up to the light and observe how the light scatters through it... lol

i look at grass and think: wow if life were a render and if god exists he must have shit loads of ram in his computer, and ITS FREAKIN REALTIME TOO!
Vypress's avatar
That is adorable. :)
BlueSilverUU's avatar
I love the maneki neko!
bitchwolf's avatar
Seriously, if you hadn't explained it was digital, I would've taken it for a photo...
Looking real close, I see the over-regularity in the floor and something about the "coin" (but I may be imagining that about the coin just because I know it's not real) - but I wouldn't have looked that close if I didn't know!
The surface of the china is so right I'm having trouble telling myself it is just an illusion. I can't tell my brain that it would be impossible to touch it. :lol:
AzraelleWormser's avatar
The floor tiles and the coin are very regular, yes. If I still had access to the original files, I'd go back in and muck them up a bit just to make it less repetitive and pefect.
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It's hard to let go of a project that goes "almost perfect"...
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Wow Azy, this is really good. I'm quite impressed at how real it looks. Although...*peers VERY closely at it* it does seem to be a little thin depthwise. Meh, might just be my imagination though.
Foxin's avatar
I got something like this in RL, except it's a horse with what looks to be a Mexican wrestling mask on it's head. same pose and it has the coin too... weird, eh?

This is awesome, looks like a photograph. It's looks more real than Real.
AzraelleWormser's avatar
Hmm, never seen something like that. But with all the variations of the Lucky Cat, I'm sure there's even more bizarre things out there.

morgak's avatar
nice realism
NightMustFall's avatar
Oh my god! A really cute maneki neko :heart: :heart:

aquifer's avatar
that is amazing, you could easily mistake it for a photo. the material is so realistic.

i know what you mean - i also sometimes find myself staring at objects and mentally breaking them down into the simple shapes i could re-create. not to this extent though, lol.

Impressive texturing, very realistic
rocketrobinhood's avatar
wow i love those kttys

you get a fav
fenyess's avatar
ohh this cool i like it! +fav
hmm now i go and see your gallery:)

check my gallery: [link]
spacewolfomega's avatar
Cool! Lucky Kitty says "Come and see my artwork and place it in your favs!" So, I will willingly obey!
karlhockey's avatar
You seem to be having lots of fun in Lightwave ^_^
I love seeing the 3-D renderings
ZoSo9's avatar
aww this is really cute!!!
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